Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel

VPAATP - Chapter V4C234 – Peace And Recovery

“But, even if you are convinced, I will still not forgive you! You missed the last chance for repentance! You are a very dangerous person who will bear a grudge, no doubt! I am not going to leave a ticking bomb by my side!” I shook my head.

“Corlett, go ahead and deal with him. But, don’t make it too painful for him, after all, we had worked together for a long time!” I shook my head, sighed, and turned away.

A beam of light pulverized Xu Qingwei into countless light particles that were soon dispersed by the wind…

The small silver spaceship landed on the ground and a fat and thin man came out from inside. The two were exactly the two I helped in Antarctica, the aliens!

Bright Flame World recovered its calm and everything began to recover…

Moving back to a few days ago.

On the day Zhao Yanyan told me two people came to visit me, they were exactly Lyles and Corlett from the Nima World!

And unexpectedly, Lyles turned out to be the Lord of the Nima World! What’s more, he was also the commander of the Nima World! I was quite surprised once I found out his status! Surprisingly, I had saved the commander of an alien race!

As for why Lyles came to look for me, it was to discuss the future of their world with me. According to their scientific forecast, the Nima World will soon have a massive catastrophe. The Spiritual Energy inside the planet was going to break out together with a massive volcanic eruption! Unfortunately, the size of the Nima World is very small, so if the volcano erupted, it will destroy the entire planet!

As the commander of the Nima World, Lyles had to find a solution. After considering the issue, the best way to save everyone was to carry out mass immigration! But finding a planet that meets the living condition of the Nima World is not easy, so Lyles immediately thought of Earth. On Earth, he only knew me, so he decided to discuss the matter with me, to see if he could move his people to Earth!

But with the current political situation on Earth, no country would have welcomed Lyles and his people! After all, who would want to have a group of uncontrollable factors in their territory?

Therefore, Lyles and I discussed the situation. Although the Nima World had technology far advanced than Earth, they had a limited population. Moreover, once the war launched, Lyles wasn’t sure of the result. After all, he wasn’t sure just how many people on Earth had the same abilities as me. They would be screwed if there was an entire army like me!

This also allowed me to paint Earth as a very terrifying place for his people! I told him there were many people with the same abilities as me, and there were even some with even more formidable strength! I didn’t deceive him though, after all, my Elder Brother Yama (King of Hell) is indeed formidable!

My words terrified Lyles, making him realize how dangerous that place was!

Then, I extended an olive branch. I let him know the Bright Flame World was very safe, moreover, it was my territory. After some calculations, I told him his people could move there, and I could also give Lyles an official title!

I felt I was quite evil. Just a few days ago I was fretting over finding people to lead the cultural advancement on the Bright Flame World, and Lyles came to the door at the right time! Moreover, he still had to be thankful to me!

With such tempting conditions, Lyles certainly wouldn’t refuse, and he immediately agreed. Moreover, he promised me to use the technology of the Nima World to build the Bright Flame World!

Therefore, this all took place.

I had already found out Zhao Yanyan’s reason for rebirth, but I couldn’t figure out why Xu Qingwei could be reborn!

But when I talked to Brother Yama (King of Hell) over the telephone, I came to know the entire story!

In my previous life, when I drank to death on Zhao Yanyan and Xu Qingwei’s wedding, Zhao Yanyan took a lot of sleeping pills and committed suicide! Because Zhao Yanyan had committed suicide for love, she was given a chance to regain her true love, meaning she took the so-called “Pursuing Love Pill”!

After she swallowed the “Pursuing Love Pill”, Zhao Yanyan’s soul returned to the past high school Zhao Yanyan. It was similar to rebirth, but not truly rebirth because the memories of her first life would be sealed!

But the underworld had regulations that stipulated Zhao Yanyan must obtain the love of the concerned person within a year of taking the drug. Only after she got in bed with me would the toxicity of the pill melt and she would gradually restore the memories of her past life.

Later, when Zhao Yanyan had those several dreams of the past life, they were the indication of her recovering her memories! And because of the drug that she took, my body changed and gained Spiritual Powers!

As for why Zhao Yanyan’s memory didn’t fully recover in a year… When Elder Brother Yama (King of Hell) told me the reason, I was quite embarrassed! The answer is very simple. It was because Zhao Yanyan didn’t get all my love, and only received part of it! It was because I had already given part of my love for Chen Wei’er and Ye Xiaoxiao!

What Zhao Yanyan obtained was only one-third or some more love, therefore, her memories didn’t fully recover, and she had those dreams with fragments of memories from the past life!

Although she obtained only one-third, she still obtained my love! The underworld didn’t have any regulations against that, so Zhao Yanyan didn’t die due to the pill’s toxicity.

That was why Zhao Yanyan could be reborn! I remember when I was reborn I was always thinking of Zhao Yanyan of this world and Zhao Yanyan of the past life, and always wondered if the person I loved was the same or not? But now that I knew that Zhao Yanyan is my former Zhao Yanyan, it made me infinitely happy!

After all, it was my dream in my past life, and I finally realized my dream! It can be said I have no regrets in my two lifetimes anymore!

As for Xu Qingwei, the reason for his rebirth is also ridiculous, and the reason was the same as Zhao Yanyan! Since he also committed suicide for love, he received an opportunity to be born again! But because there was only one “Pursuing Love Pill”, and Zhao Yanyan ate it, Xu Qingwei didn’t get it!

However, since Xu Qingwei had also committed suicide in the name of love, the underworld couldn’t discriminate against him while favoring the other, right? So, Yama (King of Hell) simply turned a blind eye to the matter, letting the judges make Xu Qingwei covertly sign a rebirth agreement!

This rebirth agreement was quite different from mine! Although Xu Qingwei’s rebirth was because he committed suicide for love, the target of his love had also died already, so he could only go on the path of the wronged.

How was he wronged? Xu Qingwei was wronged in the sense that his bride committed suicide for another man on his wedding night! It was quite unjust with him, at least, Xu Qingwei believed he had been wronged!

What was the path of the wronged? It’s simple, the person who had been wronged also had the chance to be reborn. However, after being reborn, they must kill the person who wronged them, or else, they would be banished to the lowest pit of hell after death, forever to not reincarnate!

Like that, once Xu Qingwei signed the agreement, he was able to be reborn! However, when Xu Qingwei was in the underworld, he had seen the appearance of the 18 layers of hell, and was scared beyond salvation! That’s why Xu Qingwei wanted to kill me no matter how!

Hatred was one thing, but the most important thing was he didn’t want to be banished to the 18th floor of hell after death!

And because of the regulations of the underworld that stipulated the target must not know he is targeted, Brother Yama (King of Hell) didn’t tell me about this matter. This was also the reason Brother Yama (King of Hell) arranged for Jiao Yazi to appear by my side.

Moreover, Brother Yama (King of Hell) didn’t just govern the life and death of earthlings, he governed the life and death of other extraterrestrials as well!

Brother Yama was quite aware of Xu Qingwei’s actions in the world of the living, but because of regulations, he couldn’t tell me about it. But no one said he couldn’t make the volcano under the Nima World erupt, forcing Lyles to look for me on Earth, playing a helpful role!

For Yama (King of Hell), making a mere volcano erupt to control the life and death of someone is no big deal!

Therefore, although it was a crooked method of forcing a race to abandon their world, it did help me in crucial moments!

Listening to the process, I rejoiced over the fact that I recognized Brother Yama (King of Hell) for my elder brother! He had been silently helping me all this time!

As for Xu Qingwei, he was suffering torture in the second layer of hell, according to Brother Yama (King of Hell)!

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