Warlock of the Magus World

Chapter 7


Leylin had been avoiding meaningless fights.

In his opinion, the fun of winning against others couldn't be compared to the fun of enhancing his strength through cultivation.

Moreover, there's no hatred between him and Ourin. He probably even needed to thank him for heavily injuring the original Leylin, which had given him a chance for rebirth.

Leylin was a practical person. To him, face was never more important than reasoning.

Even using the honor of his family to swear wasn't the slightest loss for him. However, Ourin's request after that had touched the bottom line.

"You......you can't do that! Those black robed lords won't let you off!"

Leylin tightly grabbed onto the sack on his hands with a frantic expression.

"Haha......why would those black robes barge into our matters? Don't forget, you were beaten half dead by me previously, and no one had paid it any mind."

Ourin clenched his fist, and clear cracking sounds could be heard from his bones, "If you don't want me to break your bones one by one, obediently hand the magic crystals over!"

As Ourin drew closer, his large frame engulfed Leylin within his shadow.

Leylin observed his surroundings; this location was already quite far from the camp. Around him were only some lackeys that had been brought by Ourin. They were all looking at them as if they were viewing a show.

"Don't bother looking, no one will come to save you......"

Ourin grinned.

"Really? That's best then!" Leylin suddenly laughed.

His silhouette flashed. When Leylin reappeared, he was already behind Ourin, "Perfect, I can take revenge for that day's incident!"

A fierce kick was thrown out! Carrying intense wind, it kicked into Ourin's waist area.

Ourin felt an intense force coming from Leylin's leg, sending his body into the air!

Bang! Ourin fell to the ground, severe pain coming from his waist which made his eyes turn slightly red, "You dared! You dared! You actually dared to hurt me!"

"You're dead! I will hang you!"

Ourin ferociously stood up, rays of blood-thirsty and savage light shooting out of his eyes.

"This is the advantage of having a good constitution?" Seeing that the kick that he used fifty percent of his strength for did nothing much to Ourin, Leylin's pupils shrank.

"Ha!" Ourin waved his fist around like a violent black bear.

Leylin flashed sideways, dodging Ourin's fist. When Ourin's fist landed on the small tree behind, it actually left a deep dent. A strength of 1.7 is indeed not a trivial matter.

"Such a heavy punch. Even with my constitution, I can't withstand more than a few punches......" Leylin swiftly thought.

"A.I Chip! Simulate the best method to defeat him!"

[Beep! Task established! Starting assist mode!] A voice came from the A.I Chip. Its powerful calculation ability instantly came up with the best solution.

[Duck! Task established! Initiating assist mode.] The A.I Chip prompted. Leylin immediately crouched down, dodging the roaring Ourin's tackle.

[A flaw appeared in enemy's defense! Most effective attacking location: Armpit!] The A.I Chip's voice sounded.

Leylin's figure continuously flashed, dodging Ourin's attacks while also getting closer. "Do you know? Although your strength is powerful, you're not agile enough. This is the disadvantage of your body shape......"

As Leylin could still speak when he's attacking, it showed that he was still holding back.

"This......is this still the Leylin from before? He......why has he become so much more powerful?" The surrounding youths all opened their mouths in shock.

Under the everyone's expressions of disbelief, Leylin threw out a punch! It hit Ourin's armpit with his entire strength. Ourin, who had suffered the attack, fell onto the ground with a pained expression, and couldn't get up for a long time.

Leylin's full strength was at least 1.5 and wasn't very different from Ourin's. Furthermore, the place that he had hit was also the weak spot. Ourin fell onto the ground, his eyes bloodshot as he growled, "You're dead for sure! My family will not let you off!"

"Oh! Really?" Leylin remained indifferent towards Ourin's threat, and even gave Ourin a kick in his lower abdomen. Ourin curled himself up, like a cooked prawn.

Leylin squatted down, looked at Ourin with a face full of smiles, "Since you won't let me off anyways, do you think that it would be better if I just made the first move and killed you?"

At that moment, Leylin's smile at Ourin looked like the devil's.

"He's not joking, he really dares to take action!" Ourin saw the killing intent in Leylin's eyes. Suddenly, he felt as though he was being stared at by a tiger. The anger within his head completely vanished and was replaced with fear.

"Mister Leylin! Lord Leylin! You can't do that! I......I have the Dorlan family behind me. If you kill me, you'll get yourself in trouble!"

"Then do you admit your wrongs!" Leylin issued a ridiculing question.

"I admit my wrongs! I apologize...... sorry!" Under the threat of death, Ourin succumbed quickly.

"Very good, I accept your apology. In addition, according to the law of nobility, I have the rights to request for compensation!"

Leylin said smilingly which gave Ourin a bad feeling.

"As compensation, hand all the magic crystals you have with you!" Leylin smilingly said those words of extortion.

"Oh! No! You can't do this! Do you know how many people have been sacrificed for my family to obtain these magic crystals?"

Ourin struggled to protest.

"Sometimes, it's just a simple multiple choice question in the world. Now, it's your turn. My dear Ourin, life or magic crystals, choose one!"

