Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 4

Xueluo stared deeply at Xia Zhengyang: He's her blood uncle. His own daughters did not want to marry to that man, and he must have been reluctant to have his niece jump into the fire.

But, in the next second, the last hope in Xueluo's heart failed.

Xia Zhengyang walked over and held Xueluo's hand, and made a helpless face, "Xueluo, help me! I have raised you for twenty years! If the Feng Family withdrew its capital because of this, our Xia Family's company would go bankrupt. With Yiqin's stubborn temper, she will not be able to serve Feng Lixin. With Yiqi being so merciful, marrying him will only bring troubles; Yishu is still so young … "

If his three daughters couldn't marry, then how could she, Lin Xueluo, marry?

He had taken out twenty years of raising to force her, so how could Xueluo reject him?

Xueluo deeply understood the suffering and helplessness of living under someone else's roof.

"Alright... I'll do it! "Just consider it as repaying uncle for raising you for the past twenty years!"

Looking at the tears that were hidden in Lin Xueluo's eyes, Xia Zhengyang's heart ached: After all, this was his niece. However, the people from the Feng Family were waiting there, and he was forced to do so as well.

"Yo, who are you showing such a pathetic look to? Feng Lixin won't live long, at that time, you as the Madame Feng will be the successor to the Feng Family. You must be secretly happy, right? " Xia Yiqi's words were always so blatant and heartless.

"How about I give you the position of the Madame Feng so that you don't miss the opportunity to inherit the Feng Family's wealth?" Lin Xueluo asked.

"Lin Xueluo, you …" Xia Yiqi choked, he glared angrily at Xueluo, but was unable to do anything.

"Alright, Xueluo, hurry up and go dress up. The Feng Family's butler is waiting for you." Wen Meijuan immediately urged.

In the living room of the Xia Family.

Wen Meijuan had already changed her appearance, and affectionately pulled Xueluo's hand and walked towards Feng Family's butler.

"Butler Mo, she is called Lin Xueluo, the niece of our Xia Family. Xia Zhengyang is very precious about her! She is virtuous, with a heart like an orchid. Who knows how many times stronger she is than my three stupid girls. "

"Are the Xia Family's three daughters stupid? But I think they are very calculating. " Butler Mo said meaningfully.

Just as he had expected, the three daughters of the Xia Family 'wisely' chose not to marry a person who was burned beyond recognition and could not even take care of his own life.

"Butler Mo must be joking." Wen Meijuan's face was extremely awkward.

Butler Mo turned his head to look at Lin Xueluo, who was standing quietly by the side. With her delicate and soft and beautiful facial features, she looked comfortable and pleasing to the eyes. She was clean and refreshing.

Housekeeper Mo was extremely satisfied with Xueluo, and a kind and a gentle smile appeared on his face, "Miss Xueluo, are you truly willing to marry my Young Master?"

Xueluo hesitated, then released her tightly pursed red lips, and said with a clear voice: "I am."

Xueluo's hesitation, in Butler Mo's eyes, was more real.

"Then, Miss Xueluo, please. The car has been waiting outside for some time. "

Housekeeper Mo stepped aside, respectfully opening up a path for Xueluo.

She had no choice but to pay back the twenty years of nurturing! With every step he took towards the door, Xueluo felt that his steps were as heavy as a thousand kilograms.

She was a girl who yearned for love! However, she never would have thought that her path of love would be choked to death in its infancy.

She didn't know what kind of life was waiting for her …

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