Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel

Volume 1 - Chapter 29 – Who’s the Beauty?

I saw Xu Ruo Yun’s look of surprise when I got out of the door, but truth be told, the only little girl at this age I was interested in is Zhao Yanyan, the others just didn’t do it. Although Zhao Yanyan was also sixteen years-old, I had unspeakable feelings for her, in hindsight it might have been because I mixed my adult feels in it as well.

During the award ceremony, my program was decided as the champion without argument, Xu Ruo Yan’s work, which got second place, was also a picture, but her one was black and white, from the detail of the pictures, her one was much crude. The remaining work by other people were very simple, most of them were just a logo or a small object, even more people just had text.

Seeing my work, Zhao Yanyan had an expression of unhappiness, and pinched my leg with her hands, “This picture is so familiar! Tell me, who’s the beauty? What relationship does she have to do with you!”

I faint, I didn’t think Zhao Yanyan would ask me that, how was I supposed to explain it! However, Zhao Yanyan didn’t give up, and was hell bent on making me tell her who the person is.

Finally, since I couldn’t do anything else, I made up a name and situation. Yet I could tell that Zhao Yanyan didn’t believe me, and kept on gazing at the picture with a suspicious look in her eyes.

I monopolized both first prizes in this competition, Geezer Xu, who went with me onto the stage to receive the prize, had a face full of happiness, his smiling wrinkly face was like a big fagao.⌈1⌋

In the end, I didn’t get anything except two certificates, I already lost interest in these kind of things used to please children. On the other hand, Geezer Xu relentlessly got me to hold up the certificates to take photos with me. I knew that as long as nothing happens these pictures will be hung in the lobby of Shao Nian Gong, to be used as promotion and advertisement.

The copy of the program that I coded was taken away by Zhao Yanyan, I asked her why, and she told me that she wanted it as a keepsake.

I kept sweating⌈2⌋, from my test paper to the bed sheet in the motel to today’s program copy, does this chick have some collection interest.

We took the train back to Songjiang that night, during the journey, Xu Ruo Yun’s attitude towards me improved a lot, and her attitude towards Zhao Yanyan was unbelievable. The two chicks talked continuously the entire journey, and occasional let out sounds of laughter. I really don’t understand women’s thoughts.

Seeing that his own granddaughter became more open, Geezer Xu was so happy that he couldn’t even close hismouth. The only person that suffered was me, because Zhao Yanyan left me in at the side. I could only talk a little with Geezer Xu, what was the most infuriating was that Geezer Xu always tried to bring to topic to where I have learnt computing before and the sorts, I perfunctorily answered all of those.

However the geezer didn’t get the hint, I was already answering him so perfunctorily yet he’s still asking, it forced me to change the topic, “Oh yeah, Xu-laoshi, I wrote a little program, and want to sell it to a software company, do you have any contacts?”

“You wrote a software? What’s it for?” Geezer Xu didn’t believe that I could code a software that could sell for money.

“En, it is a Chinese input method add-on for WPS, and is better than the original input method, I believe if it was advertised properly, it’s popularity will be over fifty percent,” I said confidently.

“Ah!” Geezer Xu exclaimed, he knows about input methods, normal people, including himself, didn’t hold the ability to produce it.

“Can I look at it?” Geezer Xu asked excitedly, he knew that if I got any results, he, as the teacher, would also have the right to show off.

“Sure, when we go back, it’s in Shao Nian Gong’s computer,” I said.

“If the input method is really as good as you say, I can help you promote it a bit, I have contacts with several software companies in both our city and Yanjing,” Geezer Xu said.

“Then thank you!” I said politely.

“I’m your teacher, what are you being so courteous for!” Geezer Xu said with a smile.

I thought, although Geezer Xu didn’t teach me any knowledge, he is more or less an elder in the computing industry, with a living resource like him, I’ll could definitely use his help stepping into the computing industry in the future.

Thus I respectably said, “Then I’ll trouble you!”

When I showed the input method I programmed to Geezer Xu, Geezer Xu couldn’t be more surprised, his mouth was wide open, just like a frog.

“Wait, Xiao Liu. I’ll immediately get in contact with a friend at a software company for you, I didn’t think that I, Xu Jinde’s, student will also have a day where they succeed!” Geezer Xu didn’t mind me on the side, and hurriedly ran out to make a call.

“Director Zhao, it’s me old Xu!” Geezer Xu said into the phone.

“Director Xu, what do something you need?” the person on the other side of the phone called Director Zhao said enthusiastically.

“I have a student, he made a software, and wants to find a company to work with, so I thought of you, Director Zhao!” Geezer Xu said.

“Aiya, Xu-laoshi! I’m your student, don’t Director Zhao, Director Zhao. If it wasn’t for you teaching me knowledge in the past, could I work in the computing industry? I wouldn’t have my success without you!” Director Zhao said humbly, “What software is it? What’s so special about a one that a student made?”

“Hehe, you’re underestimating me, not looking at who’s student it is, weren’t you my student before?” Xu Jinde praised himself.

“That’s true, what program did he code?” Director Zhao asked embarrassedly.

“An input method, I see a good future for it!” Geezer Xu said.

“Okay, since I have time later, take it over for me to have a lot, and I can also treat you to a meal,” Director Zhao said.

“Fine, that’s a promise. Wait for me at the office!’ Geezer Xu hung up the phone happily.

“Xiao Liu, I’m going to take your program to Tianheng Computers in our city for them to have a look, the Director there is also one of my students in the past, there should be a chance for this,” Geezer Xu said to me after returning.

“Okay, then please help me laoshi, I’ll go back first and wait for your information,” I said.

After walking about of Shao Nian Gong, I saw Zhao Yanyan, who was waiting for me not too far away. I waved towards her, the chick immediately came over, and immediately hung on me, “Why were you so slow, didn’t you say it’ll only take a while?”

“Isn’t it all because I wanted to sell the program for a high price, or else how can I support you in the future!” I hugged Zhao Yanyan and placed her back onto the floor.

“As if I can spend a lot~” Zhao Yanyan pouted and said unhappily.

“Fine, it’s that I don’t want to eat soft rice⌈3⌋.” I coaxed.

“That’s more like it,” Zhao Yanyan held my hand and walked with me to the Bus 6 station.

“The competition is over, there is no reason not to return home now,” Zhao Yanyan sighed and said.


2. The “I sweat”, ” I faint”, I was about to faint” etc. all means “I’m speechless” or “I’m shocked”.

3. Eat soft rice refers to a man being supported by their lover.

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