Versatile Mage

Chapter 3127 - 3127: Don’t Mess With The Mortal World

Chapter 3127 - 3127: Don’t Mess With The Mortal World

Chapter 3127: Don’t Mess With The Mortal World

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The Black Footprint moved suddenly forward to the space where Lingling hovered.

Lingling flapped her wings which resembled a blazing sacred butterfly and flew into the sky that had been shrouded in darkness.

She looked down from the sky and saw the Black Footprint shatter the space bit by bit. The desert looked as if it was going to be engulfed into this crumbling area, and the affected area continued to expand.

Lingling raised her hand. A Forbidden Fire power appeared in her mind.

She touched the sky with her finger. The next moment, magnificent Star Palaces appeared in the dome of the sky. The Star Palaces formed a massive and majestic Astrological Star.

The mysterious, peaceful, quiet, and red Astrological Star was reflected in the sky above Cairo. It looked like a mirage of a cosmic Astrological Star that was floating in the mortal world.

It was the Astrological Star Fire!

The red star was mesmerizing. When the Astrological Star Fire collapsed, a meteor shower “baptized” the desert and dune outside Cairo like it was doomsday. The Astrological Star Fire wiped out the remaining Einherjar Spirits warriors and the Einherjar Spirit Tower.

The Forbidden Fire carried an aura that could wipe out everything in its way and targeted the Undead that should have been buried under the ground.

Soul Element Forbidden Mage Hobb was still absorbed in his great power as if the world was not enough for him. When he looked up to see the girl destroying his life’s work with her Forbidden Curse and wiping out his Black Magic, he felt as if he had fallen into a deep abyss.

“Why?! Why must you do this to me…? I just want to be free of the damned curse!”

Hobb almost went mad under Lingling’s Astrological Star Fire attack. He looked even more hideous with the burning marks on his face.

He fled to an area where the Astrological Star Fire was scarce. He then raised a prism!

The prism dispelled the surrounding powerful flames. It exuded a terrifying, lethal coldness. The coldness did not freeze the land, but it made everything appear lifeless.

“I’m so close to it! Underworld Lord, please help me!” Hobb had turned into a maniac who was willing to make a deal with the devil. He would do anything to remove his curse.

Hobb had personally witnessed the consequences cursed people faced…

Those people could not rest in peace even after they went to hell.

Hobb asked for nothing more than death without any semblance of torture. As a Soul Element Mage, he knew that death was just another beginning. He did not want to go to hell with the terrifying curse. He should be going to the Holy Kingdom of Heaven!

A man whose life was coming to an end would do anything to stall for time. That included bringing the death of the underworld to Egyptian land.

The prism was intact, but its surface was filled with cracks. Soon, a terrifying underworld light that resembled pale sunlight shone in Cairo.

A pharaoh walked out of the prism.

The moment the pharaoh stepped into the mortal world, the soil on the border of Egypt stirred up. Countless cracks appeared in the desert, soil, wilderness, and wetlands. Hordes of things seemed to be breaking out from under the Egyptian land.

The deceased whom they once mourned had come back to life! “Lass, you’re still far from saving the world!”

The pharaoh walking out of the prism spoke in Egyptian language.

“It’s Khufu!”

Professor Tong Zhouzheng had gathered with other Egyptian mages. When they saw the Pharaoh King walking out of the prism, the glimpse of hope in their eyes diminished, as if they had been extinguished completely!

Khufu emanated a bone-chilling coldness that invaded one’s very soul!


It was the Underworld Lord, the greatest ruler who once ruled the land!

Its tomb remained standing on the sacred land. Countless people visited its tomb in the past thousands of years. No one could solve the secrets within it even to this day.

Underworld Lord Khufu entered the mortal world through the pale underworld light reflected from the prism.

It stretched out a finger.

It flicked its finger at Lingling, who had transformed into the Goddess of Flame Belle in the sky. A gray power shot out and struck the Forbidden Astrological Star on the dome of the sky.

The blazing red Astrological Star disappeared within an instant. The sky was dominated by pale and gray hues. The land was enveloped by necrotic gas.

Creak! Creak!

The sacred firepower surrounding Lingling began to dissipate.

Grayish frost appeared on her arms.

The powerful flames quickly diminished. Lingling felt the endless power in her body declining at an alarming rate.


Little Flame Belle let out a long chant.

The Goddess on the Blessing Mountain of Parthenon Temple heard Little Flame Belle’s chant.

Ye Xinxia fixed her gaze in the direction of Egypt. She rested and interlaced her hands before her chest, then she quietly recited the Sacred Chant of Blessing.

The ocean breeze blew and her white dress fluttered. Her face was holy and beautiful.

With her heart as the medium, Ye Xinxia passed her blessing to Lingling.

