Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 8

With regards to the Second Young Master, the groom's act of scaring his bride, Nanny An did not dare to be angry, nor did she dare to say anything. She was fully aware of the Second Young Master's temper. If she were to tell his wife now, everyone would have no choice but to leave. Her fate would only be worse!

But when she saw Lin Xueluo's tearful face, Nanny An couldn't bear it anymore. After all, she couldn't just stand there and watch her die.

"Alright, then Madame will be upset for one night with me." Nanny An finally agreed.

It was already impossible to persuade Xueluo to return to the wedding room. If she forced Xueluo to do so, it would only force her back to Xia Family, which would be even worse.

"Thank you, Nanny An." Xueluo followed closely behind Nanny An and went into her downstairs room.

In the medical room on the second floor.

Looking at the Lin Xueluo who was crying pitifully in Nanny An's arms, Feng Lixin sighed lightly, "This Xinglang, is pretending to be me to scare Xueluo again! Xueluo was now his wife … This brat is really asking for a beating! "

Feng Lixin paused for a moment, then panted, "Lao Jin, go call that Xinglang over, I want to have a good talk with him."

However, Doctor Jin shook his head in disagreement. "I feel that their way of doing things is quite good! With the Second Young Master's personality, the more you force him, the more the opposite is the case. The more hardships Miss Xueluo will suffer! "

"But we can't allow him to scare Xueluo!" Feng Lixin could not hold back his anger at all, "He will scare Xueluo away!"

"There has to be a way for them to communicate." Doctor Jin looked at Xueluo who returned to the room with Nanny An on the screen, "It was really hard for her to choose to stay in Feng Family. Actually, this girl is quite quick-witted, she even knows to seek help from Nanny An. "

"No, I can't just watch Xinglang scare Xueluo away! What a good girl! " Feng Lixin wanted to sit up, but was trapped by the machines.

Doctor Jin immediately stepped forward and held him down, "First Young Master, Xueluo must go through this first! If she could not hide the fact that Second Young Master had disguised herself and left them behind, then that would be the beginning of her being able to warm his heart! And only then would Second Young Master be worthy of cherishing her even more! "

Feng Lixin was quiet for a moment, but in the end, he nodded his head. He agreed with what Lao Jin said.

The next day.

Xueluo woke up on the sofa in Nanny An's room. Nanny An was no longer on the bed. She should have woken up early to do household chores.

The scene from last night was still vivid in Xueluo's mind. She really wanted to treat it as a nightmare, but looking at this unfamiliar environment in Feng Family, everything reminded her that she really existed.

Xueluo sighed lightly. Since she had chosen to marry the crippled Feng Lixin, why couldn't she calmly accept his appearance? But, but his appearance was truly terrifying.

It was better to do what she came for. She had to face this cruel reality. Even if she didn't want to be intimate with him and take care of him, it was still her duty as his wife.

After washing her face and rinsing her mouth, Xueluo wanted to go to the kitchen to find the Nanny An and see if there was anything she could do.

However, she saw a person sitting in front of a huge dining table. A man was eating a sumptuous breakfast by himself.

Because he was prepared to perform a skin transplant for his big brother Feng Lixin, Feng Xinglang had recently paid great attention to his own meals. Nutrition was comprehensive and conducive to skin maintenance.

Xueluo couldn't help but walk over: The man's back was vigorous, he had a strong physique, his wild short hair was shiny and black, and his exposed wheat colored arm was strong and sturdy, full of a man's strength …

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