Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel

Volume 1 - Chapter 22 – Important Person’s Granddaughter

Liu Kesheng grunted coldly, he was spoiled since a young age, and has see a lot of important politicians, which of them dared to scold him? The young man in front of him wasn’t that old, thus clearly couldn’t be anyone important, and said cockily, “Don’t fucking talk about the law with me! I’m telling you, my dad’s an important person, my family have tons of money, even if I made him die, the worst result would be compensating a tiny bit of money!”

Secretary Zhang couldn’t stand it anymore, and slapped Liu Kesheng’s face, he’s never seen a kid with such a terrible upbringing.

“You dare to hit me!” Liu Kesheng shouted as he covered his face, “I’m telling you! I can make you die! My dad is Liu Ran, and great friends with Director XX in the city and Official XX in the province, I can make you disappear from this earth tomorrow!”

Secretary Zhang snickered after hearing that, no wonder he was so cocky, he’s Liu Ran’s son!

Seeing that Secretary Zhang stopped talking, Liu Kesheng thought that he became scared of him, and laughed coldly, “How’s that! Scared right, fuck off if you’re screwed, it isn’t easy to mind someone else’s business.”

Secretary Zhang didn’t get angry, but instead laughed, “Go back home and tell Liu Ran, he doesn’t have many days left to be hopping around! Don’t think that other people doesn’t know about what he normally does!”

Liu Kesheng momentarily blanked, he didn’t believe what the twenty-something years old man in front of him said, his father was very capable in Songjiang city, he didn’t do too little things like beating people until they become disabled, and weren’t they all sorted out by his father’s money in the end?

After knowing Liu Kesheng’s identity, Secretary Zhang stopped caring about him, and took Zhao Yanyan, I and co. and left.

Seeing us leave, Liu Kesheng said in irritation, “Yang-ge, quickly send out the order to arrest them!”

Chief Jiang ignored him, and walked us downstairs with a forced smile, Liu Kesheng’s voice could be heard behind us, “Jiang Yongfu! What are you doing, don’t forget, who donated the police car here to you guys! I’m going to tell my dad when I go home!”

Jiang Yongfu also felt difficult, it was Liu Ran’s son on one side, on the other was the secretary of a provisional official. Although the position of a secretary seems low, it’s been said from ancient times that the eunuchs beside the emperor have more power than others. Furthermore, Jiang Yongfu still didn’t understand who this girl called ‘Yanyan’ is.

When we reached the front of Secretary Zhang’s car, Jiang Yongfu couldn’t hold the query in his heart anymore, and asked carefully, “Secretary Zhang, this girl is ——”

Secretary Zhang opened the backdoor of the car, got us to go in first, then left a sentence for Jiang Yongfu, “Old Jiang, you’ve done it! You even dare to arrest Elder Zhao’s granddaughter!” Then ignoring the dumbstruck Jiang Yongfu, he got on the car.

Jiang Yongfu watched the fleeting car, and cursed in his heart: This old Yang, always causing trouble for me! That’s it now, my position as the chief is also insecure.

I took a peek at Secretary Zhang’s car when I got on, it is the Audi with the plate of “Song 0” that I saw the other day in front of school. Now that I saw the plate clearly, it was the second car in the province! According to Secretary Zhang’s words, Zhao Yanyan’s grandfather’s identity was known by everyone. With Secretary Zhang’s sentence before he left, I would already be sure that the owner of the car, Zhao Yanyan’s grandfather, was a very important person in our Songjiang province.

Although I was completely powerless, my heart was unnaturally excited. Hehe, it seems that my business development will go much smoother.

“Yanyan, let’s send your two classmates back home first,” Secretary Zhang said as he drove. In truth, Secretary Zhang already saw through Zhao Yanyan and my ambiguous relationship, but as someone who has been through this, and his age was only older than us by seven or eight years, he knew that interest in the opposite sex was normal, and so he didn’t pop the bubble along the way.

Guo Qing and I told him our addresses, Secretary Zhang dropped me off downstairs.

I said my goodbyes to Zhao Yanyan, and because Secretary Zhang was beside us, Zhao Yanyan didn’t say anything, and just told m to take a good rest.

It was already past eight when I got home, my mom and dad were as anxious as ants on a stove, seeing me return, my mom immediately rushed over and hugged me, “Leilei, where did you go! Your dad and I were worried to death!”

My dad also walked over and said anxiously, “Yeah, if you didn’t come back, your mom and I would consider calling the police!”

Calling the police? I laughed wryly in my heart, I was arrested to the station just now. However I couldn’t say this to my parents, or else they would get worried. I could only say that I got too tired these few days, so I accidentally fell asleep on the bus, and found that I missed the station when I woke up.

Since my recent behavior was good, my parents easily believed me, and told me to go and eat dinner first, then sleep earlier.

That night, I laid on my bed, unable to fall asleep.

Zhao Yanyan having that kind of family background was something I didn’t expect. I only knew that her family conditions were very good, but I didn’t know what they did. With her preferring to keep a low key, our contact was mostly during normal work.

I didn’t know why god would favor me so much, with good things happening to me one after another after I was reborn. I was still worried about whether I could make contacts with the government or not, but this was no longer a problem today.

No, I shook my head. Although Zhao Yanyan’s grandfather is an important official in the province, and I am Zhao Yanyan’s boyfriend, but will her grandfather recognize me as Zhao Yanyan’s boyfriend? In the eyes of other people, I was only sixteen, still a child, it would be enough if parents don’t oppose this kind of puppy love between students, why should they help me?

There was also the incident with Liu Kesheng today, which caused me to feel defeat for the first time. I did think too simply of some things, I was looking at certain things in front of me entirely with the thirty years of experience from my previous life. I was the CEO of Microsoft in the Huaxia region in my previous life, I couldn’t see the dirtiness at society’s bottom layer, these the ugliness of collusions between businessmen and officials in smaller cities would never happen in front of me. What I saw was only the officials full heartedly helping the business I was working at succeed.

It seems like I have to build up my own business as soon as possible, when I have enough power, then it would no longer be so easy to move me. As for Liu Kesheng’s family background, I would also investigate it in detail.

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