Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

Chapter 7

That was no longer a human face! The crisscrossing scars twisted his facial features, making them look so ferocious that no one dared to look directly at them.

Although Xueluo had made mental preparations on the way to Feng Family, she was still frightened when she saw the real, actionable him in front of her.

"What? Are you afraid?" The voice was old and hoarse.

The woman's reaction made Feng Xinglang despise her even more: With just this much courage, she still wanted to seek ulterior motives towards the Feng Family?

Feeling that the woman's screams were not horrifying enough, Feng Xinglang climbed down from the bed, approached Lin Xueluo with half bowed body, and raised his own eagle like claw-like hands, "Xueluo, don't be afraid … "Come, let me hug you!"

Seeing the centipede-like crisscrossing scar hands, Xueluo backed off in a panic, "Don't come over here … Don't come near me! "

It was an instinctive fear. Xueluo was truly unable to face him. He was really too terrifying. He was like a zombie beast,.

"Xueluo, tonight is our wedding night … Don't be afraid. If you find me ugly, I can turn off the light. " Feng Xinglang admired the true fear on her face. He wanted her to know clearly that she would pay a price if she dared to sign and marry him.

Did she want to have other plans for their Feng Family? That would depend on whether she had the guts!

"Don't... Don't turn off the lights! I... I don't mind you." Xueluo's voice trembled. Turning off the lights only increased the fear in her heart.

"Since you don't mind me … Then let's get laid! " Feng Xinglang approached Lin Xueluo again. He forced her back against the wall behind him. There was nowhere to run.

"Feng Lixin, please don't … I'll take good care of you. But I'm really scared right now. "

Two streams of crystal clear tears rolled down Xueluo's beautiful face. She tried her best to suppress the fear in her heart, but when she looked at Feng Xinglang's sinister face, she was still trembling in fear.

The word 'Feng Lixin' made Feng Xinglang's movements freeze up: This silly woman still thought that he's Feng Lixin?

That's right, he was seeking marriage in the name of his big brother Feng Lixin, it wasn't strange for women to think of him as Feng Lixin!

Taking advantage of the moment that Feng Xinglang was frozen, Xueluo immediately escaped from the corner of Feng Xinglang's arms. She opened the door in a fluster and stumbled out of the room …

The uncontrollable fear in his heart surged. In the empty corridor, Lin Xueluo's voice was choked with sobs. When she saw Nanny An looking up at her from the living room downstairs, she seemed to have found her lifeline and immediately ran towards her.

"Nanny An... I'm so scared! " Xueluo suddenly threw himself into Nanny An's embrace and started sobbing.

Anyone with carbohydrates is more or less afraid. After all, he was different from those horrible monsters in the movies. He could really move and pounce on him.

"Don't be scared..." Nanny An patted Xueluo's back to comfort her, "My lady, your good days have only just begun."

Good days? Was Nanny An speaking the truth, or was she speaking the opposite? She was almost scared out of her mind, what kind of days were these?

"Nanny An, can I sleep with you tonight?" Xueluo was extremely afraid. She grabbed onto Nanny An's hand tightly, afraid that she would disagree.

From time to time, she would look in the direction of the second floor in panic, worried that 'Feng Lixin' would chase her out.

"You want to sleep with me? Your wedding night... " Nanny An was in a difficult position. After all, it was the night of Xueluo's and Second Young Master's wedding. Would the Second Young Master be willing to let the bride sleep with a servant?

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