Waiting For You Online

Chapter 215

“There is a saying that there is no absolute number one in gay, as pure number one will make himself zero for the person that he likes, but a straight guy is different. The straight guy only wants to do the person he likes, so in other words, I just want to do you…” Qin Yang bit He Jin’s shoulder and grinned, “and you can only be conquered by me.”

He Jin, “why?”

Qin Yang, “because I’ve waited for you for so long, and you’ve owed me so much!”

He Jin had nothing more to say, and he started hiding, “I really can’t do it anymore tonight.”

Qin Yang snorted softly and let him go, “rest assured. In the future, I’ll take it back bit by bit.”

He Jin, “…”

The next day, the press conference went well. After the conference, He Jin met the smart baby who was imported with Dumpling’s memory. The smart baby’s touch was similar to Dumpling in the game. It was soft and it had a lower temperature than human beings.

The moment the baby opened his eyes and said “baba”, He Jin felt indescribably touched, he felt that the game and the reality were completely integrated.

Although there was no need to register an account, he finally had a “baby” and the three finally looked like a “family”. Now, their apartment really seemed too small. They had to start making plans to move out.

On the weekend, Qin Yang found a moving company and packed up a few of the furniture in the original place to the high-end apartment.

It’s an area of ​​nearly 300 square meters, there were bedrooms and two halls, with a study room, a private gym, a nanny’s room and a terrace garden…The living conditions of the new home were so ideal that even He Jin found it a bit hard to adapt. He really couldn’t understand how Qin Yang could tolerate living with him in that small place for several months.

He Jin heard that there were quite many celebrities living in the same building. When he first entered the elevator of his new home, He Jin saw a familiar face, and it was a rather weird scenario.

It was an actor which appeared in an 8pm show that his mother often watched. He’s a comedian. At that moment, when he was still wondering if it’s the same person, he nodded to Qin Yang.

“Hello, Mr. Xu.” Qin Yang also said hello to the man, then introduced He Jin proactively, “he’s my boyfriend, He Jin.”

The man’s over forty and still looked charming. He glanced at He Jin calmly but still slightly surprised. Perhaps he hadn’t expected Qin Yang to introduce his same sex partner so openly. However, he’s used to seeing different things and he acted pretty naturally. He asked He Jin and pointed to Dumpling that he was holding, “what is this?”

Dumpling blinked his eyes twice, looking at He Jin.

He Jin whispered, “call Uncle.”

Dumpling said obediently, “uncle~”

The man couldn’t hold back and yelled out of surprise, “oh my god! This thing can actually speak?”

The actor had very vicious facial expressions. When he’s calm, one usually couldn’t tell, but when he’s not, He Jin couldn’t help but burst into laughter after seeing how he looked at that moment.

He twitched his mouth and explained, “this is a robot baby ….”

Qin Yang told the actor about “smart babies” and told him about his company.

The man nodded his head thoughtfully and said, “oh, I can’t keep up with technology of these days anymore, but this robot really looks quite interesting…Hey! Look! This kid is even still blinking at me. How much is this one?”

Qin Yang, “at present, the price of the basic version of the first generation of one smart baby is one million.”

The man was surprised, “oh! That’s not cheap at all!”

Qin Yang pointed at Dumpling, “however, this is unique, as he’s our son.”

The man stared at this weird family of three with confusion, shook his head and finally walked out of the elevator. He seemed to be thinking, “it’s really hard to understand young people these days.”

When He Jin called his family, he told his mother about this incident. She sounded pretty excited and said that she had to come over and have a look.

However, He Jin was sure that the actor had already perceived him and Qin Yang as weirdos…

Everything was settled, and the life of the family of three finally started.

He Jin and Qin Yang worked together to set up some simple procedures for Dumpling, such as heating up soymilk. Qin Yang would prepare fresh soybeans in advance and Dumpling would put them into the blender after waking up in the morning. Also, Dumpling was responsible in managing the floor-sweeping robot and washing machine robot at home.

After a busy day, the two were pretty exhausted. They were ready for bed after taking a shower. Qin Yang asked He Jin, “do you want Dumpling to wake us up tomorrow?”

“I think so, we’ve always woke up late these days.” He Jin yawned and reminded Dumpling, “baby, can you wake daddy up at 8am tomorrow?”

“Baby will remember to do so!” Dumpling shook his fist, looked at him and asked, “is baba going to bed now?”

He Jin, “yes, why don’t you go to bed too, baby?”

Dumpling looked at He Jin pitifully, “can baby sleep with baba?”

He Jin & Qin Yang, “…”

This baby was quite different from what they’d imagined.

After cruelly rejecting Dumpling’s request, He Jin and Qin Yang were lying on the bed with a bit of anxiety.

It seems that He Jin hadn’t gotten used to the new bed, and he didn’t sleep very well. Qin Yang was the same. Both woke up very early. Soon after Qin Yang woke up, he held He Jin and started kissing him, thinking to be intimate with him first thing in the morning. When they were in the middle of it, someone opened their door.

At 8am sharp, Dumpling came in promptly. It yelled happily, “baba~wake up now~today is a sunny day and the outdoor temperature is 9 degrees Celsius. Baba~get up quickly~”

Qin Yang, “…”

Dumpling seemed to have understood what his fathers were doing. It immediately covered its face, went to a side and switched itself into standby mode.

He Jin, “…”

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