Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel

Volume 1 - Chapter 26 – First Time to Yanjing

Time passed really quickly, it was already the October break half a month later in a blink of an eye, it was also the date for Zhao Yanyan and I to go to Yanjing to participate in the teenage computer competition.

The transportation fees, competition fees were all paid by Shao Nian Gong. If I didn’t get reborn, then I would definitely be moved by this, and think that Shao Nian Gong was place that truly thought about teenagers. However it was different now, I was all clear about these subtle actions, what Shao Nian Gong had given up was way too tiny compared to the fame it would bring if we won.

Geezer Xu personally lead us this time, with us was a pretty yet quiet girl that also will represent Shao Nian Gong to enter the competition, she was about the same age as me. There was an unspeakable feeling looking at her, although she didn’t share Zhao Yanyan’s delicate beauty, there it was another style. If Zhao Yanyan was a pretty girl from a respectable family, then that girl could definitely be called a cute girl from a small family.

I definitely never saw this girl before, Zhao Yanyan was the only girl in Shao Nian Gong’s computer class, even if my eyesight was terrible, I couldn’t have thought of a girl as a boy, especially not a beauty.

It was the people from Shao Nian Gong that bought the tickets, one top bunk, two middle bunk and one bottom bunk. Geezer Xu got the bottom bunk, I originally wanted to go on the top bunk and leave the middle gunk for the two girls, I didn’t think that the other girl climbed to the top bunk first.

“Xu-laoshi, who is she?” Zhao Yanyan curiously asked Geezer Xu, who was eating instant noodles.

“Oh her, she’s my granddaughter. She wasn’t interested in the competition at all, but when she heard that our Shao Nian Gong got a genius like Liu Lei, she wasn’t convinced, and wanted to compete,” Geezer Xu said while smiling.

Although Geezer Xu didn’t praise Zhao Yanyan, when Zhao Yanyan heard that Geezer Xu praised me as a genius, her face was full of smiles, as if happier than praising herself.

“Grandpa, why are you so annoying! Saying random crap!” Before Zhao Yanyan and I said anything, Geezer Xu’s granddaughter’s head popped out from the top bunk and said unhappily.

Why was this girl so disrespectful, I frowned in my heart. However, Geezer Xu’s expression didn’t seem to care, it looked like he got used to it. But I was still unable to resist and scolded, “No matter what, he’s your grandpa, does he need you to teach him about what to say?”

The girl heard it, then replied with dissatisfaction, “And who are you? Why do I need you to teach me what to do?”

“Humph,” I laughed coldly, “I’m not anyone special, but I understand children of HUaxia respecting elders is the most minimal virtue!”

“How am I disrespectful! You don’t even know how good my relationship normally is with grandpa! A dog with a mouse, a busy body, I hate the kind of people like you, who with just a little bit of talent, starts pretending to be a savior and scold other people!” After saying that, the girl shrunk her head back.

What was that! What did it mean I had a bit of talent? So baffling, I can’t be bothered with her.

Geezer Xu comforted me on the side, “Xiao Liu, don’t take it to heart. This child lacks familial warmth from a young age, she have followed me ever since her parents got divorced, so her personality is a bit withdrawn, so don’t take it to heart!”

I shook my head while smiling wryly, I didn’t think this girl has that kind of background, the child from a single parent family will always have a bit of a rebellious attitude whether it was big or small, and she even have a parent. I thought she was just spoiled, it seems like I was wrong about her.

Nothing was said along the way. Geezer Xu’s granddaughter, who I only found out afterwards was called Xu Ruoyun, came down to eat and for the bathroom, she stayed in her bunk to read all the other time.

The next morning, we arrived at new Huaxia’s capital city —— Yanjing. Zhao Yanyan was really excited, and kept looking here and there, as if interested about everything. Although Xu Ruoyun didn’t show anything on the surface, her curious gaze was the same as Zhao Yanyan’s.

Geezer Xu temporarily took upon the role of a tour guide, and continuously introduced the culture and scenery of Yanjing to us. The two chicks really enjoyed it, but I wasn’t. Yanjing, I couldn’t be anymore familial this city, I’ll studied and lived here for more than ten years! From university to work, to until the last moment of my life, my heart clenched thinking to that point, and tightly grasped Zhao Yanyan’s hand.

As if noticing my abnormality, Zhao Yanyan looked at my slightly sad expression, and asked carefully, “Liu Lei, what happened?”

I shook my head, was I supposed to tell her that I got sad because I saw her marry another man?

“I just feel a bit tired. Don’t mind me, I’m fine,” I lied.

“Then let’s find a place to stay first!” Seeing that I was unwell, Zhao Yanyan didn’t have the interest to continue looking at sceneries.

“That’s right, health is important!” Geezer Xu agreed. He was still counting on me to make achievements, if something happened to me causing me to miss the competition, then that would suck.

Only Xu Ruoyun pouted unhappily, and sneered, “It’s so shameful, a boy is being so sickly.”

I didn’t reply, but Zhao Yanyan did frown unhappily, yet she didn’t react.

We arrived at the motel designated by the Teenage Computing Competition Committee, and got two standard rooms. Geezer Xu also understood Zhao Yanyan and my relationship on the way, he wasn’t our school’s teacher, and so didn’t feel lik he had the right to say anything.

This geezer wasn’t anyone old-fashioned either, in this day and age, the people that can accept computers, all had a forward mindset, and so Geezer Xu didn’t make too many comments about me and Zhao Yanyan’s relationship.

From his perspective, you’re already an adult at sixteen, dating between boys and girls weren’t anything hateful either, as long as both sides could control themselves, and not let it affect the normal academic life, then it’s fine.

From the current look of things, Zhao Yanyan and I were clearly excellent, especially in regards to computers, so naturally Geezer Xu didn’t say anything. It’s not like he didn’t think of couples improving together either, and that was made it seem even less of a deal.

Seeing Geezer Xu’s calm expression, I let out a sigh of relief, if only all teachers could be so enlightened, and could properly view boys and girls’ dating, there was some that would not affect normal studying, and will help each other improve, let these go, what problems will that cause?

The original plan was for Geezer Xu and I to stay in one room, Zhao Yanyan and Xu Ruoyun in another, but when getting the room keys, I got two keys of the same room. Geezer Xu wanted to say something, then hesitated and decided not to say it, and got the other two room keys with Xu Ruoyun.

Geezer Xu got us to rest first, and said that he’ll bring us out and around in the afternoon. I was naturally really happy, Zhao Yanyan was blushing fiercely on the side, who knows what she’s thinking.

After Geezer Xu left, only Zhao Yanyan and I were left in the room. Although it wasn’t the first time the two of us were alone together, we had never stayed in a room like this before. So there was a tiny bit of awkwardness.

“It’s just the two of us,” I said to Zhao Yanyan, who sat silently by the bed.

“En,” Zhao Yanyan didn’t dare to look at me, her cheeks were like the burning sun.

I couldn’t hold the desires in my heart back anymore, and fiercely held Zhao Yanyan up, and kissed her lips…

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