Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel

Volume 1 - Chapter 28 – A Dream

There were a few channels in the motel that were airing very old films from Hong Kong or Taiwan. I had seen it those no less than ten times in my previous life, and was naturally uninterested, although Zhao Yanyan did watch it with interest, and occasional let out loud laughs.

I woke up really early the second day, because I noticed that Zhao Yanyan’s leg was on me, and made it hard for me to breath. I carefully moved it away, in fear of waking up Zhao Yanyan, who was in deep slumber.

I went over to the window, the day hadn’t lit up yet, so it was a blurriness of grey outside. I don’t know why, but my heart suddenly felt a sense of guilt. Due to losing Zhao Yanyan in my previous life, I used my thirty years old intelligence and experienced to swindle Zhao Yanyan of her heart, and even had intercourse with her too early. Thinking about all this, I thought that I’m very selfish. I’m scared of losing Zhao Yanyan once more in the future, so when Zhao Yanyan suggested that I could eat her, I accepted almost without a slither of hesitation. Although Zhao Yanyan says she definitely doesn’t regret it, she is still only sixteen, I can’t be certain that she wouldn’t come to regret this hastiness as she ages.

I wanted to take out a cigarette from my pocket in a habit, but there was nothing inside. This was a habit of mine in my previous life, whenever I had something bothering me, I would smoke in front of the window, but after I had been reborn, I haven’t touched cigarettes for a long time. However, this was good, since smoking brings so much harm to the body, I might be able to quit smoking using this chance.

“Hubby, don’t leave me,” a voice interrupted me. I thought Zhao Yanyan woke up, but when I turned back to see, the chick was still sleeping, she was sleep talking.

I walked over, and gently caressed Zhao Yanyan’s face, and said softly, “Yanyan, I will love you for two lives.”

As if the chick heard my words, the corners of her mouth turned up, and revealed a sweet smile.

I embraced Zhao Yanyan, leaned on the head of the bed and fell asleep once more. When I woke up, I found that Zhao Yanyan was already awake, and had opened her eyes to silently watch me in my embrace.

“When did you wake up?” I yawned and asked.

“Just now,” Yanyan said faintly. “Liu Lei, I had a dream just now.”

“It’s okay,” I comforted. “Dreams are all fake.”

“No,” Zhao Yanyan shook her head, and said sobbingly. “It was very real, I dreamt that you didn’t want me anymore, I chased after you, but I could never catch up…”

“I would never, never,” I comforted her. A girl is a girl, even treating a dream as reality.

“Hehe,” Zhao Yanyan smiled craftily. “But then you turned around, hugged me and said that you would love me for two lives.”

I sweated, how was this a dream, isn’t this what I said just now?

“What time is it?” I felt relieved seeing that she was alright.

“En, it’s seven something, let’s pack up and go downstairs!” Zhao Yanyan reluctantly crawled out from my embrace, got off the bed, then went back on her own bed to find clothes.

I went to the bathroom, after cleaning myself up, I looked my watch, seven forty-five, the time was just right.

When we got downstairs, we saw Geezer Xu and his granddaughter standing in front of a bus, and waved to us when they noticed us.

We got on the bus, and noticed that most of the passengers were students wearing all kinds of uniform, most of them are participating while representing the local schools or training centers. I saw that there were only two girls, Zhao Yanyan and Xu Ruoyun, but these boys didn’t react at all, as if they didn’t exist. Four words immediately flashed across my mind: A bunch of nerds.

The typing competition rules were simple, just type accordingly to the alphabets that were getting shown on the screen, the one who gets the highest point in the designated time wins.

This was a piece of cake for me, my typing speed of eight hundred something letters per minute in my past life isn’t just for show. I was already hiding half of my ability during the competition.

The results were quickly shown after the contest ended, it was all computer calculated. I was the first, with an average of 402 letters typed per minute, Zhao Yanyan was the sixth, an average of 171, it was an improvement from her previous speed. Xu Ruoyun’s result wasn’t bad, third, 201 letters. To be truthful, there were almost no different in the results between second to sixth, only I had a terrifying and awe-inspiring result.

Geezer Xu got so excited that golden light were coming out of his eyes, his face was full of emotions. Only then did Xu Ruoyun finally look at me with a slightly more friendly gaze.

Zhao Yanyan didn’t really feel anything about getting sixth herself, and was instead interested in my first place, and kept on asking Geezer Xu, if the first place would have a price. Geezer Xu also shook his head and said that he didn’t know.

From my perspective, the programming contest on the second day was unusually chaotic, the rules were a mess, the questions were a mess, even the grading criteria were a complete mess, but it was due to this, my piece was able to coincidentally take first place.

The situation was like this, the contest topic was to write a demonstration program, it could demonstrate some text, or a picture, as long as it was something made up of dots.

When the contest organizer’s use of language wasn’t precise enough, the contest was fated to become chaotic. If you were proficient in LOGO, then pictures or text were rather easy, but it was comparatively harder using other languages. I really don’t understand what the person that came up with the topic was thinking, but you can’t blame him, since computers were not yet popularized in Huaxia, there weren’t many people that could use it from the start, if the contest rules were too strict, then it would be impossible to continue.

I chose to use assembly language, although this was an extremely difficult language to use, I had used this language to write the same code no less than a hundred times in my previous life during university. After it is completed, it is a picture of Zhao Yanyan after she matured. This code was still fresh in my mind.

I didn’t even need to think, and speedily typed out the code from my memories using the keyboard, and finished it in one go. When the mature and beautiful Zhao Yanyan appeared on my screen, I didn’t even take ten minutes, and the contest time was the entire morning.

Since I had always treated Zhao Yanyan as my goddess when I went to university, this picture was a perfect interpretation after my deep thoughts, under the setting sun, Zhao Yanyan wore a small white coat, and stood at the entrance of Huaxia university, every tiny detail was precisely annotated.

I copied the file with the completed code and picture with a floppy disk, wrote my candidate number and name, then handed it to the judges.

“You finished?” the judges looked at me in surprise, and thought it to be unbelievable, how could I finish that quickly?

“Yes,” I nodded, then walked out of the venue.

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