However, they were ten thousand kilometers apart. The Goddess’ Sacred Chant could only protect Little Flame Belle and Linzlinz so that they could not be killed by the necrotic frost.

Lingling and Little Flame Belle’s strengths were far lower than Khufu’s.

The moment Khufu arrived, Lingling’s eyes lost their luster.

It was hard for the people in Cairo to escape this disaster. Khufu was the representation of the God of Death. It used death to replenish its Undead army. It wanted to obtain the massive pharaoh’s power from the mortal world. It was powerful and wise. It not only wanted to regain the ruling power of Egypt but also wanted to turn the world into an Undead paradise!

“Haha!” Khufu laughed.

It finally understood why the ancient devils liked to make a deal with the humans.

The devils often received an unexpected harvest in exchange for a small favor. They should never underestimate the potential of a human who was driven into a desperate situation.

The devils were not eager to reclaim their interest. After all, they may stand a chance to rule over a country after a long period of waiting.

“I will not treat my people poorly so long as you slit your own throat,” said Khufu calmly to the Egyptians.

If the Egyptians slit their own throats, they would become its people.

This was the only way to pledge their loyalty to Khufu.

They either committed suicide or were killed by Khufu.

Khufu would reward those who dared to kill themselves and prove their loyalty. Those people would be respected by the Undead in the underworld.

“You’re a real devil!” Lingling gritted her teeth in anger.

At the skyline, a turbulent space that resembled a vortex appeared. A human figure showed up in it.

The figure paused in the space vortex before transforming into a powerful light and charging at the deadly zone that had been frozen by the frost.

When Lingling saw the blurred figure that was flying at a breakneck speed, her face brightened. Her beautiful eyes flashed with delight. However, she could not help but pout her lips. She was still unhappy with something.

‘Why is he here so late?’

The figure made his way to Underworld Lord Khufu. He was ablaze with Vermilion Bird Divine Flames and evaporated the frost as he passed by. Meanwhile, Little Flame Belle that was possessing Lingling turned into a wisp of fire soul and flew to him like a fire butterfly. Little Flame Belle quickly fused with him. As a result, Little Flame Belle’s divine fire and Vermilion Bird Divine Flames exuded a heavenly divine light. It was brilliant and holy!

“Khufu, how dare you step into the mortal world without seeking my permission?!”

MO Fan charged at Khufu like a meteor shooting from the edge of the sky, without any fancy astrological signs or superfluous movement. He swung his fist at Underworld Lord Khufu’s pale face without hesitation.

“I have yet to settle an account with you!”

MO Fan swung his fiery red punch at Khufu. The power unleashed from his punch was so great that even the sky shook. The next moment, he unleashed a terrifying destructive power toward the world behind the prism with his two greatest divine fire powers.

The world behind the prism was the underworld.

Khufu entered the mortal world through the prism. MO Fan smashed Khufu into its underworld and formed a huge fire fist catastrophe.

Groups of mummies were laying on the bone beach and enjoying the pale and comfortable underworld light. Behind them was the huge underworld kingdom. Those mummies were nobles with countless underworld servants in their service.

Suddenly, the underworld light vanished. A fiery red fist appeared in the sky of the underworld that was greater than a celestial.


Underworld Lord Khufu fell heavily on the bone beach. The mummies exchanged eyeless glances with each other.

The celestial fist suppressed them. The Witch Carcass Eagles, the Dead Vultures, and the Black Crows flying in the sky in the underworld were reduced to ashes. The noble mummies evaporated at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

The mummified women basking in the underworld light did not expect the underworld to be plagued by natural disasters. They could not escape fear even after death!

“MO Fan, it’s either you or me who will live today!”

Khufu was sealed on the bone beach. It faced the sky with its shattered face. It roared hysterically at the shattered prism of the two worlds.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The next moment, the mummy kingdom in the underworld was destroyed by a single mortal fist. Khufu was immortal and could escape the disaster. However, the mummies suffered the consequences.

Many mummies were reduced to ashes. The mummy kingdom crumbled. It had taken a lot of hard work to build their mummy empire, but it was wiped out within an instant.

Khufu lay in the middle of the fire. Its body regenerated after it was destroyed. When it regenerated, the fire burned it again.

It would always remember MO Fan.

MO Fan was the one who had hindered its plan when it was at the northern border of China.

At that moment, MO Fan was so puny that he was just an ant in the cope of things. It was the Ancient King from China that destroyed Khufu’s plan.

Today, MO Fan was as powerful as a heavenly god. Even the Sixteen-Winged Angel was not as dominant and terrifying as him.

How many more years did Khufu have to wait before he could rule the mortal world?

Did it have to wait for another hundred years?

There might be another expert in the mortal world in the next century, but the expert for this century was just too powerful to defeat. Besides, MO Fan was still young.

They could not afford to mess with the mortal world.


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