Versatile Mage

Chapter 3068 - 3068 Not Guilty But Will Receive The Death Penalty

3068 Not Guilty But Will Receive The Death Penalty

Ramiel’s smile immediately froze on his face.

There were already five white stones!

If there was one more white stone, this guy who had been pestering Holy City for so long would be found not guilty!

Ramiel began to take deep breaths. He did not expect the white stones to appear so frequently.


“The seventh stone…” The old Divine Magistrate drew the seventh stone.

However, everyone in the Holy Judgment Court remained calm. It was probably because this stone would not determine the result, nor was it the final stone. Assuming all went well, it would be the opponent’s turn next, and, during that time, the following stones would all be black!

Black represented the Holy City.

However, not all white stones represented support for Mo Fan. To a certain extent, it represented the dissatisfaction and resistance of the forces from around the world toward the Holy City.

The expression on the old Divine Magistrate’s face became strange. His drooping eyes were wide open, and the cloudy eyes glowed as they stared unwaveringly at the stone in disbelief.

He dared not announce the color of the stone.

The past six times, he announced the color loudly and showed the stone to everyone with calm and slow movements.

But this time, his body was trembling slightly.


Finally, the old Divine Magistrate announced the color of the stone.

He was a seventy-year-old man who knew better than anyone what this judgment meant, so he could not stand on steady footing when he was the first to see the seventh stone. He seemed to see an unprecedented turmoil erupting with this judgment!

The white stone stood for not guilty, and the seventh stone was still white!

Six of the seven stones announced were white, and there were only eleven stones in total. He just announced the color of the seventh stone, and the result had already been revealed!

Mo Fan was not guilty!

There were six white stones, so the verdict was that Mo Fan was not guilty!

The Holy Judgment Court suddenly became more silent, and the Divine Magistrates looked at each other.

The jurors and the representatives of various forces also dared not say a word at this time. Everyone was shocked. However, they were the ones who cast the white stones, so they should have expected it.

“Keep announcing the stones,” someone in the corner said in a cold voice. He was ordering the old Divine Magistrate to continue announcing the colors of the remaining stones.

“Does he still need to announce them? We already have the result,” said Zu Huanyao.

“I said, keep announcing them!” Michael stood up and stared at the old Divine Magistrate.

The old Divine Magistrate lowered his head and showed the seventh stone to everyone.

After that, he took the eighth stone out.

“The eighth stone… white.”


It was another white stone!

This white stone was like a slap in the faces of Archangel Ramiel and Archangel Michael.

The old Divine Magistrate was already trembling. He never thought that there would be as many as seven white stones!

“Go on!” Michael said again.

The crowd in the Holy Judgment Court grew restless, and the representatives of the forces looked frightened.

“The ninth stone—white.” The old Divine Magistrate drew the ninth stone. It was still a white stone.


It was another white stone!

In this long trial, Holy City successfully controlled public opinion but failed to control the Holy Judgment Court. There were eight white stones, and each stone represented the most important and authoritative organization in the world!

“The tenth stone—white.

“The eleventh stone—white.”

The old Divine Magistrate no longer dared to read one by one. He took the remaining stones out, and the result was like a white sunstone that detonated Holy City.

Ten white stones were displayed there.

There was only one black stone.

The result was so obvious. Except for the black stone representing the Holy Judgment Court and Holy City, which firmly judged Mo Fan guilty, all other representatives of the forces voted for white stones.

Mo Fan was not guilty.

All the forces in the world felt that Mo Fan was not guilty.

However, no one would be happy about it.

Mo Fan also could not force a smile when he saw such a result.

White or black?

It was ridiculous.

He actually put his hope in these meaningless stones and forgot a more important thing.

“Not guilty! Mo Fan is not guilty!”

The crowd outside the Holy Judgment Court burst into cheers.

Mo Fan saved many cities and people. When Mo Fan was in danger, many of these people came to Holy City. They supported Mo Fan and hoped that Mo Fan was not guilty.

When the verdict came out, they could not help but cheer.

How could their savior be an out-and-out demon? When they were tormented by pain, Mo Fan, who appeared before them, was more like a Parade Angel.

They were willing to testify in court and stay in Holy City as they hoped Mo Fan was not guilty.

They were happy for Mo Fan and shouted excitedly.

At the same time, countless people in China cheered for him. They knew what Mo Fan had done for the country during the war with Ocean Demons.

He saved a lot of people. After he was found not guilty, there was a loud cheer in many cities across the country, as if they were surrounding a real hero who could return home.

There had been an overwhelming response from all over the world.

But the Holy Judgment Court had a heavy atmosphere.

The representatives, jurors, Divine Magistrates, archangels, Mo Fan, Lingling, and people who knew the truth seemed lifeless.

When the old Divine Magistrate read the seventh stone, Lingling almost rushed forward to give Mo Fan a warm hug as he was found not guilty.

They won.

However, it did not take long for Lingling to realize something.

As she began to think and worry, she became anxious and panicked.


Except for the black stone from the Holy Judgment Court, the others were white!

Apparently, everyone supported Mo Fan and thought that he was not guilty.

“Why does everyone show such expressions? Are you afraid?” Archangel Michael slowly walked to the center of the Holy Judgment Court.

The representatives of various forces said nothing and stared at Archangel Michael. They were indeed afraid.

They may never be able to leave Holy City because of this result.

They did not know that other forces also chose white.


If Mo Fan were found not guilty because the white stone was one more than the black stone, Holy City would become enraged and look for the forces that voted white. Over time, they would gradually regain control over these forces.

Holy City would target those forces that voted white and make them obedient again.

But all of them were white. It was not because Mo Fan’s nobility was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but because Mo Fan had become a pawn in this world.

He was a pawn that seemed to have crossed the border!

He was a soldier who officially launched an attack on Holy City after all the organizations in the world united!

Even though he was not guilty, he would receive the death penalty!

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