Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel

Volume 1 - Chapter 25 – The Box is only so Big

After a brief thought, I thought of a plan. I shouted loudly, “Driver, open the door quickly!”

The driver was also frozen in fear, he didn’t think that four robbers would appear on his bus. Now hearing someone tell him to open the door, he wish that these robbers would get off quickly, and thus swiftly opened the bus door.

I immediately pulled Zhao Yanyan and got off, the three comrades of the thief thought that I wanted to run, and also followed me off. In truth, this was the result I desired.

Comrade A shouted, “Don’t let him get away, let’s catch him kill him!”

However to their surprise, I didn’t run after getting off, and instead stood onto a clearing on the side of the road.

“Brat, you recognize your situation!” Seeing that I wasn’t moving, Comrade B thought that I was scared.

“Big bro, second bro, don’t waste our breath with him, let us hurry and avenge third bro!” Comrade B said.

“That’s right, go get him!” Hearing that, the remaining two immediately rushed towards me.

I pushed Zhao Yanyan to the sides, and easily dodge their attacks, then ran behind them.

Before they reacted, I quickly chopped down on the back of each of their necks, the few comrades of the thief fell onto the floor without a sound.

“Remember this, one who commits many injustices is doomed to fail. Don’t let me see you again!” I left these words when we left.

“Ah!” Only then did the people on the bus reacted, and all surrounded the thieves, some of them even took out a cell phone, and wanted to share a tiny bit of the hero’s glory.

I pulled Zhao Yanyan and swiftly left the crowd, then disappeared on the streets. I didn’t want to wait till the police come, although I did help for a just cause, but it would waste a lot of time to record a testimony, what’s more was that Zhao Yanyan and I were about to be late. I believe those cowardly passengers will definitely make the perfect testimonies, and claim credit for things.

Although we hurried, when we came to Shao Nian Gong, we were still late.

Seeing that it was the two of us, Geezer Xu didn’t say anything. What could he say, he was still counting on us to make achievements.

Geezer Xu gave me the floppy disk copy of TC2.0, then continued to teach the lesson for the other students.

“Liu Lei, you can program?” Seeing I install TC, Zhao Yanyan asked me weirdly.

“A little,” I said.

“You have a computer at home?” Zhao Yanyan didn’t understand, normal people wouldn’t easily get into contact with these mysterious things, such as computers.

“Nope,” I shook my head. Of course not, if there is then what’s the point of me being here.

“Then you have learnt computing before?” Zhao Yanyan asked in disbelief.

“Nope,” This didn’t count as lying to her, because I truly didn’t learn computing this life.

“Oh,” Zhao Yanyan thought I didn’t want to talk about it, so unhappily dipped her head.

Ai! I sighed, and said to Zhao Yanyan, “Yanyan, is not that I don’t want to talk about some things, it’s that I don’t know how to talk about it. But one thing can be certain, and that is my love for you is true.”

“En,” Zhao Yanyan replied softly with a blushed face, after a while, she said to me, “No worries, Liu Lei. I believe you.”

I caressed her face, then started doing my own stuff.

My strength was C# and C++ in my previous life, but these two languages were developed with the C language as the foundation, so for me to use C now was still straightforward, it’s just that some phrases were slightly more miscellaneous.

It was good that the workload for an input method wasn’t a lot, I believed that I can finish it in one day.

Phew, I let out a sigh, it’s finally done. I excitedly opened UCDOS, and prepared to test my input method. This input method wasn’t hard, the most important thing is that it could be added to WPS, although I already have the ideas for developing my own office software, the current product is going to be used to be exchanged for money, so whether or not it could be used stably in WPS was a key to the product’s success.

I looked at it, there was no problem using it under UCDOS, and it could perfectly type Chinese characters, but when I ran WPS, the computer crashed.

What happened? I rebooted the computer, and started UCDOS, then ran the input method, opened WPS, it still resulted in a crash.

That’s impossible? Why did it crash, it was possible if it was incompatible, but why did it crash? I couldn’t understand after thinking a lot about it.

Never mind, I’ll think about it after a break. I stretched, raised my head, and noticed that the entire computer suite was completely empty, I was the only one left.

Where’s Zhao Yanyan? I saw that the seat beside me was already empty, I didn’t even know when did she leave. As I was wondering, Zhao Yanyan came in from the door with two plastic containers.

“You’re done? I bought two boxed lunches, eat it while it’s hot,” Zhao Yanyan walked over and handed me a portion.

I took it over, it was the kind with a box of rice and a box of dishes, there were a lot of dishes. I thought it weird and asked, “How is there so much dish?” Last time there was only half a box of dishes when Zhao Yanyan bought me a box lunch at school, I didn’t really get full.

“We can take as much as we want, “Zhao Yanyan explained.

“Oh, then why didn’t you get more?” I asked casually.

“I do want to, but the box is only so big, if I add too much then it won’t fit!” Zhao Yanyan opened the box lunch, then started eating first.

If I add too much then it won’t fit! A thought flashed across my mind, that’s right, it’s that! The volume of the box is limited, the same as a computer’s storage. The storage of the computer was mostly 8M at this time, I didn’t take note of that when I programmed the input method, and followed my programming experienced from Microsoft in my previous life —— sacrificing a large storage to ensure the stability of the program. This was the reason of the computer crashing when I ran so many programs.

Thinking to this point, I excitedly turned Zhao Yanyan’s cheeks over, and kissed it.

“Oi! I’m eating, what are you doing!” Zhao Yanyan struggled, and said with discontent.

“Nothing, waifu! I’m so happy!” I took up the box lunch to eat, since problem has been found, then what follows was simple, I believe there is enough time to perfect it in the afternoon.

My input method finally passed all the method at seven something that night, and was able to save a lot of space, allowing it to be easily used with a hot-key under WPS.

Zhao Yanyan kept me company silently by my side during all this, and didn’t ask anything, and occasionally played some finger games. When Zhao Yanyan heard me scream “Success” loudly in happiness, she also very happily kissed me, even though she didn’t know what I was doing from start to finish.

I was happy about having a woman like Zhao Yanyan after getting reborn, a lot of the times, no matter what I was doing, no matter if she understood or not, she would silently support me.

Zhao Yanyan had planned to go out and play with me in the afternoon, and used the excuse that Shao Nian Gong had to prepare for the competition in the afternoon to her family in the morning. I didn’t think what I would get delayed causing us to not do anything. Although on the surface, Zhao Yanyan didn’t say anything, but I could feel Zhao Yanyan’s sigh with a hint of regret when I took her home.

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