Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel

Volume 1 - Chapter 23 – Zhao Junsheng’s Weird Actions

“Grandpa asked about our relationship yesterday, “ Zhao Yanyan said to me right after I go to school the next morning.

“Then what did you say?” I worriedly asked.

“I didn’t say anything, just that we are attending the computer competition together, and are desk mates in school so we get along,” Zhao Yanyan replied while holding up her face with her hands.

“Then didn’t your grandpa say anything?” I asked with suspicion. Most parents wouldn’t just let it go when their daughter or granddaughter is together with a boy.

“No, he just told me that going out normally is fine, but don’t let it influence my studies,” Zhao Yanyan said while blushing.

“Oh! That scared me, I thought your grandpa would tell you to stay away from me!” I let out a sigh of relief.

“That didn’t happen. Ai~! Wait Liu Lei, you really want me to stay away from you right? I don’t care! I’m just going to stick by your side!” Zhao Yanyan clearly misunderstood my meaning, and pouted.

“How could I!” I said, “You sticking to me, I’m really happy about that!”

As the two of us were talking, Liu Kesheng arrived at the office with a face of dirt.

The previous night, Liu Kesheng told his father what happened the moment he got home, he had thought the father that spoiled him since birth would help him get even. He didn’t think that after hearing the young man was Secretary Zhang, his father immediately asked what the girl’s surname was. After Liu Kesheng said Zhao, his father actually got extremely angry, and scolded him, and told him to stay away from Zhao Yanyan.

“Your grandpa is an official in the province?” I asked Zhao Yanyan.

“What about it?” Zhao Yanyan said, as it was all very normal.

“Then why didn’t you say anything before!” I definitely didn’t hear her mention it, even as her boss in my previous life, I wasn’t really familiar with her family background.

“Do you think there’s a point showing off like Liu Kesheng?” Zhao Yanyan replied with a question.

“That’s true!” I said, “I like you as a person, not your family background.

“…” Zhao Yanyan suddenly stopped speaking and looked at my shyly.

“What happened?” I asked curiously.

“Liu Lei, this is the first time you told me that you like me!” Zhao Yanyan whispered.

“Is it?” It seemed like it, ever since I was reborn it was always Zhao Yanyan that told me she likes me. It seems like I overlooked it. “I thought you already knew,” I said.

“But-but I like to hear you say it,” Zhao Yanyan said seriously.

“Oh, okay then.” I placed my mouth hear her ear, and whispered, “Yanyan, I love you!”

Zhao Yanyan’s expression filled up with love, and infinite joy. Her look of happiness was like a clay doll.

It seems like that something something saying was really right, women are to be spoiled. She clearly understood something, but she would still be very happy every time you say it.

The brat, Guo Qing, was quite cocky today, he raised his middle finger up high when he passed by Liu Kesheng. Liu Kesheng momentarily blanked after saying it and didn’t even dare to fart, he probably knew in his heart that Guo Qing beating someone of his physique up was just a walk in the park.

I only noticed in this life, that Guo Qing’s personality is actually very cocky, it’s just that it wasn’t activated in my previous life.

“Dasao, what are you guys talking about?” Guo Qing said hello to Zhao Yanyan the moment he came, and ignored me, the boss.

“Of course we’re talking love, unless I even have to tell you these kind of things?” I said unhappily.

“Hehe, dasao, the Secretary Zhang was really awe-inspiring yesterday! They all became spiritless when he arrive. What does he do?” Guo Qing asked excitedly.

“Obviously Secretary Zhang is a secretary!” Zhao Yanyan wasn’t like Liu Kesheng, who liked to show off these pointless things.

Seeing that she was unwilling to tell him, Guo Qing didn’t pester for the answer, and started telling me how his sanda skills improved.

At another location.

Zhao Junsheng gazed at the investigation report that old Gao sent over, a tsunami was in his heart, and it wouldn’t be calmed that soon.

“Director Zhao, what happened?” Seeing Zhao Junsheng’s sick expression, old Gao immediately asked.

“Old Gao, are all your information true?” Zhao Junsheng asked after taking a deep breath.

“Yes! I went to the police station to find out in person!” Old Gao said assuredly, “Director Zhao, don’t get mad, how about I find some people to warn the brat?”

Zhao Junsheng shook his head and laughed wryly, “Never mind, let them do what they want! As long as it’s not too inappropriate, we’ll just close an eye!”

Old Gao looked unbelievably at the man in front of him, as if he was a stranger. Director Zhao wasn’t such an enlightened person right? The last time a boy wrote a love letter for xiaojie, Director Zhao asked relentlessly after finding out, what happened this time.

Zhao Junsheng waved his hand and said to old Gao, “I’m tired, go back first!”

After old Gao left, Zhao Junsheng sank into his memories, as if he returned to the 80s, when he just changed jobs from the army, that beautiful summer, and that beautiful girl…

Remembering the time at the Songjiang Electronics factory, Zhao Junsheng couldn’t help but space out… The beautiful girl, that pure love, although his first love ended in failure, the girl had become someone else’s wife, the wonderful memory was deeply branded in Zhao Junsheng’s mind.

The first love is always hard to forget.

Could this be what is called fate? The unfinished fate of the last generation is carried on by the next? If it really is like that, then it does complete one of his wishes…

Xu Jinde was so happy that he couldn’t even close his mouth the last two days, two geniuses appeared from his computer class. One of them actually reached a typing speed of three hundred something alphabets per minute, this was unheard of even in past computer competitions.

If his student returned as the champion, then he, Xu Jinde, could also be elated once among his pears. The definitely would also be a portion for him in the year-end bonuses of Shao Nian Gong.

The more he thought, the more happy he got, the gods really favored him, letting him get two students that could make him proud in his seventies. Although he clearly knew that he wasn’t responsible for molding the two of them, but people loved to claim credit for things, there’s no reason to refuse the fame that he already got.

“Ruo Yun?” Xu Jinde pushed open his granddaughter’s room, and shouted.

Inside the room, a girl was using the computer familiarly. The girl turned her head back, and looked a Xu Jinde, on her comely face was hints of anger.

“Grandpa, how many times did I tell you, don’t disturb me when I’m programming!” the girl frowned.

“Ruo Yun, you see I forgot since I’m in a hurry,” Xu Jinde laughed forcefully, he was most afraid of this cunning and unusual granddaughter, if he didn’t actually need her for something, Xu Jindu wouldn’t come to throw himself against a wall.

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