Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 2213

That night, Feng Xinglang did not return to Feng Family. If his wife and children were not home, he really did not want to go back alone.

Thus, he shamelessly stayed with Cong Gang and his daughter.

Staying here to be a lord, wasn't that beautiful!

Cong Gang would never despise the father and son duo, hence, Feng Xinglang could not really see through them.

But Anthea's pouting little mouth was clear: she didn't like them! He was already so annoying, yet he still shamelessly refused to leave!

Lying on the only bed in the villa, Feng Xinglang comfortably squinted his eyes.

"Father, let's sleep here … Then the big bug and An An will have no place to sleep! "

Sealworm felt that his father was way too domineering. Even Anthea didn't like him, so he still insisted on staying with her.

"Don't the living room have sofas? Let them sleep on the couch! " Feng Xinglang hummed leisurely.

"Father, you are going too far!" Anthea is so young, and you want her to sleep on the sofa with the big bug? " The little guy picked up the pillow and jumped off the bed.

"Insect, where are you going?" Feng Xinglang raised his head and asked the youngest son who opened the door.

"Go sleep on the sofa with An An!"

After the little fellow let out an angry roar, it shut the door very loudly and ran down the stairs to look for Cong Gang and her father.

"..." Was this the way to show tender affection for a woman?

In the middle of the night, Feng Xinglang was woken up by the pain in his stomach. Although he did use a trick last time, his injured stomach was still unable to recover. Every night there was a dull ache for a while.

When he was alone, Feng Xinglang would take a pill and endure it; but tonight, Feng Xinglang did not want to take it anymore! He wanted to go downstairs and torture Cong Gang.

On the sofa downstairs, there was no sign of Cong Gang and the two children. Thus, he went upstairs to look around, one room at a time.

Where is it? Could it be that Cong Gang took his two children to find a hotel? But he didn't hear any car engine either.

"What are you looking for?"

A voice suddenly came from behind him, causing Feng Xinglang to be startled. Turning around, he saw Cong Gang, who had suddenly popped out from an unknown corner.

"My stomach hurts." Feng Xinglang was very emotional.

"Is this the aftermath of playing a dirty trick?" Cong Gang glanced at Feng Xinglang's chest.

"It's also a side effect of yours!" Feng Xinglang smirked coldly.

"..." The corner of Cong Gang's mouth twitched.

Feng Xinglang had been Cong Gang's grandfather for three days.

No matter how tactful or powerful Cong Gang was, he was still unable to deal with Feng Xinglang, who had already gotten used to treating him as a lord.

… ….

Xueluo brought his eldest son and daughter to attend a Duke's birthday banquet with Hetun at night.

After dressing up as a rich lady for the whole day, Xueluo was extremely tired.

His son, Feng Linnuo, was not interested in such a banquet at all. He felt like he had really become the little princess of a fairy tale. Because everyone was so respectful and polite.

When the SUV drove into the Pater Castle, Xueluo, who had been tired from the afternoon, saw her husband, Feng Xinglang, waiting in the castle with her youngest son.

At that moment, all of the fatigue and small grievances had vanished into thin air. All that remained was the handsome and tall man in front of him.

He was like a prince who had come to rescue Cinderella, full of energy and vigor.

As expected, her man didn't disappoint her!

Her man was willing to lower himself to the ground. For her and their child, he had endured his displeasure with the Hetun and had instead come to look for them on his own accord!


"Father!" "My dear father..."

Xueluo who was wearing a formal attire, acting inconvenient was snatched away by his eldest son.

"Daddy. Daddy.

Feng Xinglang hugged his eldest son who was running towards him, held his precious daughter up, and even made room to hold his beautiful wife!

The family of five reunited in Pater Castle!

It was a reunion in the sense of putting aside the past!

Looking at his son's family, Hetun's eyes filled with tears. If you have a spirit in heaven, you can feel gratified!

… ….

A month later, Yuan Duoduo's wish was granted, and he gave birth to a healthy and robust son. The little guy had weighed eight pounds when he was just born. It was really tiring for her. Even though he was tired, Yuan Duoduo was still extremely excited.

It finally made her wish come true!

In comparison to the excited Yuan Duoduo, who was crying tears, and the happy Gentleman Bai, who had a face full of wrinkles, the father, Bai Mo, was confused.

A good girl, how did she become a son?

After looking through the baby three times, he had no choice but to accept his fate!

He heard that the Gentleman Bai was very calm when he left: it was a warm evening when the sun was setting, and he listened to Doudou playing the piano, and looked at Little Du Du who was seriously learning the drawing, and also the small map that he unsteadily learned on the side …

What surprised Yuan Duoduo was that the old man didn't leave Du Du Du with even a single cent. Almost all of the real estate had been left to Yuan Duoduo, while the large corporations that needed to be managed and operated had been left to their grandson, Bai Mo.

As for the distribution of the assets of the four great-grandchildren, he believed that his grandson Bai Mo and his daughter-in-law Yuan Duoduo would do well!

This was the old tutor's wisdom!

… ….

Feng Family. Weekend. It was a sunny morning.

Amidst the chattering of the children, the late rising Feng Xinglang was leisurely eating breakfast.

The sounds of Feng Family's landlines were drowned out by the sounds of the children's jubilation.

"This is the Feng Family, may I ask who you are looking for?"

"I'm looking for Feng Xinglang." The voice on the phone was very low.

"Who is this?" Butler Mo asked politely.

"An old friend of Feng Xinglang!"

"Second Young Master is looking for you." Butler Mo took the phone and called Second Young Master to answer.

"Who is it?" Feng Xinglang asked leisurely.

"She... "Dead." The voice on the phone was low and hoarse.

Feng Xinglang stayed silent for a while, before replying indifferently: "Mmm … "I understand."

"She said... She wants to bury her daughter … "

After another silent silence, Feng Xinglang turned his head to look at Feng Tuantuan who was squatting beside him, rubbing his big belly with his little hand …

"No need! She is already yours! "

Feng Xinglang faintly sighed, his aura was calm and steady, "She likes the sea … Just sprinkle it in the sea! "Clean!"

"Feng Xinglang, you really are a cold-blooded and heartless man!"

The voice on the phone sounded a little desolate. "She … Love you wrong! "

… ….

The lakeside that was so clear that one could see the bottom was leaning on the side of a mountain peak that was more than 3000 meters tall. This was the oldest small town in Austria. Being close to a mountain or a river, she was so beautiful that she didn't seem like she was in the human world.

The lakeshore forest was a colorful paradise because of the changing seasons, echoing the colorful wooden houses at the foot of the mountain.

The wooden boat moved through the water, swaying in the dreamy fairytale world.

Feng Xinglang laid in the wooden boat, slightly narrowing his eyes as he appreciated the colorful beautiful scenery.

Lying in his arms was a small, jade-like baby, staring at the fantasy world with its clear eyes.

"Little worm," Although he was a bit tongue-tied, it was taken from him by his own father, so this was the only way Feng Xinglang could call him this, "Grandfather asked you:" Are you his favorite grandfather? Or do you like Grandfather the most? "

"Then Grandpa, do you want to hear the truth or a lie?"

"Hmm …" Someone stretched out his voice, "Even grandpa likes listening to lies and lies!"

"The lie is: Little Bug loves Grandfather the most!"

Feng Xinglang glanced at the man rowing, his eyes smiling in anticipation, "Then what's the truth?"

"The truth is... Little Bug still loves Grandfather the most! "

"..." This naughty child! She had truly pampered him, a little b * stard!

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