Warlock of the Magus World

Chapter 8


"So the method of distinguishing time is very similar to the past!

Leylin thought inwardly to himself as he messed around with the crystal pocket watch in his hand.

The surface of the crystal pocket watch had fine workmanship, with twenty-four small frames inside. Each frame represented an hour.

Not only did he extort a weapon from Ourin's lackeys, but also spoils of war worth thousands of gold coin. This pocket watch was contributed by a small fatty.

As for the revenge from their family, the Dorlan family that Ourin belonged to was from the Bourbon Kingdom, which was a few kingdoms away from Viscount John's territory. Furthermore, the relationships between the two kingdoms were already in a state of hostility.

Not to mention that time it took to become a Magus was at least a few years, and even sending letters back and forth would also take at least a few years.

Leylin only gave it a little thought before throwing the matters between him and Ourin's family to the back of his head.

"This time, I've really made a profit! Furthermore, the magic crystals are the currency among Magi, so they are very useful for acolytes!"

Leylin took out a magic crystal and flipped it around in his palm. It emitted a steady, cold feeling.

According to the calculation of the A.I Chip, although this magic crystal had some slight radiation, the effect it had towards the body seemed to be positive. It could enhance the body's vitality.

"But! Ever since the news about me defeating Ourin spread, everyone's attitude towards me has changed. Should I say that this is a world that respects the strong?"

It had already been two days since the previous incident, and the battle results with Ourin had spread among the nobility teenagers.

Especially the scene of him breaking Ourin's arm while smiling, it had become the nightmare of those teenagers present. When Ourin returned, he immediately hid in his carriage and tended to his injuries. As for those nobility teenagers, they trembled the moment they saw Leylin and quickly ran away.

"Hi! Leylin, do you want to play together?

A nobility girl from the same carriage came over and asked. She wore nobility attire, wearing something similar to stockings in Leylin's previous life on her long legs, giving off an alluring charm.

The custom of this world was to respect the strong. Now, Leylin felt that the atmosphere in the carriage was much better, and the others didn't try to go against him either.

Moreover, several other nobility girls also extended invitations to him.

This girl was in the same carriage with him, her name is Lilith.

"Thanks! But, I have friends coming!" Leylin said apologetically.

"Ooh! I must have been interrupting! I'll invite you, later on, Jasmine and a few others are also interested in you!"

The long-legged girl tenderly smiled, raised her skirt, and made a noble's greeting, extending a tempting invitation.

"Girls nowadays are really maturing early!"

Leylin bitterly smiled in his heart.

"Haha......what did I just see? How many times has our young master Leylin been invited by girls?" An exaggerated voice came.

"How can I be compared to you? 'Satin Gold Mane Lion', your great name has spread among the female circles in the entire carriage!" Leylin rolled his eyes.

"Didn't you want to avoid me so as to not be isolated from everyone, are you no longer afraid of that?" Leylin looked at George who was the approaching .

"You're the hot topic in the camp now! Many girls have interest towards you. That Lilith earlier wasn't bad either. I can guarantee you that if you just put your heart into it, you'll be able to take her down in three days!"

George laughed, "Furthermore, I have to congratulate you on your successful revenge!" With a wave of his hand, a glass bottle drew an arc in the air and was caught by Leylin.

Opening the oaken stopper, a fruity aroma mixed with a tinge of alcohol drifted out, causing Leylin to subconsciously take a deep breath.

"Apple wine! I haven't drank much of this in these few months!"

"Correct! Furthermore, it's a speciality from our federation. It wasn't easy for me to have kept it hidden till now!" George opened the wine bottle in his hand.

"To our Leylin! Cheers!"

"Cheers!" Leylin smiled. Wine bottles knocked onto each other and emitted a clear sound.

"Also, thank you!" Leylin said sincerely.

George had the strength of a preparatory Knight, and with his leadership status amongst this bunch of nobility youths, if he had taken any slight action earlier on, he could have easily settled Ourin.

However, he cared about Leylin's emotions and only helped Leylin increase his strength secretly. Besides that, he had hidden their relationship so that Ourin would provoke Leylin without any second thoughts. Finally, he helped Leylin complete his revenge.

This protected his pride as a noble very well.

From this, Leylin could see his meticulousness and his ability to take care of others' feelings.

"This is no longer about winning the hearts of people, but about using sincerity to move them. I should say that it's really worthy of Satin Gold Mane Lion's family, leader of the Furze Alliance!" Leylin thought inwardly.

"No need for thanks! We're all members of the Furze Alliance, how could I have turned a blind eye at you being bullied by those northerners!" George laughed, downing all of his apple wine in one gulp.

"Pity! Now that we're deeper and deeper into the wilderness, we haven't been passing by any large cities for a long time now. Even supplies are hard to find!"

