Warlock of the Magus World

Chapter 12

Taking Action

[Calculation of wind speed and temperature in progress! Calculation of trajectory complete!]

Following the A.I Chip’s calculated trajectory, Leylin pulled the trigger of the crossbow.

“Whoosh!” The powerful crossbow bolt flew out, and the strong recoil caused Leylin’s arm to feel slightly numb.

“Pu!” The crossbow arrow entered through the left eye of the direwolf and exited out of its right eye. The direwolf howled twice, crumpling to the floor.

“The advantage I have with the A.I Chip in this kind of high-accuracy work is really too great! A crossbow isn’t like a bow; all you have to do is aim and pull the trigger. It’s so convenient!”

Leylin compared the differences between him swinging around the Cross Blade before, and using the crossbow. “It looks like I’m more suited towards long distance attacks. This is also much safer. It’s just that I still have no idea how to activate the Life Force of Knights. Could it be that experiencing a really tough battle is required?”

Leylin hadn’t used a crossbow earlier. The first reason for this was to vent. The second was to make an attempt at activating the Life Force of Knights. Unfortunately, he possessed the A.I Chip as one of his cards and had never been forced into a desperate life or death situation. Naturally, he was unable to experience the feeling of the Life Force that was activated in a desperate situation.

“Leylin! Good job!” George only responded now, and he patted Leylin on the shoulder.

“From today onwards, this crossbow is yours!”

“Thanks then!” Leylin smiled. Even if George hadn’t said anything, he would still have tried to obtain the crossbow.

“Oh! Leylin! Leylin has killed direwolves, lord Leylin! Lord Leylin! Quickly save us!”

At this point, more direwolves charged into the campsite, and students cried out towards Leylin.

With the benefit of George’s prior preparations, the losses on their side had been the least. With George and Leylin, these two experts who were preparatory Knights, it was considered the safest place apart from the area around the white robes.

“Hu!” Ourin sucked in huge breaths as he used a sword to block a direwolf that was leaping forward. A huge force was transmitted over, causing the Cross Blade in his hands to fly away.

“I am the successor of my house! I still haven’t enjoyed a lot of things! How could I die here?”

Ourin roared. Of his surrounding comrades two had already died. Among the remaining people, if they weren’t dead, then they had already escaped.

At this moment, shouts of “Lord Leylin!” could be heard, causing his eyes to shine.

“That’s right! The Furze Alliance still has strength, and Leylin was so impressive just now. He can definitely save me!”

Ourin didn’t hesitate anymore and began to run in that direction.

“Leylin! Lord Leylin! Save me!”

“Well!” Leylin readied the crossbow, hearing the sound and taking a look, “It’s Ourin after all!”

The current Ourin looked embarrassing. Not only had the Cross Blade been dropped, his whole body carried wounds and he was being closely pursued by a direwolf.

“It’s a pity! You’ve looked for the wrong person! Did you really think I would be so magnanimous?” Leylin’s mouth formed a grin.

“With the white-robed Magi here, I don’t dare to take my chances and secretly kill someone! But if it’s only not being able to save them in time, no one will have a reason to find trouble over that!”

Leylin looked at Ourin, showing a brilliant smile.

“He’ll save me! Definitely!” Ourin saw Leylin’s smile, and his heart relaxed. He continuously encouraged himself, increasing his running speed.

“Ohhhh! Noooo!” At that moment, Ourin despairingly saw Leylin shoot the crossbow, dealing with a direwolf on another side.

“How could you, how could you do this???” Ourin’s mind went blank for a moment and he tripped on a rock, falling onto the ground.

The direwolf behind him shot forward. Its teeth bit down and blood began to flow non-stop……

“Thanks!” On the other side, the girl saved by Leylin ran to him to thank him, “Thank you!”

“No need for thanks!” Leylin smiled. On the other side, Lilith looked at Leylin with her face red and lowered her head.

There was a whistling sound, and George looked at Lilith, directing a ‘you understand’ gaze towards Leylin.

“The situation is already like this, but your personality hasn’t changed, George!”

“Even if I fall into the abyss of death, you can’t stop the yearning I have for beautiful romances!” George used the tone of a martyr, speaking as if he was unafraid of death.

“You won’t die, the white robes are about to make their move!” Leylin rolled his eyes.

Even though the field was in chaos, the giant direwolves seemed to have an amazing sixth sense. They had never bothered the three white-robed Magi, forming a strange circle.

And amidst the noise, Leylin could still use the five senses that were strengthened by the A.I Chip to catch the conversation between the white-robed Magi. Perhaps they themselves had not even concealed it.

“Crow! Are we still not making our move? The acolytes have too many casualties, and that will lower our rating!” A woman’s voice sounded.

“Relax! Relax! I’ve been counting. Up until now, ten have died so far. The limit hasn’t been passed yet!”

A slightly cynical voice travelled over; it was a man’s voice.

“But it’s still reaching the limit, act quickly. I still need to determine the stability model for this technique! Dammit! The negative energy here is simply too high. It’s simply impossible to complete the construction of the ‘Tokerwuree!’”

“Then I’ll do it!” The white-robed man who hadn’t spoken before stood up.

