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Chapter 3128: Asha’ruiya (The Lycoris Sorceress Queen on the Dark Plane)

Chapter 3128: Asha’ruiya (The Lycoris Sorceress Queen on the Dark Plane)

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A tall hill stretched out like a magical bridge into the evening sky.

There was green grass and colorful flowers along the hillside.

Right then, someone barefoot was walking along the hill while gazing at the star-filled sky. Despite not wearing shoes, her steps were as elegant as that of a princess and graceful as that of a fairy.

Even though there was no wind, the flowers around her swayed gently like loyal servants and encircled her beautiful black veil skirt. The flowers that could not gather in time lay flat on the ground to form a gorgeous flower carpet. They greeted the woman as she walked up to the point where the hill met the sky.

“Goodbye, human world.”

She then blew a divine kiss with her sexy, rosy lips.

Asha’ruiya’s kiss was not for anyone specific. It was a kiss to the earth and meant for all living things.

She was an angel from the Dark Plane, and her time in the human world was almost over.

While most fallen angels had their duties in the human world and must eventually return to the Dark Plane, many tried to defy the orders of the Dark Abyss Emperor. But they would usually be thrown back into the dark and cold cycle of reincarnation by Black Magic. It was powerful like swirling whirlpools. However, as an elegant princess and future queen, Asha’ruiya did not want to leave in an undignified fashion.

Unfortunately, there was no one to say goodbye to.

She once had some knights who obediently served her. They were either handsome, easy-going, gentle, or stern. But in the end, they only shared a master-servant relationship. No matter how hard they tried to serve her, they could never make her care about them.

However, there was one annoying yet lovable person who stood out. While he was not exceptionally handsome, she would think about him whenever she was relaxing. He would smile mischievously and do unexpectedly rude things, but she had to admit that he brought her joy.

Her pace gradually slowed. Although it looked as if she was approaching a beautiful starry sky filled with angels, Asha’ruiya knew that she was heading toward an endless abyss—the Dark Plane.

In reality, the place was not as awful as one might imagine. It was not as harsh and cruel as hell. In fact, the Dark Plane was magnificent like a palace. However, no one wanted to stay there.

“Are you leaving just like that?” She suddenly heard a voice in her mind.

Asha’ruiya shook her head with bitterness. Not only was she recalling his face, but she was also hearing his voice in her mind.

“Hey, barefoot hag, can’t you hear me?” The voice echoed through the glistening grass.

She stopped walking and looked back down the hill.

A breeze caused the grass to sway like waves, and their movements formed a captivating sight beneath the starlight. This was the human world. Sadly, Asha’ruiya could not spot the owner of the voice.

It seemed that it was just her imagination.

With that, Asha’ruiya turned around. Her skirt fluttered in the wind, and her hair danced along with her movements. With a face that garnered admiration from both the East and the West, she gazed up at the sky. She intended to return to the Dark Plane with her chest out and her head held high. Unexpectedly, she bumped into a man with a mischievous smile.

Their cheeks were just a few centimeters apart, and their noses almost touched. They could even feel each other’s breath!

Asha’ruiya stood there stunned while she looked at the man before her.

“W-Why didn’t I hear a sound when you came here?” she asked in surprise.

“I’ve reached a realm that’s beyond your reach. Are you leaving?” MO Fan asked as he continued to smile cheekily.

“Yes. It’s time for me to go.”

“Angels always go back to heaven, huh?” MO Fan asked.

“I’m going to hell, actually. Thanks.”

“No messenger of hell would be as stunning as you. By the way, I love your black outfit, especially those shiny black stockings. It really hits the spot with a pervert like me. You look yummy,” MO Fan said.

“What’s the matter? Are you sick of your wives and looking for someone new?” Asha’ruiya was no blushing maiden, and she confidently swished her skirt.

“You like it?

“I’ll give you a good look.

“But you can’t touch it.” She thought.

“Why phrase it that way? Even men who prioritize their families need to spend time with their friends occasionally. Since you’re leaving the human world, how could I not come to say goodbye? Look, I brought you a gift. It’s a suona. In the East, people give this as a farewell gift.” MO Fan pulled out the instrument carefully and gave it to Asha’ruiya.

“Don’t forget that my stepmother’s from the East. She’s taught me a few things. I know people use this instrument before and after parties. But since it’s from you, I’ll accept it,” Asha’ruiya said.

She gave off the air of a Western princess, so one might expect to see her holding an elegant orchestral instrument. However, she looked even more impressive with the suona hanging from her waist.

MO Fan was too embarrassed to admit that he had used Dimensional Magic to grab a random item from the bustling marketplace nearby.

