Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 13

"Tsk, you just pretend! If Feng Lixin doesn't die, you will just be a grass widow! " Xia Yiqi scoffed.

Xueluo no longer argued with Xia Yiqi because it was not worth it and there was no need to.

Xia Yiqin who had been silent for a long time. She suddenly opened her mouth lightly, and asked with hope: "Oh Xueluo, I heard that Feng Family has a Second Young Master called Feng Xinglang. It was rumored that this person was mysterious and reserved. He held the economic lifeline of more than half of the city's members and was definitely a financial alligator. Have you seen him? "

When she mentioned Feng Xinglang, Xueluo looked bad. A rude and arrogant fellow! The first time they met, she had been so frivolous. She even said that her heart rippled with love! she had never seen such an overbearing and arrogant man!

Xueluo really didn't want to talk about that man!

Therefore, she agreed to Xia Yiqin's words, "No … I didn't see him! "

"Oh, what a pity! I heard that he is handsome, handsome, cold, and independent of the Feng Family, he is a rare and respected outstanding man in the shopping mall! " Xia Yiqin said regretfully.

Xueluo was silent for a moment. Xia Yiqin had always been a prideful and arrogant person. Ordinary normal people wouldn't even be able to enter her eyes, yet she was infatuated with Feng Xinglang?

But is that Feng Xinglang really so good? At most, he would be a disrespectful and arrogant man who was spoiled by his big brother!

"Big sister, so the man that you spoke of as the newly rich and powerful man in this city is actually Feng Family's Feng Xinglang?" Xia Yiqi immediately revealed an expression of infatuation that she could not hide, "Xueluo, maybe you and I can become sister-in-law again in the future!"

"Someone like Feng Xinglang, how could someone like you, a financial alligator, possibly fall for Xia Yiqi? It's not like he's blind! " Xia Yishu splashed cold water on them mercilessly.

"Xia Yishu! Do you know men, little girl? Even if Feng Xinglang looks down on me, he will only look down on you even more! " Xia Yiqi became angry out of embarrassment.

"Of course Feng Xinglang doesn't like me either! Because you and I are not qualified! " Xia Yishu said coldly.

Xueluo was depressed: What's so good about that rude and unreasonable man? The third daughter of the Xia Family were actually competing?

Was that man worth their argument? If they knew about Feng Xinglang's character, they would definitely avoid him!

But this time, Xueluo was truly wrong: because the three Xia Family sisters would only fight until their heads bled because they wouldn't give in to Feng Xinglang.

Xia Yiqi was indignant: "Mom, do you care about Xia Yishu? Who would dare to talk to their sister like that? "He really has no upbringing!"

"Enough! Stop arguing! Before you even see Feng Xinglang, the two of you are already fighting each other. Aren't you afraid of being laughed at?! "

Wen Meijuan became even angrier, "The two of you should learn more from your Big Sis when you have time. You must be dignified, gentle and reserved! First learn how to become a famous daughter! "

She could not stay in Xia Family any longer.

While it was still early in the afternoon, Xueluo took a taxi to the orphanage to visit Old President Chi.

Xueluo had lived in this orphanage for more than a year when he was very young. That was because when her uncle Xia Zhengyang brought her back to the Xia Family, he met with strong opposition from his aunt Wen Meijuan, and even forced her to do so with his death.

Wen Meijuan thought that Xueluo was the illegitimate daughter of Xia Zhengyang, so she caused a ruckus. Xia Zhengyang had been really tormented by Wen Meijuan, and had to be forced to bring Xueluo to this orphanage to raise him.

Xia Yiqi's words' you're just a grass widow, 'more or less still stung Xueluo's heart. Was she really going to lose her life in Feng Family?

After all, she was just a lonely little girl living under someone else's roof. She didn't have any need for that sort of thing. As long as she took good care of Feng Lixin, it would be worth.

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