Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel

VPAATP - Chapter V4C235 – Happy Life Finale

The Bright Flame Calendar, First Year, November 10. The Bright Flame Empire was officially founded.

Under the mediation of the Nima People, the Dark Tribe and Bright Flame Tribe integrated into one, sharing the world. My subordinates on Earth also shifted over to the Bright Flame World.

And I, as the founder of the Bright Flame Empire, am standing tall above the Bright Flame Temple at this moment. I am the first Bright Flame Emperor of the Bright Flame World!

Besides me are Zhao Yanyan, Ye Xiaoxiao, Chen Wei’er, Xia Jing, Xu Ruoyun, Liu Yue, Yu Ting, Meng QingQing, Su Yingzi, Shirley, Liu Xiang, Yang Mei, Wu Yingying, Xu Xueyun, Wang Shu, He Xiyuan, and Shui Ling’er, my 17 wives. The one standing before me is my son, Liu Ye!

The heads under me are Lyles, Guo Qing, Du Xiaowei, Zha Junsheng, Su Yuanchan, Chen Yong, Shui Beishan, and the others. My parents, on the other hand, didn’t attend the founding of the empire.

Lyles was experienced in managing a government, so he became the first prime minister of the Bright Flame World.

Guo Qing took the greatest military post of the Bright Flame World, becoming the Mister of War, commanding all the military power of the Bright Flame World. As Guo Qing and I are best brothers, there’s no way for him to betray me. If he isn’t trustworthy in my eyes, then no one else in the world will be trustworthy! I couldn’t bring myself to give hold of this organization to anyone else, so I left it in Guo Qing’s hand, feeling relieved.

Fatty Wu became Guo Qing’s assistant, helping him manage the military. Fatty Wu was Wu Yingying’s brother and has a good relationship with me, so I wasn’t worried about him.

Du Xiaowei commands all the judicial business, becoming the Minister of Justice. Naturally, security and spy organizations also belong to him and are under his authority. These were Du Xiaowei’s strong points.

Zhao Junsheng became the Minister of Finance, having the power over all financials of the empire. Don’t think I appointed him due to favoritism. The department is just too important and Zhao Junsheng could manage it well, as managing finances was his forte!

Su Yuanchao became the Minister of Trade, managing the economic construction of the empire.

Sun Sikong became the Mister of Public Work, responsible for the advancement of technology and construction of the empire.

Chen Yong’s management ability was quite outstanding as well, and he assisted Lyles work, becoming the Vice Prime Minister. As for Shui Beishan, I also gave him the position of Vice Prime Minister, but Shui Beishan didn’t want too much fame, he was satisfied with the respect he had, and he was hardly involved in the work.

The empire adopted the Prime Minister system, with the Emperor’s duty being appointing people in suitable positions. In other words, although I am not directly involved, I have the greatest power in my hands! I can appoint and dismiss all official positions at any time!

With this power in hand, I don’t have to afraid of anyone betraying me! Moreover, the army is still firmly under my hands!

The entire empire took part in celebrations. As for me, I lived my life free and unrestrained! The Bright Flame Emperor doesn’t have to do any work! He just has to enjoy life!

Lyles is indeed a great prime minister. He took the benefit of people as his main duty, resulting in the rapid development of the Bright Flame World, giving him incredible merit!

To improve the overall physical qualities of the planet’s people, my Spiritual Ability Heart Law was simplified, optimized, and popularized by Sun Sikong. The overall lifespan of the people is very important for the development of a planet like Bright Flame World. Everything was going well.

The people of the Dark Tribe and the Bright Flame Tribe also started to follow the fashion of the Nima Star, and so, no one could tell which tribe someone was from!

Because everyone’s dressing and way of speaking are almost the same, anyone could fall in love with anyone and get married.

The economic and technological construction of the Bright Flame World also took a huge leap! After a large number of technical and social talents were trained, they were given various positions in the empire!

Of course, the industry on Earth was still developing as well. The Gang was completely taken over by Ding Baosan, and the affairs of the Shuguang Group were taken over by Meng Family. The Meng and Liu Family were unwilling to come to Bright Flame as they were used to living on Earth. Maybe, one day, they will come over, but not now.

When the entire empire is on the right track, my happy life of blessings and s*x began…

Although my status on the Bright Flame World is similar to that of God, and I am also the first Emperor, at home, I don’t allow others to address me as “Great Emperor” or “God” because that is too irritable.

Every day, I just play with my life. I finally understood the meaning of having a blissful life of an immortal! Shui Ling’er also finally crossed the threshold. Although she is the only interracial beauty among my wives, no one excluded her, instead, she was living quite harmoniously with Zhao Yanyan and the others! This made me and my mom very happy!

It’s just that my mom was urging me every day and asking when I am going to give her a few more grandsons and granddaughters? However, I am helpless. My wives are quite afraid of giving birth and the pain of pregnancy, especially after Ye Xiaoxiao told them of the time and hardships when she had Little Ye, the wives decided that they will not give birth to a child! And with extreme discontent, they told me: I should be satisfied with Little Ye! What do I even want so many children for? Women are not there to suffer pain, nor are they machines for having children! {TL: The fuck?}

Those words from them dumbfounded me!