Leylin didn't seem to have any reaction to Ourin's begging. Instead, he stepped on Ourin's face, gradually increasing the amount of force he exerted.

The boots stepping on Ourin's face sent his head further and further into the ground, giving a suffocating feeling.

After a few minutes, Leylin released some of the pressure, "So? Have you thought through it properly?"

"Puah!" Ourin inhaled the fresh air in big mouthfuls. His face was now covered with mud and footprints, making him look hilarious.

However, none of the surrounding youths dared to smile.

One of the youths slowly began to retreat, wanting to leave this place.

Leylin picked up a pebble, [Wind estimation completed! Shooting orbit adjusted!]

Whoosh! The pebble hit the escaping youth's leg, sending him sprawling on the ground.

"Ourin, see that? Don't bother waiting for reinforcements......Furthermore, don't try to challenge my patience!"

Leylin looked at the surrounding youths. Those who had Leylin's gaze sweep past them all lowered their heads, their bodies trembling.

"Okay! I can give you the magic crystals! But I left them in the carriage! Follow me back to get them!" Ourin said in surrender.

"magic crystals are so important. You don't bring them with you, but leave them at the carriage,? Are you treating me like a fool?"

Such childish lies naturally couldn't get pass Leylin.

"It seems like you haven't had enough!" A ray of fierceness flashed across Leylin's eyes. He grabbed onto Ourin's arm and suddenly gave it a snap!

Crack!! Ear piercing sounds of fracture could be heard, followed by Ourin's miserable scream.

"If you still refuse to speak the truth, I'll break your other arm!"

"No! No! No! You can't do this, the black-robed lord won't let you off!" Ourin clutched onto his arm, rolling on the ground.

"Haha......why would those black robes barge into our matters? Did you forget that I was beaten half dead by you previously, and no one paid any mind to it?"

Leylin coldly smiled, sending Ourin's words back to him.

"Seems like you're really yearning for death!" Leylin was just about to go up and take action.

"Wait! Wait! Fine! I'll give you the magic crystals, but you have to swear that you will not take revenge on me anymore!" Ourin shouted with a pale face as he saw Leylin approaching him.

"Okay! I swear with the honor of my Farlier family!" Leylin answered.

Ourin's face turned green. Struggling to a half seated position on the ground, he took out a golden coloured pouch from his bosom and tossed it at Leylin, "All my magic crystals are here!"

Leylin took it and gave it a look. This was a palm-sized pouch made with gold and silver threads. In the center of it was a picture of an eagle and a shield, surrounded by many plants. It appeared to be a family symbol.

Leylin opened the pouch and saw over dozens of black coloured crystals quietly lying there.

[Beep! Discovered an unknown energy source!] The A.I Chip alerted.

"So? Can it be used?" Leylin had an excited expression on his face.

[Searching the database......information insufficient! The method of usage not found!"

[Alert! An energy source with unknown radiation. Recommendation: The Host's body to strengthen defense!]

"So it's like this?" Leylin inwardly thought, then turned to Ourin and asked, "Which academy are you going to?"

"Wet......Wetland Gardens!" Ourin had an ugly expression on his face.

"Wetland Gardens! I've heard before that the entry fee is ten magic crystals, right?"

"Correct! Where did you hear it from?" Ourin was a little surprised.

Leylin faintly smiled, looking a little mysterious. He had never heard of any Wetland Gardens before and was only bluffing Ourin since most of the school fees were basically all in rounded figures. It wasn't a big deal if he guessed it wrongly anyway.

"Okay! I'll return it to you!" Leylin took out three magic crystals from the pouch and tossed the pouch with the magic crystals back at Ourin.

"These three magic crystals will be my compensation!" Although he could take all the magic crystal now, Leylin is still unsure of the attitudes of the black and white robes on this matter. He also doesn't want to use himself to test out their bottom lines. Thus, he left Ourin the sufficient amount of magic crystals for the entry fee. That way, even if they quibbled about it, Leylin had an excuse.

"Tha......thank you!" Ourin's facial expression turned a lot better. If he were to lose all of these magic crystals and wasn't unable to enter the academy, he really didn't know how he'd face his family.

"Rest assured! I won't take your magic crystals!" Leylin raised his head and looked at the surrounding nobles, who all had their hands tightly clenched into fists. Seeing this, Leylin couldn't help shaking his head.

"Thank you, Lord Leylin!" Hearing Leylin's assurance, the other youths all felt relieved and immediately bowed.

"But! I want to request other compensation!" Leylin looked at a youth, the one that tried to escape but had been knocked down.

"The Cross Blade at your waist looks pretty nice!" Leylin looked at the youth, who looked a little frightened. Leylin then pointed to the Cross Blade at the youth's waist.

Having heard the hint, the youth hastily replied, "Lord, you can have it!"

"Haha! I won't hold back then!" Leylin took the Cross Blade from the youth. After gauging its weight, he nodded his head in satisfaction.

As a noble's sword, the quality of this crossed sword was excellent.

The hilt of the sword was decorated with beautiful flower patterns to prevent it from slipping from the hand. The scabbard was made from the skin of sharks, giving it a luxurious feeling.

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