Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 10

"If you dare to run tonight, I'll break your legs!" Feng Xinglang snorted and carried Feng Lixin's breakfast up the stairs.

Watching the man's straight back, Xueluo wanted to cry. What a frivolous and rough man!

Actually, Xueluo felt guilty that she escaped from the marriage chamber last night. But she really couldn't get close to 'Feng Lixin'. The only thing she could persuade herself to do was take good care of him.

In the kitchen, Xueluo helped Nanny An to clean the juicer.

"Are you sad, madam? The Second Young Master has such a bad temper, but he's very kind. Every day, he feeds the First Young Master and feeds him with medicine. He's a good brother who values loyalty and righteousness. " Nanny An spoke out on Feng Xinglang's behalf.

In fact, Xueluo could also tell that Feng Xinglang was really good to his brother Feng Lixin. The two brothers must have a deep relationship with each other.

"Nanny An, I want to ask: Why isn't Feng Lixin undergoing plastic surgery?" Xueluo could not help but ask. Because with Feng Family's financial power, it shouldn't be a problem.

But Nanny An let out a long sigh, and couldn't help but wipe away her tears, "My First Young Master is too heavily injured. He was doing his best to save his life. who would have the energy to do a skin transplant. "

The Nanny An felt that it was difficult to control her emotions. However, Xueluo started to feel suspicious: It's because of that Feng Lixin from last night, why doesn't it look like he was seriously injured? Because he could get up, he could walk, and when he held her wrist, his arms were quite strong.

As if realizing that she had lost control of herself, Nanny An immediately wiped away her tears and warned Xueluo, "My Lady, don't tell my Second Young Master about my First Young Master's illness! My Second Young Master will collapse! Because my First Young Master was injured in order to save my Second Young Master. "

Xueluo nodded, "I know."

"My lady, you must try your best to forgive the Second Young Master. Ever since the incident with the First Young Master, his temper has always been bad. You must take more responsibility for him! " Nanny An said emotionally.

Because this was also why had to force Feng Xinglang to marry her. He wanted to find a new spiritual refuge for him.

Xueluo only nodded silently, but was unable to provide an answer to the Nanny An's question. Because that Feng Xinglang, was simply too despicable. To be able to say that she was his sister-in-law with such a heart beating in her chest when they first met, was that something a brother-in-law of his could say? He didn't respect her at all!

Today was the day the bride should return home.

A rich family's etiquette couldn't be lacking. Nanny An prepared many supplements for Xueluo, as well as some exquisite artistic ornaments.

In the spacious cloakroom downstairs. Butler Mo was waiting for Feng Xinglang to wear a suit. The stiff, hand-made suit made Feng Xinglang's strong body look even more majestic and tall. With his handsome face, he looked even more charming and charming.

"Second Young Master, Madam will be returning today. Please find some time to send her off." Butler Mo reminded Feng Xinglang tactfully.

Both he and Nanny An were entrusted by Feng Lixin: They must try their best to get Feng Xinglang and Lin Xueluo together. Make them love each other a little earlier.

Then, Feng Xinglang raised his eyebrows, and coldly snorted: "Do you think I have the time to do so?"

"Butler Mo, I can go back by myself." Xueluo didn't want to make things difficult for Butler Mo.

Feng Xinglang cast a sidelong glance at the dignified Lin Xueluo, the corner of her lips slightly hooked, and she said coldly: "Xia Family will not care if there are any Feng Family people present, as long as the money is there! Right, Madame Feng? "

"Please call me sister-in-law! Didn't your parents teach you to be polite? " Xueluo could not help but say.

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