Warlock of the Magus World

Chapter 6


"Imperial Knight Institute huh?"

Leylin knew that the Imperial Knight Institute was the best Knight's institute in the Sarad Kingdom where George had come from. Not only were they recruiting nobilities, the entry requirements were also extremely high. It was said that only geniuses would be accepted! "Sword techniques are only my hobby, but being a Magus is my lifelong dream!"

A Knight's strength may be great, but it was still comprehensible by Leylin's standards, not exceeding the boundaries. However, the Magi from rumours were able to manipulate the elements, including lightning and thunder. They also attained a great longevity!

A Magus's greatness obviously exceeded the boundaries of a human, and Leylin could not even imagine it.

Furthermore, every Magus is a scholar filled with knowledge. Magi had strict attitudes towards experimenting with the secular world. They tried to study the laws of nature in order to achieve a massive amount of power to use for themselves! This lifestyle was more compatible with Leylin's previous life as a scientist.

"Yes! Even if it is a Grand Knight, they can only be the servant of a Formal Magus. The strength a Magus holds is something that is impossible for us to imagine......"

George's face turned serious and spoke the words in a sing¬song tone.

"Why is it that no matter what words you say, I get the feeling that they were spoken by a bard......" Leylin rolled his eyes a little.

"Haha...... The reason I became like this is because my father sent me to court to undergo training for nobles!" George resumed his previous state.

Suddenly blinking his eyes, he said mischievously: "Leylin, you don't have a fiancee right?

Why don't I introduce my sister Molly to you! She is a beauty that is known far and wide......" "Scram!"

Under the moonlight, the two youths left the grasslands as they fooled around.

"Goodnight George!"

"Goodnight Leylin!"

After Leylin handed the cross blade to George and bid him farewell, he returned to the carriage.

The dimly lit carriage had only him inside. The interior of the carriage let off a very faint odour. The stench was a mixture of rot and sweat. Because of this, many noble youths refused to stay in the carriage any longer than necessary. Once they got to pit stops, they would escape to the grass fields outside like little wild horses coming out to play.

The concept of relationships in this world was very open-minded, all the more so for nobility. With the strong perception ability of the A.I. Chip, Leylin had discovered many affectionate couples around, which had led him to seek an even further location for him to train. Using his supervision eyesight to look at the wild battle scene, Leylin's heart burned in rage as this had made him recall the former memories of the spoilt brat.

"Who would have thought! After changing into a youngster's body, even my desires have increased......" Leylin smiled bitterly.

Calming his emotions, "A.I. Chip, show me my body's statistics!"

[Leylin Farlier. Strength: 1.5, Agility: 1.6, Vitality: 1.4, Status: Healthy]

It had been over a month since he first began practising the Knight breathing technique.

Right now, Leylin's body state had not only caught up to his peers of the same age but had also surpassed some. Against George, he had concealed his true strength, which had caused George to gauge his strength wrongly. "Not bad! I should proceed with today's cultivation!"

Leylin settled into a good posture and entered the state of cultivation. This was his homework every day. According to the A.I. Chip's instruction, after training at night, he should cultivate in the breathing technique again to have the best effects.

After 20 odd minutes had passed, Leylin was completely drenched in his perspiration, but the amount of black impurities that had flowed out were clearly less than before.

"Phew!" Leylin opened his eyes and looked at his body. He said in slight exasperation: "The breathing technique's effect is reducing, which is logical. According to the A.I. Chip's estimation, Farlier family's breathing technique, even after optimising will completely lose effect by the times I've enhanced my body's statistics to 2. This is the realm of Preparatory Knights. After this, I have I must use my own power, as well as the external stimulations from near death experiences, to attempt exciting the life energy. Only then will I be able to improve again......"

Thinking up to here, Leylin took out a yellow coloured fruit out from his pocket. There were some black spots on its surface, making it look quite horrifying.

Leylin directly placed it in his mouth, and then picked out a root of a herb, munching them together.

[Beep! The Host's body is slowly recovering from fatigue. It is possible to carry on with another round of the Knight breathing technique!]

The A.I. Chip's voice rang.

"That's great!" These herbal concoctions had been created by Leylin over the past month from countless experiments using the A.I. Chip. It could reduce his fatigue, and increase the number of times he could cultivate in the breathing technique daily.

With the addition of a few more body¬strengthening medicine, the quality of Leylin's physical body had improved at an extremely fast pace.

"Again!" Leylin once again entered the state for the breathing technique.

During the past month, the travelling party had already passed several small kingdoms.

Eventually, they had completely entered the wilderness.

There were very few people in the wilderness. It was only a desolate stretch of sand, with fresh markings from vicious beasts and horse mounted bandits.

Ever since the travelling party had first entered the area, they had already encountered danger several times. Although nobody had died, Leylin's sense of crisis had slowly grown stronger. He could not wait to quench his thirst for power.

When the rays of dawn shone brightly, the travelling party once again resumed its journey. Leylin sat alone in a corner with his arms crossed in front of his chest. The youths around him had all avoided him with disgust, allowing him to have quite a bit of space.

"I don't know what method Bessita used. The people in the carriage are still isolating me. If it were a regular youngster, this would've most likely driven them crazy ages ago! It's just too bad that they met me instead!"