George seemed to have recalled the taste of the apple wine and had some regret.

"Right! We're going to organize a barbeque banquet; it'll be for our Furze Alliance. Do you want to join?"

George extended an invitation.

"Of course! It'd be my pleasure!" Leylin smiled and responded. With his identity as a noble from the Furze Alliance, he could only join this circle.

At times when one's strength was still weak, joining circles was also a method to protect one's safety.

It was deep in the night. The sky was filled with shining stars, pulling a silver veil over the ground.

Inside the camp, groups of young men and girls all sat together, circling the campfire as they laughed and messed around. It was very lively.

After a few months of living together, they had gotten closer to one another.

"Come, Leylin, I'll introduce the both of you to each other. This is Yarfuan, Viscount Normier's descendent!"

"Nice to meet you! I've heard lots about you trashing Ourin!" Yarfuan stretched his hand out as he smiled.

"Nice to meet you!" A genuine smile was drawn on Leylin's face as he shakes Yarfuan's hand.

"These are the sisters, Gwen, and Gwylith, they are your admirers!" George led Leylin in a circle around the campfire, introducing him.

"Nice to meet you! Mister Leylin!" The sisters looked exactly the same. They each had a pair of glittering aquamarine eyes, identical voices, and some red blush on their faces.

"Nice to meet you, beautiful ladies! It's an honor to meet you!" Leylin placed his hand on his chest and did a noble's greeting.

Seeing the two girls blushing as they ran, George looked like he was about to faint.

"Brat! You're blessed! The two of them seem to be interested in you! They are twins! Twins!" George's hands were dancing around as he said this, with some heartache.

"Okay! I believe that in a time when supplies are starting to decline, you should have another purpose to organizing this banquet, and not just simply to search for lovers!"

Leylin said.

As for his personal needs, he was still able to restrain them. Although he didn't mind letting them out, that also depended on the location.

"It's good that you're able to see this point!" George said. The smiling expression on his face disappeared and was replaced with a leader's presence.

He strode to the center of the area and banged the silver spoon in his hand.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Sorry to bother you for awhile, but please shift your gazes over here!"

George's prestige was still rather high among this group of people. The surrounding crowd all stopped what they were doing and shifted their gazes to the center.

"Firstly! I would like to welcome a new comrade joining us! He's Leylin!" George announced in a loud voice and clapped.

"Pa Pa Pa!" An intense, wave-like clapping sound could be heard from the surroundings.

Leylin got up and made a greeting towards the surroundings.

"Okay!" George waved his hand, stopping the clappings and continued, "I set up this small alliance to guarantee that every single acolyte from our Furze Alliance would safely reach the academy and become a well-respected Lord Magus. And now, fellow comrades, trouble has arisen and it is time for us to work together!"

George's expression turned a little solemn, and even his tone was grave. Being infected by him, the surrounding atmosphere also became a little quiet. Only George's voice still echoed in the air.

"We are nearly out of the wilderness and are about to enter the Great Plains of Death. This is the last stage of our journey, and also the most dangerous part!"

"Great Plains of Death?" Leylin was surprised, and immediately searched through his original memories.

According to the memories in the A.I Chip, the current continent that Leylin was in was very vast, filled with many kingdoms and without a united name.

Originally, the Furze Alliance that Leylin joined belonged to the southeast corner of the continent. They seemed to be one of the first batches of students. The travelling party had headed North, passing through many dukedoms and kingdoms, and now already reached the north side of the continent.

After passing through the wilderness, there was a long patch of narrow plains. Opposite the plains was rumored to be an ocean.

And this piece of plains was filled with all sorts of dangers, and had always been a restricted zone for humans! Rumor was that the plains were filled with all sorts of beasts; even the most ferocious bandits didn't dare to enter the plains. Every part of the plains was filled with corpses of mercenaries, adventurers, and travelers!

Right now, the Magus acolyte-filled travelling party was about to pass through this Great Plains of Death, to the coastline.

"With the protection of the black robed and white-robed Lords, we'll definitely be able to pass through it!" A fat boy said as the crowd went into an uproar.

"Correct! With the protection of the Lord Magi and Knights, our possibility of passing through here is rather high! But when those Lords are unable to manage, we will encounter death. It could be me, it could be you, do you want to experience such an outcome?"

George asked.

"Definitely not!" The fat boy shouted as his face turned red and sat back down.

"Correct! Our motive is to reach the Magus Academy opposite the ocean and to become well respected Magi. But the cruel screening will begin now. According to the information that my father obtained, there will be large amounts of death in the Great Plains of Death in every single Magus travelling party!"

George went on, revealing a small part of cruelty.

"What......What should be done?" Lots of young men and women panicked, and they looked at George with ashen faces, hoping that he would have a plan.

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