Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 11

Who gave this woman the guts to teach him a lesson?

Feng Xinglang's eyes, as if they were stars that had absorbed the essence of ten thousand years of sunlight and moon, shone with a thin, cold light. Xueluo met his gaze, then hurriedly shifted her gaze away, not daring to look him straight in the eye. In the depths of the man's eyes, there was a calm and aloof coldness that could not be seen from a thousand miles away.

What a terrible man! Xueluo's heart nearly skipped a beat.

Feng Xinglang leaned into his tall and straight body, bringing his handsome face that was covered in cold sweat close to her .

"My parents really haven't taught me how to be polite! How about you teach me? " The fragrance from Feng Xinglang's mouth caressed Xueluo's face, causing her skipped a beat and her heart to race once again.

"I, I can't teach you! You...Move away." Being so close to a man and woman, Xueluo was extremely embarrassed. Her fair and clear face instantly flushed red like a ripe, alluring apple.

Xueluo pushed Feng Xinglang's robust and straight body away, and like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, she ran upstairs quickly.

In the wedding room.

Xueluo took a long time to quell the throbbing in her heart. What a rude and arrogant man.

The marriage bed had already been arranged neatly and neatly by Nanny An. It was still a joyous occasion, and the fragrance of roses wafted in the air.

But when she thought about how terrifying 'Feng Lixin' was last night, Xueluo fearfully patted her chest. It was too scary. His appearance was like that of a ghost, truly causing one to feel great fear.

Slowly, Xueluo exhaled a breath of air full of remorse. How could she criticize his husband like that? Since she chose to marry him, she should face the hardships of life together with him. But Xueluo was not a god, she would be afraid, she would also be afraid.

But she was a strong woman. She wanted to apologize to Feng Lixin for running out of the bridal chamber last night.

He had suffered such severe burns. A man who had once been incomparably outstanding had fallen from the sky. Presumably, his heart had also nearly collapsed. If even she disliked him and hated him, then wouldn't he suffer even more?

On the second floor, through a long corridor. At the end of the room was the original gym that Feng Xinglang had created with a lot of money. It would allow Feng Lixin to be protected from any outside interference and would allow him to stay home to recuperate peacefully.

Xueluo stepped forward and gently knocked on the door, being cautious as he didn't want to disturb the Feng Lixin who was currently in the treatment room.

Butler Mo looked through the peephole and said to Feng Lixin who was on the sickbed in a low voice: "It's Miss Xueluo. She wants to see you. "

Feng Lixin instinctively wanted to raise his hand to touch his own face, but his arms were limited in the end, and he was still unable to do it, "It's better to not see her! I'm going to frighten her. Oh right, Old Mo, today is the day Xueluo returns to his clan. Let's have Xinglang accompany him back to Xia Family. "

"But after Second Young Master fed you breakfast, she rushed over to the group headquarters." Butler Mo replied.

"Sigh... That brat is purposely neglecting Xueluo. " Feng Lixin sighed, and said: "Oh right, Old Mo, prepare more gifts with Nanny An, and bring more gifts. Do not let the people of Xia Family underestimate Xueluo. "

Butler Mo: "First Young Master, don't worry. Second Young Master has already left behind a cheque worth ten million as a gift. "

"On the surface, Xinglang is cold and fierce. This time, he has some conscience, I hope that he can have a good start with Xueluo, and fall in love with him as soon as possible." Feng Lixin heaved a sigh of relief: Only then would he be able to leave in peace.

"Old Mo, then I'll have to trouble you to accompany Xueluo back to Xia Family! Many of them have good things to say about Xinglang. " Feng Lixin instructed again.

"I will send Second Madame back to the Xia Family right now." Butler Mo bowed and left.

After knocking on the door thrice consecutively, Xueluo no longer knocked, and did not want to disturb Feng Lixin's rest. She silently waited outside the medical room. The door opened from the inside, and Xueluo stepped forward, but was stopped outside the door by the Butler Mo.

"Butler Mo, I just want to go in and say hello to Lixin and apologize." The room was dark, Xueluo could not see the situation inside, and could only smell the pungent smell of disinfectant.

"Madam, First Young Master is wiping her body, it's not convenient to see you! He specifically instructed me to send you back to the Xia Family. " Butler Mo said respectfully.

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