Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 30

### Chapter 30 - To be a maid to one's husband

Actually, a careful analysis was quite scientific.

Firstly, Feng Xinglang did have a good set of skin. He had a strong physique and a tall and straight figure. He was handsome and rich with gold and was shrouded in the mysterious cloak of the new rich and powerful families of Shen City.

Other than the fact that he didn't really respect her as his sister-in-law, he really couldn't see any other obvious flaws in her. A man like this was undoubtedly extremely attractive. Therefore, since Feng Xinglang was so popular in front of the Xia Family's Three Thousand Gold, he would not be surprised.

But it was not to the extent of letting the Xia Family fight over the three thousand gold.

"Auntie, I'm going back." Xueluo called out.

"Xueluo, don't be in such a hurry to leave. Mother Yan has made your favorite sweet potato pancakes, you can eat a few before you go back. " Aunt Wen Meijuan felt a rare warmth.

Usually, Wen Meijuan was neither cold nor hot, but he was unexpectedly passionate about it, which made Xueluo feel slightly overwhelmed. She stayed.

In the study room, Wen Meijuan poured some iced fruit juice for Xueluo as he held the potato pancake in one hand. In this instant, Xueluo felt touched to be treated as his own daughter. But soon after, she was stunned by her aunt's request.

"Xueluo, you should also be able to see that you have taken a fancy to Feng Family's Second Young Master Feng Xinglang, Big Sister Qin! You know, you've always been proud and proud because of Sister Qin, but you've never been able to set your eyes on that rich young master. But this time, she has truly fallen for Feng Family's second young master, Feng Xinglang. "

Xueluo slightly pursed her lips. It seemed that Feng Xinglang was really a bestseller in the eyes of the Xia Family's three thousand gold.

"You are currently Feng Lixin's wife, and also Feng Xinglang's sister-in-law. Since you were a child, you have always been so close to Yi Qin. In the future, if you become her sister-in-law, wouldn't that be the perfect time to kiss?! So, you have to help Sister Qin. Many mention of Yi Qin in front of Feng Xinglang, many things that Yi Qin should say. "

Xueluo finally understood that his aunt, Wen Meijuan, wanted her to become the empress of Xia Yiqin and Xia Yiqin.

"Uncle …" Aunt, Feng Xinglang's character is so evil, I'm worried that Sister Qin will suffer. " Xueluo spoke tactfully.

To be honest, the character of a man who had even been frivolous to his own sister-in-law would definitely not be any better. When he thought about how that man had used his fingers to enter his place before, Xueluo couldn't help but gnash his teeth in anger. She was too embarrassed to mention it to anyone. And to protect her husband's, Feng Lixin's, face. He only hoped that Feng Xinglang would be able to stop him and stop him from doing anything bad that would harm his big brother.

"This man is not bad, and women do not love him! Moreover, for Feng Xinglang to become the new rich and powerful person in the Shen City, he must have his outstanding points. You should be more evil, how can you be honest! " Wen Meijuan disapproved.

Is Aunt Wen Meijuan praising that man? His character was despicable, how could he use the phrase 'men aren't bad, women don't love' to cover it?

Xueluo was silent.

"Oh right, Xueluo, what kind of woman does Feng Xinglang like? Was she a gentle and elegant young lady like Yi Qin? Was it still that fiery and beautiful? With Feng Xinglang's taste, he should like a woman like my family, Yi Qin. " Wen Meijuan asked excitedly.

"Um …" I'm not sure. Feng Xinglang, he … He rarely went home. When he got home, he only went to the medical room to see his elder brother. I'm not sure exactly what kind of woman he likes. " Xueluo spoke the truth.

"Oh, so it's like that." Wen Meijuan lamented, "Then you know what he usually likes to eat right?"

Xueluo clearly realized that if he did not say something today, his Aunt Wen Meijuan would definitely continue asking endlessly.

"He likes spaghetti and steak and mango food. I've seen the servants make it for him. "

"Wait a moment." Wen Meijuan exaggeratedly picked up a pen and paper from the desk, and actually memorized every single word that Xueluo had just said.

Although Wen Meijuan was usually neither hot nor cold to her, at this moment, she had the image of a great mother. It broke his heart to marry his daughter.

It also proved the saying: A child with a mother is a treasure!


In the top floor of the CEO's office. The sunlight was especially bright.

However, the people inside seemed to loathe such liveliness. The mood decided the mood.

"Why is my brother's condition so serious? Is it so serious that you almost have to rely on a ventilator to keep you alive? You even dare to hide from me? " Feng Xinglang's face was as cold as a thousand year old ice, every word was extremely cold, "If anything happens to my brother, I want your entire family to die with him!"

He believed that Feng Xinglang, who had been engulfed in hatred, would be able to do it.

"Second Young Master, I am also looking forward to see how quickly you can recover. However, a person who has even given up on his own survival instinct is not someone whose medical skills can save him. " Doctor Jin said meaningfully.

"What do you mean? How could my brother not have a sense of survival? " Feng Xinglang asked coldly.

Doctor Jin shook his head and sighed in grief, "Ever since the First Young Master found out about Miss Lan Youyou's death, he became depressed! He's not actively seeking medical advice, he's just asking me to be conservative every day. "

"A woman can make him so depressed? Isn't my little brother worth it for him to live for me? " Feng Xinglang said sternly.

"These are two different emotions. It was just like the saying, "Asking what love is in this world will directly teach one how to live and die together!" I believe that First Young Master wholeheartedly wants to follow Miss Lan Youyou. "

Her heaving chest seemed to be about to burst out of her clothes. His well-made suit outlined his perfect, muscular physique.

Feng Xinglang pulled open the Deep Stripe tie and asked, "Tell me about my brother's actual condition. If you dare to hide it again, you will never see your family again! "

"If it's only conservative treatment, your brother won't last three months."

With a loud pa sound, the dark ornaments were smashed onto the marble floor by Feng Xinglang.

Xueluo had returned to Feng Family early and prepared Feng Lixin's dinner with him.

Worried that Feng Lixin would get tired of eating those liquid food, Xueluo cooked some slightly thick congee porridge for him.

Just as Xueluo was about to bring out the congee from the kitchen, a "clang" sound was heard, the double door of Feng Family's villa was rammed open by someone.

Following that, a large group of people rushed in. Xueluo recognized that two of the people in the uniforms were probably medical doctors. There were more than ten people in their group, forcefully blocking the living room.

"Who are you? "How can I barge into a house?" Realizing that they did not come with good intentions, Xueluo asked.

"And who are you? New nanny? Get out of the way. " The middle-aged man walking right in front was called Feng Yiming, the uncle of the two Feng Lixin brothers. He had always coveted for the inheritance right of the Feng Group.

"I am Feng Lixin's wife, Lin Xueluo!" Xueluo spoke in a neither humble nor arrogant manner, "My husband's body is unwell, he can't stand for you to disturb him! Please go back! Otherwise, I'll call the police! "

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