Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 29

### Chapter 29 - Was Feng Xinglang this good? This was not scientific!

"Use it however you like! Madame Feng, you don't need to do this for me! " Feng Xinglang squinted his eyes at Xueluo, but he did not withdraw any of the strength in his fingers, and still tightly gripped onto the diamond card, "Remember to be a good boy in the future."

Always telling her to behave? Was he coaxing a three year old child? But when Xueluo met the man's evil eyes, her heart suddenly skipped a beat. I couldn't even look him in the eye.

"I'll take out a hundred thousand gold coins." Xueluo received the diamond card with his head lowered.

Every time he got too close to this man, Xueluo would feel like suffocating. Ye Zichen's heart began to race uncontrollably as well.

After finishing the 'love' act in the living room, Feng Xinglang left the Feng Family, and was called out to leave.

The monitor in the living room was connected to Feng Lixin's treatment room. In order to comfort his big brother, Feng Lixin, in this show of love, Feng Xinglang had put in a lot of effort.

After finishing breakfast, Xueluo sent a hundred thousand yuan worth of charity money to the orphanage.

I also bought a bunch of favorite snacks and school supplies for those cute little radishes. Seeing the group of cute girls eating so happily and playing so happily, Xueluo also became happy along with them.

So happiness can also infect each other.

After eating a simple lunch with these small fries, Xueluo hurried back to Xia Family. It was because he wanted to return Xia Yiqin's bank card to her.

She thought that she wouldn't be treated favorably again, but she didn't expect that everyone in the Xia Family would be so friendly towards her this time. Including Xia Yishu who always had a cold face. As for his aunt Wen Meijuan, she asked Xueluo if he had eaten lunch on her own.

Isn't this too passionate! Xueluo was really not used to it!

"Xueluo, Xueluo, quickly tell me, what are Feng Xinglang's interests? What kind of woman did he like? Pure and sweet? Or was it an iceberg? Or was it fiery and enchanting? Tell me quickly, tell me quickly. "

Just as he entered the living room of Xia Family, Xia Yiqi flew over, pulling Xueluo back to ask everywhere. Therefore, the topic revolved around Feng Xinglang.

Xueluo never thought that Feng Xinglang, in the eyes of the Xia Family's 3000 gold, would actually be so popular and eat so much.

"No matter what type of woman Feng Xinglang likes, he will never set his eyes on you, Xia Yiqi! If you don't kneel down and lick him, he will look at you a few more times! " Xia Yishu was hit straight on the head again.

"Xia Yishu! You shameless little hoof! Get out of my way! Otherwise, I will beat you so hard that your teeth are all over the ground! " Xia Yiqi clenched his fists angrily.

Taking the chance while Xia Yiqi was chasing his sister Xia Yishu, Xueluo let out a breath of helplessness and quickly went to look for his elder sister.

Xia Yiqin was half lying in front of the window on the second floor, her slim figure. She was one of the few famous young ladies in the city.

However, his expression seemed to be a little disappointed, and he couldn't muster up any energy.

"Sister Eqin, this is your bank card. "It's all thanks to you." Xueluo placed the bank card that Xia Yiqin had given him next to her, "Lixin has already given that hundred thousand yuan of kindness to Principal Chi for me."

For some reason, Xueluo still chose to say that the kindness Feng Xinglang gave him was from Feng Lixin. Perhaps this sounded more acceptable to others.

Xia Yiqin did not even look at the bank card, and only sighed sorrowfully, "Xueluo, do you think the Feng Family hates me?"

Xueluo was slightly startled. So the reason why Xia Yiqin was sad was because he was rejected by Feng Xinglang yesterday?

"No, I won't." Xueluo didn't know how to comfort the sad Xia Yiqin, "Maybe … Maybe it was because his big brother Feng Lixin was injured that he became like this … It's so heartless. "

"Really?" Hearing Xueluo's comforting words, Xia Yiqin's mood seemed to improve a lot. But then he frowned and sighed, "But I can tell that he treats you well. and to actually be able to condescend and come to the Xia Family to bring you back. "

"What do you mean condescending? Wasn't it his brother who forced him to do that!" You know, he and his big brother are very close. His elder brother doted on him and even almost sacrificed his life for him … So Feng Xinglang listened to his big brother in particular. " Xueluo explained.

Xia Yiqin silently nodded her head, she quietly looked at Xueluo's clean and lovely face, and probingly asked: "Xueluo, tell the truth to Sister Yi Qin, do you like Feng Xinglang too?"

This question caused Xueluo to choke on his questions. How could he possibly like that arrogant Feng Xinglang?

"Sister Yi Qin, if you ask such a question, I will get angry! I am Feng Xinglang's sister-in-law, if you say it like this, won't you be trapped in a situation where I am unfaithful and innocent? Furthermore, it would be a humiliation to Feng Lixin! Although Feng Lixin's face was burnt to ashes, he's still my legal husband! I will respect him and even protect him! "

When he said these words, Xueluo's heart was truly very sad. It was not only for himself, but also for the crippled Feng Lixin.

"Xueluo, I'm sorry! I shouldn't have asked you that. I'm sorry! Don't be angry, just apologize to you, Sister Eqin! I'm sorry, Xueluo. " Seeing Xueluo's teary eyes, Xia Yiqin immediately apologized.

In the near future, they would become sister-in-law. And Feng Xinglang cared so much about his big brother Feng Lixin, so he had to first get on good terms with Xueluo.

"It's fine. I know you didn't mean to. " Xueluo calmed his emotions.

And in the living room downstairs in Xia Family, Wen Meijuan was reprimanding and educating her second daughter, Xia Yiqi.

Qin, Chess, Calligraphy, and Painting, Wen Meijuan had already given birth to three of his daughters. Even if he had a fourth daughter, 'Xia Yihua', he might even be a daughter. Furthermore, Wen Meijuan's body and age had long ago been disallowed. And she knew that Xia Zhengyang wholeheartedly wanted a son! Although her wish wasn't as strong all these years, she could still sniff out her husband Xia Zhengyang's deep-rooted patriarchal thoughts.

Therefore, Wen Meijuan placed all his hope on his eldest daughter Xia Yiqin. He hoped that she would marry a good husband, and thus bring honor to his ancestors in the Xia Family. That way, Xia Zhengyang would think highly of her, Wen Meijuan's daughter.

"Xia Yiqi, I will say this in front of everyone else: Your big sister took a fancy to this Feng Xinglang first. Therefore, you must not fight with your elder sister over this matter. Do you hear me? "

"Mom!" You're being biased! What right do you have to restrict my freedom to marry anyone I like? The man that she, Xia Yiqin, has taken a fancy to, why can't I like him? "

Xia Yiqi was truly dissatisfied with his mother's favouritism, so he mocked: "Your precious eldest daughter was rejected by Feng Xinglang last night! Then he came back with his tail between his legs! What did this mean? This means that Feng and Second Young Master do not care about your precious daughter! "

"Xia Yiqi, you …!" Wen Meijuan reprimanded her. But when he saw his eldest daughter Xia Yiqin and Xueluo walking down the stairs, he stopped his reprimand. She didn't want to hurt her eldest daughter's pride.

Xueluo could not help but criticize silently: Is Feng Xinglang this good? This was not scientific!

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