But for me, listening to Lyles weekly report was the most painful matter! It was a custom I set. All major decisions made in the empire must be reported to me every week and ask for my suggestions!

Although I have a firm grasp of everything, it is quite tiring! But I knew this was the only way to go and this rule couldn’t be abolished. Only in this way can corruption be destroyed, and bureaucrats controlled. Otherwise, the empire might just take the old route of feudal society!

Therefore, the matter I hope for most is for Little Ye to grow up soon and take over my position!

But, matters are not always as one wants them to be.

In the garden of the temple. {TL: The temple is the palace!}

“Young master, you can take it slow. You are only six years old, so you can learn Martial Arts anytime!” A man with a butler uniform stood next to the sweaty Little Ye.

“Uncle Liu, I am practicing hard so my father can teach me more! In the future, I must be like my father!” Little Ye nodded to the butler and said with a smile.

“Young master, I know you have lofty ideals and want to grow up as soon as possible to help your father share some burden, but you must take some rest. Otherwise, there will be no good result, and the two madames will scold me to death!” The butler said bitterly.

“Eh? Who said I want to help my father share some burden in his duties?” Little Ye asked with confusion.

“What did you say, Young master, what else are you going to do then?” The butler couldn’t make sense of his words.

“I want to grow up quickly and then go out to pick up girls! I must inherit the glorious tradition of my father and find myself a large number of wives!” Little Ye said and vowed.

“Ah…” Listening to his words, the butler almost fell to the ground.

“Dear, the food is ready. The master and his wives are already at the dining table, we should also go with Little Ye!” A young married woman walked out and shouted towards the butler.

“Laura, you go first… I will accompany the Young master to do some exercise for a while first…” The butler thought: how come I am not as heroic as the Young Master and the Master? I was pinned down by a single woman. Oh, how the difference between people makes one mad!

This butler is Liu Kesheng whose life was saved by me! He is now the butler of the Temple! After being saved he married Laura. Laura then became the female steward at the Temple and is responsible for the kitchen and cleaning up, while Liu Kesheng took care of some other things. And accompanying Little Ye is also one of his jobs!

Liu Kesheng was quite fearful and apprehensive now as Little Ye spent the most time with him every day. If Little Ye’s mother found out about her son’s great ideals, he would be the one at the tip of the blade! It must be known that now, Liu Kesheng was the most afraid of Ye Xiaoxiao as she was once his homeroom teacher for a year!

Afraid of incurring her wrath, Liu Kesheng immediately told me of this matter first. And after I listened to Little Ye’s lofty ideals, my mouth hung wide open and I couldn’t say anything for a long time! This was too outrageous, right?

However, what could I do? I had already enjoyed myself and did all that, so I couldn’t just stop my son from enjoying himself however he wanted, could I? In desperation, I could only endure for a few more years. Maybe, after a few years, Zhao Yanyan and the others will give me another son, and I can train him to take over my position!

However, before I could have a son, Liu Kesheng and Laura had a daughter. This impudent and shameless guy wanted to climb the ranks and become family with me, wanting me to take his daughter as my daughter-in-law. Who knew what his daughter looked like. It would be good if she looked like Laura, but if she looked like Liu Kesheng, then we will be damned!

So I didn’t agree and just said we will discuss later. However, Liu Kesheng’s daughter, Liu Nianyao, had been together with Little Ye since childhood. Since Little Ye had no other playmates in his childhood, the two became childhood friends.

Although I wasn’t very optimistic about this marriage, I was helpless. Ye Xiaoxiao and Zhao Yanyan were very approving of the relationship, while Liu Kesheng, that fellow was smirking self-satisfied. He had that expression of saying: Hehe, I have finally won one over you!

However, as Liu Nianyao aged over the years, she turned out to be even more beautiful than her mother, Laura! Little Ye was also getting intimate, kissing, and hugging the girl all the time when others weren’t around!

Damn, I had to recognize it! Liu Kesheng, this guy, was finally on the same level as me! We became family!

Originally, I thought that with Liu Nianyao, Little Ye will have a change of heart. If Liu Nianyao inherited her mother’s fine tradition, she might just tie Little Ye’s heart to herself, and I was happy about it. After all, the sooner Little Ye took over my position, I could go out and play around and live unrestrained!

However, when Little Ye turned eighteen, he solemnly announced that the Bright Flame World didn’t mean anything to him, and he wanted to go to Earth to pursue beauties!

At that time, I looked at Liu Nianyao so she could say something in opposition! However, who would have thought that the girl would yell, “Brother Liu Ye, I support you!” {Liu Lei: Pikachu Face!}

As I listened, I almost fell to the ground!

Finally, Liu Ye went on his pilgrimage for a colorful life!

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