Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 3

If one were to talk about a candidate, the first one to be chosen would be one of the Xia Family's three daughters

Xia Yiqin, Xia Yiqi, and Xia Yishu.

In fact, the Xia Family still had another half daughter. It was the niece of Xia Zhengyang, the patriarch of the family, whose name was Lin Xueluo.

The Feng Family's luxurious Lincoln was waiting outside the Xia Family's door. But Xia Family's study room was in an uproar.

Xia Family had owed a debt of gratitude to Feng Family. The patriarch of the family, Xia Zhengyang, had once boasted, "I, Xia Zhengyang have three daughters. You will choose anyone you like!"

And now was the time for him to fulfil his promise.

Xia Yiqin: "Father, if you force me to marry Feng Lixin today, then prepare to collect my corpse tomorrow! Perhaps I won't even need to wait until tomorrow, the moment I exit the Xia Family's gates, I will die for them to see. "

Xia Yiqi directly placed an examination form in front of her father, Xia Zhengyang, "I'm pregnant! If you want to force me to marry Feng Lixin, then I will tell everyone in the world, that I have given Feng Lixin a cuckold! Who will lose face!? "

Xia Yishu said coldly, "Dad, I'm only 17 years old. I'm still a minor."

Clang! With a loud sound, Xia Zhengyang crashed the tea cup onto the ground.

"I, Xia Zhengyang, have raised you three ingrates! Feng Family is a benefactor to our Xia Family, if not for Feng Lixin saving us that year, our Xia Family would have gone bankrupt! Right now, it is time for us Xia Family to repay this kindness, but you all do not! Is this to force me, Xia Zhengyang, to be a villain who goes back on my words? "

The three daughters of the Xia Family all shut their mouths and did not make a sound.

An old newspaper from two months ago had been thrown on the desk by a beautiful woman.

"Zhengyang, don't be in such a hurry to blame your daughters. Take a look at the current Feng Lixin. He had been completely disfigured by the fire! Even if you want to repay a debt of gratitude, you can't push your own daughter into a fire pit, right? "

The one who spoke was Xia Zhengyang's wife, Wen Meijuan.

"Ah... What the hell is this? " Xia Yiqi who got the newspaper first let out a terrifying scream, and immediately threw the newspaper away.

Xia Zhengyang picked up the newspaper and looked at it, he could not help but frown, and sighed: "I never thought that Feng Lixin was burnt so severe!"

Xia Yiqin: "Dad, Feng Lixin clearly knows that he's burning to the point where he's neither human nor ghost, unable to even take care of his own life, yet he still insisted on forcing you to fulfill the promise you made back then.

Wen Meijuan: "Zhengyang, I think Yiqin is right! Looking at Feng Lixin's current condition. He could not even be a husband! Why should he marry a woman? Let the woman be a babysitter? "

"I think he must have had a mental distortion and wanted to torture women." The silent Xia Yishu suddenly spoke out.

Instantly, a terrifying, bizarre aura began to fill the entire study.

"Uncle, Feng Family's butler has been waiting in the living room for a long time."

When Lin Xueluo came in, Wen Meijuan's eyes immediately lit up. She rushed forward and grabbed onto Lin Xueluo's hand, "Zhengyang, your niece is considered half a daughter! Feng Lixin is the only successor to the Feng Family. It would be better for Xueluo to marry and live a happy life than to stay and suffer in our Xia Family. "

Xueluo's heart went cold as she lightly retorted, "If it's really that good, then why can't you bear to marry your own daughter into the Feng Family to enjoy life?"

"Lin Xueluo, in these twenty years, our Xia Family feed you and accommodate you. It is time for you to repay our Xia Family!" Xia Yiqi scoffed.

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