Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 2212

Feng Xinglang had already been alone for a week.

His eldest son had been sent to Pater Castle by his mother, Lin Xueluo, to pacify the foster father Hetun. Three days later, the little guy called back and said that Hetun was sick, and seriously sick.

It was a video call, so Xueluo could clearly see how stubborn the Hetun was. And he vomited blood. No matter if Hetun was really sick, or if Hetun was sick because of him, Xueluo still felt very bad. After all, Hetun was the biological father of her husband. It was already unfilial for her to be his daughter-in-law, but she …

He did not want to bear the notoriety of being unfilial.

The key thing was that the problem had been solved. Hetun had already realized his mistake and would no longer make things difficult for Yan Bang's son, Yan Wuyang! Therefore, Xueluo persuaded his husband to fly to the Pater Castle to visit the severely ill Hetun, but was met with his husband's retort: "Whether the Hetun lives or dies, has nothing to do with him anymore! Thus, Xueluo flew to Pater Castle with his daughter late at night in frustration!

Originally, he wanted to bring his youngest son with him. Since the little thing was very unwilling, Xueluo decided to not force it. It was good to leave him with his husband.

Xueluo firmly believed that as long as his daughter was brought away by her at night, his husband Feng Xinglang would definitely not be able to hold on for three days, and would fly to the Pater Castle to fetch the mother and daughter pair.

Yet, she did not expect her husband to endure for a week!

Very good!

Xueluo was so angry that he couldn't return to the Feng Family with his husband! He lived happily in Pater Castle with his eldest son and daughter. He rode horses, hunted, enjoyed the sights, and played around every day.

She really wanted to see how long her husband, Feng Xinglang, could endure and not come to pick them up!

"Xueluo, go back! Dad was fine. Father is really worried about Ah Lang and Little Bug being alone in Shen City! "

Hetun was really sick. However, it was not as serious as what little friend Feng Linnuo said.

To make the Hetun act like a sick man to the point of vomiting blood, this was also Xing Shi'er's intention.

Xing Shi'er was extremely anxious. His Little Qing Qing was still in the Shen City and was pregnant with a child in her womb! Although there was a video call every day, Xing Shi'er was so anxious that he was almost like an ant on a hot pan.

Originally, he thought that everything would be fine if he could fool Lin Xueluo and her daughter, but unexpectedly, the Prince Xing started to fight with Lin Xueluo with patience. To be honest, Xing Shi'er almost wanted to hide the Little Princess of the Evening Night evilly, and force the Prince Xing to hurry to the Pater Castle to bring the mother and daughter back to the Shen City. Only then would foster father Hetun have a way out. We are all happy and friendly

to return to the Shen City unscathed, everyone was happy!

However, things had actually come to a standstill!

Xueluo hadn't picked up his husband's video call in three days. He couldn't hear his daughter's voice at night, much less see her at night. Let's see how long he can last!

Feng Xinglang stood in front of the GK Vault's french window, looking at the beautiful scenery of the Shen City with a profound gaze.

Finally, the Shen City became the appearance he wanted.

Even though there was loss!

However, in order to obtain it, one had to experience the pain of losing it!

The crisp, rhythmic sound of high heels rang out. Gao Jing lightly knocked on the door to remind the people in the office.

"President Feng, Director Ren's private call."

"No!" "Wait for him!" Feng Xinglang didn't even turn his head around.

"Alright President Feng." Gao Jing made a sound as he retreated.

While he was drying others, his wife was also drying him.

Thinking of his wife and daughter, Feng Xinglang then pulled at his tie. Feng Xinglang of course knew what his wife wanted him to do: It was simply to get back on good terms with Hetun! Furthermore, the kind wife always felt that the Hetun was angered by her outrageous words, so she wholeheartedly flew to the Pater Castle …

Comfort Hetun!

How could the strong heart of the Hetun be defeated with a few words from his wife? And sick to the point of vomiting blood in bed?

This fake … It really made things difficult for the group of Hetun s! And his own eldest son, Feng Linnuo!

It wasn't that Feng Xinglang didn't want his wife and daughter, it was just that he needed some independent time and space to think about some things.

Whether it was nostalgia, sadness, or parting … The most important thing was to look forward to the future!

Under the gentle glow of the setting sun, a Lexus cruised along the mountain road of Qibei Mountain City.

The setting sun gave everything to the human world and gave it to the earth. Only then did there appear ten thousand strands of light, beautiful mountains and rivers, and intelligent people.

It was not easy to take the two children up the cliff. Furthermore, they were only two children who were two to four years old.

The little bug boy chased after Anthea to wipe the medicine for her wound. Anthea didn't like the smell of Chinese medicine, so she didn't touch it. She would rather endure the pain and let her wound heal.

Therefore, Cong Gang handed this "difficult" mission to the warm-hearted male, the bug seal. Then there was the scene of the little guy chasing little An An.

Little An An couldn't run away from the insect, but she was smart enough to circle around it. If she couldn't run away, she would use her body to run against the bug, which was much stronger than her.

When Feng Xinglang arrived, the two little things were running around happily.

