Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 14

Unfortunately, Director Chi was not in the orphanage. She said she had gone to a fundraising site to raise funds for heart valve replacement surgery for a child with congenital heart disease who had just arrived at the orphanage for three days.

Principal Chi was so old that she worked hard for every single child who was not related by blood. This kind of boundless love was something that Xueluo could only dream of, something she admired and cherished.

The only thing Xueluo could do was to take out her meager private money and silently place it in Principal Chi's drawer.

After playing with the children of the orphanage for more than an hour, Xueluo took the bus back to Feng Family.

Feng Family was at peace.

Feng Lixin should still be in the treatment room doing physical therapy. Xueluo had also asked the Nanny An: Why wasn't Feng Lixin going to the main hospital to treat him? Because the current medical technology was very developed, coupled with the fact that the Feng Family's financial resources allowed it, she felt that Feng Lixin should be able to get better treatment, and not only survive at home.

Nanny An let out a long sigh. "Sigh, ever since I received news of Miss Blue's death, I have almost lost my instinct to survive. No matter how the Second Young Master tried to persuade him, he refused to leave the Feng Family! "

Xueluo's heart was stumped for words, but at the same time, it turned out that Feng Lixin had long since fallen in love with a woman! Since that was the case, he might not as well marry her from the bottom of his heart.

Xueluo slightly restrained her sadness and began to prepare for dinner. She picked out some of the softer, more digestible fruits from the refrigerator and the fruit basket and began to make a fruit platter.

"Madam, my Second Young Master likes to eat mangos the most." Nanny An reminded her in good faith.

She also hoped that Xueluo could personally cook a rich dinner, and could win over Second Young Master, so that he could have a good impression of Xueluo, and then slowly fall in love with her.

Xueluo pursed her lips: What did Feng Xinglang liking mango have to do with her? He liked it, so he prepared it himself!

Because this plate of fruit was made by Xueluo with all his heart.

The fruit platter was beautifully arranged. A picture of a smiling little yellow man with his mouth open was made of mango, and the green of a kiwi fruit, with its red cherry ornaments, was beautiful beyond compare. It was so appetizing.

When Xueluo walked out of the kitchen with the fruit puzzle, she coincidentally went to meet Feng Xinglang who had come to the kitchen to check his brother's dinner.

Indeed, it was as Xia Yiqin had said. Feng Xinglang was a handsome, simple and cold man.

His gaze swept across Xueluo, his eyes calm and cold; his wild handsome face had a clear outline.

"Are you trying to please me by making such a gaudy plate?" The moment he opened his mouth, it was as cold as ice.

"You're thinking too much! I made it for your brother! Could I trouble you to make way for me?" Xueluo didn't have a good impression of this arrogant and rude brother-in-law. Other than his handsome face that looked charming, his cold and arrogant attitude made people grind their teeth in anger.

It wasn't made for him to eat? Feng Xinglang seemed to be slightly startled, seeing that the woman had already passed by him, he added indifferently: "It's such a pity, my brother can't eat your flowery plate!"

Xueluo stopped and turned, looking straight at Feng Xinglang's handsome face, "Why do you say it flowery? Its color, fragrance, color, shape, is the best. I just want your brother to look at this smiling jigsaw puzzle and feel better, so his appetite will follow."

The vivid pattern gave people the vitality of life. That was the most sincere love of life!

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