His Dimensional Pouch was similar to Mary Poppins’s bag.

He could instantly pull out useful items when needed.

MO Fan wanted an instrument but did not expect it to be a suona. Besides, it seemed to have magic. He wondered if it was a treasure that belonged to a family of ancient Eastern Music Mages and he might have taken it by mistake.

He had learned Dimensional Pouch Magic from a wandering Acrobat Mage.

The mage told MO Fan that this magic was more about creating illusions and performing tricks than fighting. It would not be very useful for combat, but it could entertain people and make them happy.

However, this magic came with some uncertainty. He could not choose a specific item, only a general type.

MO Fan had hoped for a harp because it was more romantic and beautiful.

If the Dimensional Pouch could talk, it might tell MO Fan that the suona was still an instrument, whether he liked it or not.

“Thanks for coming to say goodbye,” said Asha’ruiya.

“Well, I came because I miss your black stockings,” MO Fan replied.

“Should I take them off and give them to you then?” Asha’ruiya laughed and winked charmingly.

Unwashed black stockings!

MO Fan was a bit tempted, but deep down, he was a gentleman. He pretended to remain calm and said, “The stockings only look good on you. Plus, I’m not here to say goodbye.”

“What do you mean? Are you here to kill me to save Mu Bai, your other friend?” Asha’ruiya asked.

“Hey, don’t say that. Both of you are important to me. I value both love and friendship. My life motto is to have everything. Whether it’s exploring the Dark Plane or hell, I’m up for it all. I, MO Fan, am a fearsome man. If there’s even the slightest thing on this earth or beyond that I’m not happy with, I’ll go over and give the ruler of the place a good wallop.” MO Fan grinned arrogantly.

Asha’ruiya burst into laughter.

She laughed heartily, and her eyes sparkled with joy.

Her graceful figure and cheerful laughter made the wind and the bright red spider lilies on the hillside dance happily.

MO Fan was stunned, and he thought. “She’s seriously gorgeous.”

She looked like a goddess from those ancient Greek stories who watched over everyone with a mysterious air. People could only admire her from a distance as they were not allowed to taint her. However, she was captivating, like the tempting enchantresses in Greek myths.

“What? You don’t think I can do that?” MO Fan cocked an eyebrow and asked.

“Remember what I told you that night under the starry sky? If Mu Bai survives, I will have to die. Only one Fallen Angel can remain in this world and become the elder who selects the next generation of black angels,” Asha’ruiya explained.

“Asha’ruiya, rules are always made by someone. I’ll go with you and talk to the person who made this rule. If they’re reasonable, then everything will turn out fine. But if they refuse to hear me out, I’ll fight them,” MO Fan said.

“But have you thought about how hard it is to return to the human world once you enter the Dark Plane? Even Wen Tai couldn’t do it,” she replied.

“He might not have been able to do it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t. Let’s talk about handling emotions. Wen Tai messed up big time there. He sacrificed love for the greater good, but it led to the creation of villains like Salan. On the other hand, Zhan Kong, my instructor, is someone I deeply respect. He showed everyone his world-ending power, but he also remained kind and maintained his love life. People may admire Wen Tai and fear Zhan Kong, but taking them as examples, I know what I need to do,” MO Fan said confidently.

“Only you can criticize them like that,” Asha’ruiya said.

“The situation in the human world seems stable now, so there’s not much need for me there. Nevertheless, I need to check out the deal between the Dark Plane and the Cold Moon Evil Eye in the Infinite Trench. If I find anything suspicious, I’ll have to shake up the Dark Plane. Then, it won’t just be a matter of the two brothers making a choice,” MO Fan explained.

“Okay. I can be your guide.” Asha’ruiya agreed enthusiastically. Walking through the Dark Plane alone took a lot of bravery.

However, having MO Fan with her made her happy.

The journey would no longer be boring or suffocating.

“Let’s go then, old friend.” MO Fan offered his arm.

Therefore, Asha’ruiya took his arm. Suddenly, she raised her beautiful face and kindly asked, “Has your family agreed? You need to understand that if you can’t find a way back to the human world, you’ll have to spend the rest of your life with me.”

“They’ve agreed. After all, I would have died long ago without Mu Bai. He’s like a brother to me, and losing him has left a void in my life. As for you, don’t overthink it. I’m pretty traditional. I won’t cheat on my wives,” MO Fan said politely.

“Well, could you stop staring at my chest then?” Asha’ruiya asked.

“Ahem. Your jade necklace is really white and smooth. It also has a nice curve,” MO Fan shamelessly said.

Men really could not resist women with hourglass figures!

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