Warlock of the Magus World

Chapter 11

Cross Slash

Leylin was shocked by its strength after using his sword to strike away the direwolf's claw.

The cross blade drew a brilliant arc. Immediately afterwards, following the path calculated by the A.I. Chip, he pierced out towards the direwolf opposing him.

Piercing attack!

The cross blade technique was a secret technique passed down through the Farlier family, and the key point was to use a powerful centrifugal force to strike at the enemy.

At that moment, Leylin used his waist to exert power. The cross blade in his hands whistled as it pierced through the air and slammed towards the direwolf.


Leylin felt the cross blade pierce through its flesh, and it seemed as though the cross blade in his hands was firmly stuck in the direwolf. The sheer impact of the blow caused him to tremble, and he tried to retract the cross blade.

"He!" Leylin yanked his hands backwards. The cross blade was pulled out violently, causing fresh blood to gush out wildly!

The direwolf opposing him screamed miserably. It turned out that Leylin's sword attack earlier had just happened to pierce into the direwolf's foreleg, its weakness. The direwolf hopped backwards in retreat, and one claw seemed to have already been rendered useless.

Seeing the direwolf escaping, Leylin's eyes flashed once, but he didn't pursue it.

"Most of the pressure has been taken on by the black-robed Knights. If I run out of the defensive perimeter to chase it, that would be tantamount to me committing suicide. Anyways, an injured direwolf will not be able to attack us again. It'll probably die after a while, or... end up as its companion's meal!"

"Well done!" George praised loudly from closeby. At this moment, George also had traces of blood on his body. His attack posture was confident and elegant, and it looked as if he was performing rather than killing. However, he still carried an unparalleled level of strength! He was actually going up against two direwolves and was still not at a disadvantage.

"The secret sword techniques passed down through noble families really aren't ordinary!" Leylin thought casually before he once again directed his gaze towards the direwolf pack in front of him.

The tragic fighting between man and direwolf continued on for half an hour. The sun slowly set, and darkness descended upon the grass plains.

At the moment, the eyes of the direwolves were giving off an aquamarine glow. The entire campground had an eerie feel as it seemed to be surrounded by a crowd of aquamarine eyes.

"Hah... hah" Leylin gasped for breath. He now looked as if he had been fished out of a pool of blood. His face was still covered with it, but he lacked the time to even wipe it off.

Even with the A.I. Chip allowing him to use the most efficient methods to kill or injure the direwolves, he still felt heavily drained from the effort.

"If even I'm like this, there's no need to speak about the other acolytes. Only the black-robed Knights still have energy to spare, but even they will probably be unable to last much longer. In this situation, why haven't the white robe Magi acted yet?"

Leylin glanced over and saw that there was an empty space amidst the female acolytes at the center of the campsite. Three white robed people were sitting there, giving off chilling auras. None of the surrounding acolytes dared to be within three metres of them.

As for the direwolves surrounding the defensive ring, they had already lost one-third of their number. However, the number of defending acolytes at the front line had also greatly decreased; most had been injured and were under the care of the girls behind.

"If I was the direwolf king, the current losses would be enough to make me give up! There should be one final wave of vicious attacks remaining!"

Leylin's sword flickered as it cut the leg of a direwolf. At the same time, he took the opportunity to pull out several berries. He tossed them into his mouth and chewed twice before swallowing.

These were the useful plants he had collected along the journey. They could quickly replenish the body's energy, but he was running out of them.

"Aowuuuuuu!" Shrill wolf calls sounded, but this time, they carried a different meaning.

The direwolf pack became more frenzied as it heard the wolf calls. It charged forward without any regard for their lives.

"It's here, the final wave!" Leylin's eyes shifted. He brandished the cross blade in his hand as he advanced.

Bang! Leylin felt a great force run through his hand, and the cross blade almost flew out of his hands.

"The direwolves before us seem to be two times bigger than the others!" Leylin relaxed the muscles in his numbed arm, "A.I. Chip, scan the direwolves in front of me!"

[Direwolves. Strength: 2.3 Agility: 4.1 Vitality: 3.1. Description: In a direwolf pack, there will always be those whose bodies are significantly larger than those of the same race. These will be chosen to be the bodyguards for the head of the wolves. They usually have greater strength than the others of the same race, and at the same time, undying loyalty to the head of the wolves!]

This was a paragraph that the previous bratty Leylin had read from a random atlas at some point, and it was now retrieved by the A.I. Chip.

"How amazing, looks like the head of the direwolves is also making a big investment this time!" Leylin thought, before going forward to tussle with the huge direwolves again.

He had been a scientist in the previous world, and had thought that he was no longer hot-blooded. But now, being in this primitive society and killing the direwolf pack made Leylin feel as if something had aroused in his body, making his blood boil.

"This is unlike the peace in my previous world; these beast-like instincts are needed for a being's survival!" Leylin realised.

