Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 783


The spiritual energy from nature engulfed the entire Scandinar and the ancient melody made it mysterious. Assenroche’s electrifying voice then created a remix with the mysterious melody to bring up the hype. Accompanying the song, the moonlight particles and the arcane energy particles were filling the sky everywhere. Scandinar had turned into a paradise and everyone was mesmerized. From afar, the great tree shone like a well-lit Christmas tree in the middle of the dark Forest of Elves. The elves kneeled one by one to show respect.

As the voice faded, Assenroche was overlooking the people. Why do they look at me in such a weird way… A belief power which was different from the power of elements surged through her body. She was greedily absorbing as much as she could and gazed at Ye Cang. Looks like he’s not up to anything fishy.

After a long while, the atmosphere abruptly bursted into cheers as loud as thunder. The three goddesses were feeling the satisfaction of having people shouting for them as the belief power was endlessly surging into their bodies. This feeling never gets boring! Aymuss also then understood why Ye Cang wanted her to treat her believers with a sincere heart. I must work harder on training my talent and holy power! I must be the first in this team!

“Father, I’ve gotten the copyright from our HappyFirmament’s Entertainment Company. Consolidating those we previously recorded, we could publish a digital album already! I think the sales will be good. Besides, AV has a factory for the merchandise and the company is quite big so he’s gonna deal with it…” Little Ye Tian had registered a few companies after establishing HappyFirmaments, including HappyFirmaments Endless Entertainment.

“Very good. But AV, I thought you’re the owner of a pub?” Ye Cang smiled.

“My family does modifications of dolls and molds for a living. Managing the pub is just my personal hobby,” AV replied.

“I think it's a brand that manufactures inflatable dolls and sex toys, am I right?” Lil'Wang sort of knew what the brand's specialties were.

“Are you looking down on inflatable dolls? Do you know that there are so many stories that have blood and tears involved behind the scenes? Each of them is the fallen angel…” AV said as he looked at the far end.

“This brand… Brother! Isn't it the brand of the blonde 36G inflatable girlfriend Lulu which we saved our money by stinging on food to buy last year?” AV's company logo rang a bell in Zhang Zhengxiong’s memory. He then stared at AV with an aggressive expression, “You black-hearted businessman! That was half a month of our savings! And we didn’t get any discounts!”

“......” AV, SpyingBlade, and Lil'Wang were dripping cold sweat. Wait! You three idiots shared the same inflatable doll?! Wow, you guys are definitely the Three Brothers from Really New Village…

“Oh, Lulu? I sure miss her… I remember that she would also be there waiting for us in the shower, smiling and staring at…” Ye Cang recalled his great memories.

“Yeap, Lulu is very good. Even though she might leak out some air sometimes, make some weird squeaky noise and say some weird stuff, she… she is still very good.” Lin Le got a little emotional, “But only until Nana discovered her in the washroom. It's my fault for not hiding her well…”

Wu Na then noticed the three of them staring at her in resentment and walked to them. “What's the matter?”

“Give Lulu back to us! ” Ye Cang shouted.

“Still thinking about that rough factory-made inflatable shit? Its eyes were already broken. As I was in the toilet, I heard a voice ‘Fck me.’ God damn it, it scared the hell out of me. Her hair was messy and scary and she looked so gross that I threw her into the furnace the moment I got out.”

“That’s so cruel…” Lil'Wang once had a doll named Barbara.

“When we saw Lulu screaming and crying in the fire, the sour feeling just...It was beyond words,” Lin Le’s ahoge dropped.

“F*ck me. F*ck. Ahh~~” Wu Na was imitating the icy-cold animatronic voice of the doll. “Don't you guys think it’s scary?”

“Shut up! You cold-blooded murderer!” Ye Cang accused her.

“That's right! That's right!”

“Scholarship… po..pocket money.” Wu Na pulled a long face.

“Yeap, it's a right choice to burn it.” Lin Le immediately nodded as his ahoge stood straight. Ye Cang then smacked his head from the back. “Do you have a stand?! Argh, forget it. Nothing can be done now.”

“......” Wu Na rolled her eyes.

Ye Cang let the three Goddesses of Nature interact with (and seduce) the audience and Aymuss quickly followed. Since she did it quite well, it made the three of them feel insecure. Meanwhile, Assenroche was not used to these kinds of actions so she just floated around coldly. She was helpless when she stared at the people who were shouting her name loudly. I only know how to wait for people to worship me in the shrine. She then looked at Ye Cang and he sort of understood her doubts. “Love you guys yo~”

“......” Assenroche was stupefied for a second and kept silent. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Ye Cang staring at her with a smile as if he was saying, ‘You can do it! An endless belief power is waiting for you.’ Since I’m on the team, I’ll just do it! She then shouted back. “Love you guys yo~”

An explosive-like electrifying wave and the arcanic music blasted out and everyone was mesmerized.

“Well, I’m gonna go offline for a second to check on something. And my pants are all wet and stick…” a random pervert man said.

“Don’t blame yourself. Even I, a girl, would also… *cough* *cough* Anyway, I insist to join Lord Assenroche’s team! That voice is not something those DJs in the clubs could imitate!” a one-eyed female swordsman told the rest.

Assenroche’s unique voice also made the other four goddesses feel the pressure as all of them had their own goals.

LordAsked who was at the edge of the stage mumbled, “What’s the difference between this and an idol group?”

“To be honest, there is no difference. The only difference is that this is made up of goddesses… and they have strong powers.” VastSea smiled.

“It’s just a win-win situation…” CloudDragon summarized.

“Brother, that electrifying voice is so special. When we’re offline, let’s go master…” Not being able to finish the sentence, LordAsked’s fist landed hard on Ji Xiao’s face. Seeing LordAsked punishing Ji Xiao, the others sighed. These two brothers...

“I’m getting so pissed.” LordAsked was helpless as he saw Ji Xiao log out.

“Xiaoxiao is acceptable already, don’t set your expectations too high,” NalanPureSoul smirked.

LordAsked remained silent but rolled his eyes. He then opened his mouth to say something but words could not get out of his mouth. Moments later, he finally managed, “Come to my place this weekend. Old man misses you.”

NalanPureSoul nodded without saying a word.

CloudDragon knew that they were related. LordAsked and NalanPureSoul shared the same father but the two families refused to admit. Their relationship was complicated, especially when LordAsked’s father - Ji Duanxuan and NalanPureSoul’s mother - NalanHeart had a long history. CloudDragon was told only recently by his mother. Well, it looks like NalanPureSoul and LordAsked just got to know it too. Or else, they won’t be this awkward. It’s probably because the two families have a closer relationship now. But this matter would never be revealed as both families are well-established and hold high ranks in society. He then recalled his childhood partners from the Ten Great Families. We’ve all become opponents, especially LordAsked. It looks like we’re incompatible with each other in terms of life. He then shook his head. “I’m going back to the hotel.”

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