Feng Xinglang stuck his arm out of the window and watched the two little fellows chase after them.

"An'an, without medicine, the wound will hurt. The smell was a little too smelly... I'll put some more on you later, okay? "


The little girl had a cold and aloof look on her face. She was both stubborn and arrogant.

As an adult, Feng Xinglang was still a future father-in-law, he should not have interfered in the first place. However, he still didn't have any principles in his attacks.

An'an wasn't even two years old, even younger than his youngest son. He actually made his move, truly unkind!

Perhaps it was because he missed his daughter so much, but when he saw little An An's adorable appearance, he really wanted to hug her.

Thus, Feng Xinglang got off the car.

At that moment, Ye Zichen rushed over and lifted little An An, who was just about to turn around, off the ground.

"Haha!" I've got you! "

Knowing that the little thing liked to bite, Feng Xinglang intentionally bound her four limbs, and pinched its chin, preventing it from biting.

Feng Xinglang, who had gotten his wish, even intentionally kissed Xiao An's dissatisfied little face a few times, "Little girl, you won't be able to escape this time, right?"

"Bastard Feng Xinglang, how can you be peaceful! Ann is Little Bug's girlfriend! "

The children of insects were no longer happy. They started yelling at the father of their girlfriend.

"Girlfriend?" Have you grown all your hair? "

Feng Xinglang was amused by his son's serious look.

"Dad, you're about to let go! If An An is injured, she will be in pain! "

The little guy wanted to jump away from his dad's arm that was tightly holding on to little An An. "Give little An'an back to me!" Give it back to me quickly! "

Hearing the sounds of argument, Cong Gang rushed out of the bathroom and saw Feng Xinglang playing rascal with the two children.

The competitive look of a certain someone really didn't match up to his age and identity.

It was already shameless enough to screw over a child that was not even two years old, and now he was even trying to scam his own son!

"Insect, if you really like An An, then kiss her and express yourself! "Otherwise, how would dad know if you really like her?"

In conclusion, Feng Xinglang still favored his son. Using the provocation method to make his younger son feel safe could be considered to help his younger son achieve his goals.

With that unruly and willful little thing Cong Gang, it was likely that her youngest son would not even be able to kiss her.

No matter what, this little girl's' first kiss' had to come from her youngest son!

Right, that was what Feng Xinglang meant!

Thus, Feng Xinglang lowered his body and pinched Little An An An's chin, he walked closer to his youngest son.

"Father, don't pinch An An's chin! An'an will hurt. "Dad, you're so annoying!"

"Brat, are you going to kiss me or not?"

Feng Xinglang was a little angry, and started to urge her, "If you don't want to kiss, then you have to kiss your father!"

"..." Cong Gang was at a loss for words: This …. Is that what a father should say? If he didn't kiss his son, then so be it?

Although little An An was unruly enough, she was not even two years old, and could not struggle free from Feng Xinglang's iron arms.

"NO..." Because Feng Xinglang was pinching her chin, the cute girl couldn't speak.

She angrily glared at Feng Little Bug. "You dare to kiss me, I'll beat you to death!"

At the time, the bug seemed to hesitate: it was clear that he really wanted to kiss Anthea. However, little An An's eyes were already warning him that 'you can't kiss me', but … But...

"Is it really that? That can only mean that you don't like little Ann. "Fine, then I'll give you a kiss of peace if you're unwilling!"

Feng Xinglang was more or less disappointed by his younger son's hesitant expression: This little thing really didn't inherit his essence!

Just as Feng Xinglang was about to pout his lips and make a gesture to kiss her, Feng Little Worm reflexively kissed Xiao An's cheek.

With a twist from little An An, the bug sealing lips landed on An An's lips …

It was only then that Cong Gang suddenly realized: His daughter's first kiss was gone!

He really did not expect Feng Xinglang to use such a method … Such a despicable and shameless method to let his son kiss his daughter!

He immediately rushed over, and landed a skillful strike on Feng Xinglang's arm, causing Feng Xinglang to reflexively let go of his arm. Cong Gang immediately pulled her into his embrace.

Little An An, who had been given a big kiss by Feng Bujue, disdainfully wiped her mouth and face with the back of her hand.

"D * mn …" Fight! Hit them! "

"Ann, yeah. I'm sorry. But … But the little bug really likes you! "

Having finally kissed little An An An's little friend, he was both excited and guilty at the same time.

Seeing that his own son had taken advantage of Cong Gang's daughter, as his father and father-in-law, Feng Xinglang laughed complacently.

"Cong Gang, you will not lose out if you become my close relative!"

Feng Xinglang was really pleased with himself! The pride spread from his handsome face all the way to his limbs!

"Feng Xinglang... You are. You are truly shameless! "

At that time, Cong Gang was still a little upset. She really didn't know why such a heartwarming child like Xiao Budian would have such a despicable and shameless father like Feng Xinglang.

It was really hard to guard against!

"Bug, show your father-in-law that you're responsible for my safety!" Cong Gang was truly convinced of Feng Xinglang's impeccable face.

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