Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 782

The Square of Scandinar

After Eric had published the announcement, people swarmed the Square of Scandinar. Ye Cang and Eric were standing on top of the stage, having a good view of them.

The other side. Goddess City. Goddess Shrine.

"By the way, I kind of admire your courage. They are all worshippers of your mother, Goddess of Life - Anna. You guys are technically stealing believers. Aren’t you guys scared that she wakes up and kills you three bad daughters?" Aymuss was carefully putting on her makeup.

"B*itch, be careful with your words. We are just watching over our mother's believers temporarily to see whether they got lazy," Mallow was choosing clothes.

"That's right. You, as an outsider, don't talk so much!" Jam added on.

“Many Dark Elves and Moon Elves were once my believers. That’s considered as some help for my side, showing them the direction of the moonlight,” Aymuss said very naturally.

“If I’m not mistaken, that place belongs to your sister - Goddess of Full-moon, Lonass.” Assenroche’s words made Aymuss stare at her. Which side are you on?! “If they can help their mother to take care of the place, I can too! Besides, she isn’t awake anyway, is she?!”

“Lonass is different from our mother. Her qi weakened after battling with the Destructive Princess. If everything goes well, she should be awake not long later. Previously, I’ve been to the Forest of Full Moon to visit her. She is a little weak but is recovering through sleep.” Anya was wearing a pair of high-heels and a pair of sexy silk stockings. Compared to Aymuss, she was quite close with Lonass.

“We’ll talk about it when she is awake! By the way, how did the fight between Anna and Femiss begin?” Aymuss changed the topic.

“It’s none of your business!” Mallow said as she painted her lips with a smack of lipstick made of burning-blood stone.

“Oh, I know! It’s for Kael.” Assenroche changed into a white hollow-carved breastplate made out of white jade and some hollow-carved accessories on her legs. The arcane energy would occasionally leak out from the holes, revealing her unexceptional beauty. She even spoke with an electrifying voice that sounded mysterious.

“The Water Elemental Spirit - Kael? Oh, no wonder. I remember Anna had a crush on him for a very long time. So, does this mean Femiss also…” Assenroche nodded at Aymuss before she could finish. It was a game of jealousy. They then stared at the three goddesses. They are definitely from the same mother.

Based on seniority, Aymuss and the mother of three goddesses were at the same level. They were considered gods in the early eras. At their peak, Lonass’ Twin Moon Shrine was entitled to almost the same amount of worship as the Goddess of Life. Yet, everything worsened after The Ancestor of All Evil gave rise to the Evening of Gods too. Even though Aymuss and Lonass did not die, they and their believers had suffered from great damage. From there onwards, the light and dark gods became the two opposing forces among the gods.

Aymuss was grateful for Ye Cang as it had been awhile since she had received such belief power. She felt that her own holy strength was recovering as if she was coming back alive. She then recalled memories from a few hundred years ago. Sister and I, staying in Forest of Full-Moon and Half-moon Palace, waiting for the believers to return. As she came back to her senses, she stared at her beautiful self through the mirror made by her believers using high-grade moon crystal. Thank you, Great Sage Pale Snow. Yet, the arguments swirling around her ears made her sigh. If I could meet you before these b*tches…

“Descend, my goddess!”

The goddesses heard the calling.

“Let’s go! My most sincere direct believer - Great Sage PaleSnow is calling me!” Anya said.

“Shameless! It’s obvious…” Mallow was pissed.

“Stop arguing! The Great Sage is still waiting for us! If he gets angry, we would have to get scolded again!” Jam reminded them.

“......” Assenroche stared at the three of them. Have these three idiots lost their dignity of being a god? She then turned to look at Aymuss.

“That’s right! That’s right! Quickly get over there! I don’t want to wear whatever you three wore before!”

“.......” Assenroche was dumbfounded. Would I become someone like them in the future? She then shivered. Why does it feel like I’ve been tricked into some weird religion… “Is this just an illusion?”


After Ye Cang called for the goddesses, Eric turned around to see a seed swiftly turning into a gigantic tree of life. Jam appeared from the pores of the flower and sat gracefully on the branch. Meanwhile, Mallow popped out from the fruit and sat on the vine growing on the trunk. Suddenly, a roar of a night leopard was heard. The night leopard dashed out and turned into Anya, staring at the people below with her arms crossed. After reading The Self-development of An Actor given by Ye Cang and after numerous rituals were conducted in the north border, the three goddesses had learned how to make a ceremonial entrance. They were clear of which part they should reveal and which part should they leave others curious about. They had become quite experienced and there was no need for Ye Cang’s to teach them anymore.

On the other hand, a ray of moonlight shone. The light particles slowly formed Aymuss’ elegant body.

Eric was shocked. They are really here! Even the Goddess of Half-moon appeared! That makes it complete! Then… Just then, an arcane point appeared not far from the altar. Instantly, it turned into an arcane elemental female figure. She was wearing sexy and elegant crystal accessories.

This is?! Sangchila started to recall. Is it?! Such a scary yet pure arcane energy! Is it Assenroche?!

Assenroche saw Ye Cang and then stared at the crowd. She was lost in her thoughts. When was the last time so many people were looking at me? She then spoke with a proud yet seducing voice, “Ordinary humans! I am Assenroche! The controller of arcane energy! Worship me!”

“Am I the only one who got a boner?”

“Certainly not, brother.”

“Do I have some weird illness? Why would I erect to this kind of element?”

“I don’t think so. Even I would have abnormal reactions seeing this thing. It’s so hard now!”

A few female players quietly moved a few steps away.

“The resurrection of all! The circle of life will never stop! Killing and dawn!” the three goddesses exclaimed.

“The moonlight shall lead you through the dark path!” Aymuss said.

“Accept our blessings!”

The moonlight shone upon the entire Scandiar and flowers bloomed in a snap. The power of nature was everywhere and beasts and creatures were flying out from the trees and danced around in the air for celebration. The arcane energy had also mixed into the moonlight. Everyone was in awe with such a beautiful scene and kept quiet.

“Congratulations! You’ve received blessings from five goddesses. Mana +5%, mana cost reduced by 5%, nature resistance +10%, damage and defense +5% and some increase in health and mana recovery. Lasts for 3 days.”

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