Leylin contentedly stretched his back. He had trained late into the night yesterday, which had made him extremely exhausted. This empty space was sufficient for him to rest for a while. "However, this world sure is huge; the travelling party has been travelling for half a year, but they still have not reached their destination yet. We haven't seen the ocean yet either......"

As Leylin thought, he entered slumber with half closed eyes.

Ding ling ling!

At this time, the travelling party had already stopped. The black robed man shook the bell in his hands: "Ladies and gentlemen! It is time to get off the carriage to have lunch!" "It's that time again?" Leylin opened his eyes. "This kind of lifestyle is really boring!" After alighting the carriage and receiving his own portion of food, Leylin chewed on a piece of white bread as he walked towards the grassy area beside the camp site.

He had already used up the previously gathered substitute herbs, so he was preparing to restock.

As he walked, he casually observed the surrounding plants. "This is a Jade Root Fruit, there are already files of it in the database. It is useless to me!"

"Mn! Samun Grass, this is a kind of plant that can only be found in the wilderness. It can be harvested!" Leylin plucked a dirty, brown coloured stalk of grass. There were extremely sharp thorns on the grass's sides. Leylin carefully broke the blade in half and used his fingers to dab at the jade coloured liquid that had been constantly flowing out from the grass. An expression of disappointment appeared on his face as he placed his fingers in his mouth. "I found it, Flowerless Snake Fruit!" Leylin threw the Samun Grass on the ground. As he casually walked over, he noticed, through the corner of his eye, the same yellow coloured fruit that he had eaten yesterday, growing on a shrubbery. His face expressed happiness. "Hehe! What's this I see? Leylin! Should I be saying 'as expected from a minor noble of the village'? Are you actually eating wild fruits on the roadside? You have really tarnished the reputation of the nobilities......"

Just after Leylin had plucked the Flowerless Snake Fruit and placed it into his pocket, an annoying voice was heard.

"Is that Ourin?" Leylin raised his head and saw the murderer who had killed the previous host of this body.

Ourin had fiery red coloured hair, and there were ripped muscles all over his body. His arms were as thick as Leylin's thighs. He currently had his arms crossed in front of his chest as he smiled mockingly at Leylin.

There were a few nobility youths at his side, which had all coordinated to jest at him.

"A.I. Chip, scan their statistics!"

[Scan Complete! Ouri., Strength: 1.7, Agility: 1.2, Vitality: 1.5, Status: Healthy]

The A.I. Chip feedbacked.

Looking at the data in front of his eyes, Ourin's strength wasn't bad. His strength was almost as strong as two adult men. It was no wonder that he had been able to fatally injure the previous Leylin.

As a child of nobility, as long as they are able to endure sufferings and persevere in their training daily, coupled with the breathing technique, it is not strange to achieve such results. The nobles who were beside Ourin were not that strong; most of them were below 1. Leylin had even seen a pale¬faced youth whose stats ranged about 0.5, giving a run for the money for the previous Leylin.

Mentally calculating the stats, Ourin's strength did not differ much from his. But his sword technique and moves definitely couldn't rival Leylin's, as he had the help of the A.I. Chip. As for the rest of the youths, they were only there to increase their numbers. The disparity between his stats and theirs was too huge. It would be extremely easy to deal with them, like an adult bullying a child.

"Is there a problem?" Leylin asked his voice calm.

"You......" Leylin's reaction had obviously exceeded Ourin's expectations. He actually had no fury or fear, and that made him speechless.

"If it was the previous matter regarding Bessita, haven't I already apologised before? Bessita has also forgiven me......" Leylin added.

At the same time, his heart began to race; this could be a probe sent out by Bessita. After enduring for a whole month, had she finally been unable to endure any longer? "That's right! It's because of Bessita! She has forgiven you, but I haven't!" Ourin spoke loudly, his hands tightly clenched into fists.

"Alright! Then what do you want?" Leylin spread out his hands, as if helpless. However, there was a glint of mockery deep in his eyes.

Ourin hadn't imagined that Leylin would be so submissive, and struggled for a long time before spluttering: "You have to make an oath to never bother Bessita again in the future!" "Alright!" Leylin agreed immediately, and even placed his right hand on the crest pinned to his chest. The crest had a cross blade and a picture of a skylark on it, which was the emblem of the Farlier family!

"With my honour as a member of the Farlier family, I swear that I will never bother Bessita ever again on my own accord!"

Using a family's reputation to make a vow was the most serious oath a noble could take.

Those who had gone back on their words would meet with the disdain of all nobles. "So! Mister Ourin! Can I leave now?"

Leylin bowed slightly, with perfect noble's etiquette.

"Hold on!" It had not occurred to Ourin that Leylin would show no resistance, and at this point, his eyes contained an avaricious glint: "According to the noble's conduct, you still have to compensate. Hand over all the magic crystals that you have!" "Magic crystals!" The surrounding onlookers gasped in surprise.

"Magic crystals?" Leylin repeated. According to his memory, the magic crystals were a kind of currency between Magi. They were items of necessity for acolytes with no credentials to enter the academy.

Leylin did not know the exact amount required to enter an academy because he did not have even a single magic crystal on him. Viscount John had tried several methods to obtain magic crystals. However, he was unable to get even one. From this, one could see just how precious magic crystals were!

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