"Haha! Come! Come!" Leylin had already trained the breathing technique passed down in his family to a very profound level. Now, he only needed the enlightenment gained from killing in order to stimulate his life force and become a true Knight!

"Kill!" Leylin's eyes had a hint of red to them as he began to fight madly with the direwolf.

At this moment in time, he finally let go completely. In every sword stroke, he vented the dread of his death in the previous world and the unease of entering a foreign world.

"Hah!" Leylin's eyes flashed as he fought the direwolf, seemingly having comprehended something.

The cross blade in his hands hacked downwards, bringing a silver light with it.

As it slashed towards the ground, Leylin's body twisted, and strength was exerted from his powerful waist muscles. With the great centrifugal force of the cross blade, he made another horizontal slash!

The cross blade itself seemed to be releasing a dim light. The two slashes seemed to fuse together, forming a radiant cross!

Cross blade technique: secret killing move-Cross Slash!

A Killing Move was something that had the essence of several killing techniques inside, using a profound skill level to raise one's killing ability.

Although it couldn't compare to the Knight secret skills that increased all stats, preparatory Knights who possessed a killing move could still threaten a true Knight with life force!

The cross blade viciously slashed the direwolf's body and opened a large wound in the shape of a cross. The direwolf whined as fresh blood sprayed out continuously.

"Now!" Leylin's eyes shone as he charged forward.

Advance! Jump slash!

The cross blade swung past, and the direwolf's huge head was sent flying!

The surrounding direwolves jumped in fright, and the attack slowed down. Even the surrounding black-robed Knights looked over in shock.

Leylin felt a sense of contentment as he stepped on the giant direwolf's head, and he couldn't help but roar.

"Huuu...... I've already vented, so it's time to retreat!"

After roaring, Leylin didn't choose to go forward to kill again but instead turned around to return to the defensive perimeter. This allowed a well-rested defender to take over his position.

"I'm not an idiot. The Killing Move just now was too exhausting, and I've already vented out all the negative emotions in my heart. I should save some strength for self-protection."

Leylin received a bottle from a girl with trembling hands and began to drink with big gulps.

By drinking water, he managed to conceal his eyes which were exuding intelligence. "I have killed the highest number of direwolves besides the black robes. With this, no one can force me to enter the battlefield again. Next, I must maintain my strength, and witness the white robes' actions at the same time!"

Based on the collected figures, the A.I. Chip calculated that there was a 98% chance of a slip up by the black robes. The direwolf pack would thus break through the perimeter, and casualties would appear among the acolytes. At that point, no matter how much the white-robed Magi wanted to stay out of this, they would have to act.

"Aowuuuu!" With the non-stop howling from the head direwolf hidden amidst the direwolf pack, the direwolf pack's charge became more aggressive. The ones that appeared now were the giant bodyguard direwolves. The throat of the frontmost acolyte was torn out, and he toppled over.

"We can't wait any longer! Activate your secret skills!" The black robe Angelo shouted.

At that moment, the black robes released crackling sounds as their muscles continuously expanded. At first glance, their overgrown muscles made them look like small giants.

"It's appeared! The secret skills of the Knights!" Leylin's eyes didn't blink. "A.I. Chip, collect data!"

[Beep! Task Established, Data Collection in progress!]

[Knight secret skill (strength type?): After activation, vitality, strength and defense increase, agility decreases! In the middle of data collection for circulation path of life energy, 43% recorded. Remaining information insufficient, unable to analyse!]

Looking at the screen in front of his eyes, Leylin felt some regret, "I still can't understand how the life force of Knights is activated! But if I have a Knight-level guinea pig to dissect, then I might just be able to understand........"

As for the black-robed Knights who had activated their secret skills, not only did their muscle strengths increase, their defenses seemed to have increased as well. The giant bodyguard direwolves still needed to be avoided, but the Knights used the giant sword to hack at the forehead of the normal direwolves despite being cut by their claws.

But with the increase in giant bodyguard direwolves, a direwolf had finally managed to slip through a gap and charge into the crowd of acolytes.

"Ah! Save me!" "Daddy! Mummy!" "I don't want to die yet!"

The sound of various cries and screams resounded through the air and the campsite turned into utter chaos.

"In the end, they're just a bunch of thirteen and fourteen-year-old kids!" Leylin sighed.

"Aowuuuu!" As if by chain reaction, another giant direwolf broke through their defenses, landing within the area occupied by the Furze Alliance.

"Leylin! Come and kill it with me!" George's neck was wrapped up in gauze. It wasn't known which noble family's young lady wrapped it. Not only was it thickly wrapped up, it was even knotted in a bow, the sight making Leylin want to laugh out loud.

"No need! Give me the crossbow!"

"This?" George removed the crossbow from his back, and passed it to Leylin, "I'm afraid there's no use! These mongrels have thick skin and flesh. If you can't hit their weak points........Oh! God! Dammit!"

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