“These mysterious Magi! The mysterious people rumored to be able to manipulate the forces of nature!” Leylin’s eyes stared at the white-robed man.

“All of you stupid and lowly beasts, you actually dare to bother the rest of the venerated lord Magi! Only death can be your eternal home!”

“Mazzerda —Karachi!”

With the chanting sounds of the white-robed man, Leylin’s ears heard the A.I Chip madly sounding out. [ALERT! ALERT! Discovered radiation source! Discovered negative energy field! Suggestion for Host to immediately evacuate far away!]

The bright red words were so obvious, but Leylin wasn’t frightened into retreating at all. He only repeatedly recalled the chanting of the white robed man.

“This doesn’t seem to be the language used on the continent, but an ancient one instead. It seems like quite the tongue twister, do Magi use this kind of language to chant?”

And as the white-robed man stood up, the surrounding direwolves retreated, as if they had met some kind of natural enemy.

“Secondary Energy Fireball!”

After the chant was completed, a floating fireball appeared in the man’s hand out of nowhere. According to the calculations of Leylin’s A.I Chip, this fireball was at least one thousand degrees and was actually causing the surrounding space to distort faintly.

The fireball left a blazing trail and landed on the direwolf’s heart.


“Not good! Quickly crouch down!” Leylin shouted loudly. Unfortunately, it was already too late. It didn’t matter whether it was the acolytes or the direwolves in the surroundings, everyone was sent toppling over.

A loud explosion resounded, bringing with it a wave of heat.

“Puff! Pui Pui!” Leylin got up from the ground, hurriedly spitting out the soil and grass in his mouth.

At this moment, he was covered in dirt, and looked like a person who had just crawled out of a muddy pit.

“According to the A.I Chip’s calculations, that area should have been where the head of the direwolves was positioned, sssss…….” Leylin climbed onto the horse carriage. He looked in the direction of the area attacked by the Magus just now and couldn’t help but suck in a sharp breath.

He could only see that where the fireball landed, there was now an additional pit of fire that was three metres in length and width, and two metres deep. As for the direwolves in that area, they had already become burnt charcoal.

The direwolves whimpered, before quickly escaping.

“He has the body of a human, and is able to attack to this extent! This, this is the strength of a Magus?” Leylin looked at the white-robed Magus, eyes burning with passion, “The strength of a Magus! I must obtain it!”

“Quickly! Clean up the battlefield!” The white-robed man said, ignoring the fervent gazes of the surrounding acolytes. He returned to his original place, where the two other Magi were.

When he passed by Ourin’s corpse, he stopped. He took a small golden pouch from Ourin’s bosom and placed it in his own bosom.

“This…..seems to be the bag Ourin used to store magic crystals!” Leylin pupils shrank.

“Evaluation! Boundary! magic crystals!” Leylin’s mind raced. “It looks like these Magi received a task, which was why they helped escort us, acolytes. It seems there was a death count quota that would’ve lowered their evaluation and decreased their rewards if they had passed it!”

“And it seems that I had slightly underestimated the value of magic crystals before. These white robe Magi let the acolytes die, most likely because they had planned to take away the magic crystals of the dead acolytes!”

“Luckily, now that the dead acolytes have reached the danger limit already, we’ll be safer from here on!”

After thinking it through clearly, Leylin’s face turned ashen, “This is the world of Magi? Logical to the point of cold-bloodedness! Cold to the point of apathy!”

“Everyone, quickly pack up so we can continue our journey. The smell of blood here will attract other predators!”

The black robed Knight Angelo took off the outer clothes that had been torn due to the activation of the secret skill. The sweat on his face flowed nonstop, and he was gasping for air, looking slightly weakened.

Leylin’s eyes flashed with light, “It looks like a price needs to be paid to activate the secret skill for Knights…”

“Hey! Leylin, look!” Just as Leylin was about to enter the carriage, George snuck over and surreptitiously pointed to the side.

On another black-coloured horse carriage, Bessita was hugging her legs as she sat. Her shoulder had bloody marks on it, and she looked like she had just gone through a crying session.

“Ourin has always been Bessita’s number one ‘flower guardian’. Now that that group is almost completely dead, Bessita’s situation isn’t looking very good!”

George said next to Leylin’s ear, with an expression that implied that Leylin’s chance had come.

“I’ve already lost interest in her! Anyway, we’re in such danger, can’t you control your lower half a little?”

Leylin didn’t really know what to say. He pointed to George’s collar, and on those clothes were marks from a girl’s lipstick. He really didn’t know when this beast had been able to fool around.

“Hehe….my brother, it’s only in this kind of dangerous moment that we preparatory Knights can show our might! And girls will always show goodwill towards the man who saved them. This is the most basic of techniques!”

George took out something that was similar to a handkerchief from his bosom, smugly showing his harvest. “Can you see? Just today, I’ve already won the goodwill of three ladies…..”

“Yeah….” Leylin had nothing to say.

When thinking of his playboy past, “It seems that the previous Leylin always used force when he met a girl he liked, seriously……”

“Alright, it’s time to set off!” Leylin saw the black-robed Knights gather the acolyte corpses together. They took out several magic crystals and passed them to the white-robed Magi, before hurriedly changing the topic.

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