Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 2309 - Who Are You?

Chapter 2309: Who Are You?

Qiu Meng remained suspicious. He had revealed himself because he did not have much hope left.

That was because he had vaguely heard that the group was trying to find Duan Jingtian and it appeared that they seemed to know where Duan Jingtian was.

As such, he showed himself and followed the group, harboring hopes of finding Su Mo.

Yet, he didn’t understand why the group would get tense upon mention of Su Mo.

“Do they really know where Su Mo is?” Qiu Meng wondered to himself and his heart beat with excitement.

He became agitated upon this thought as he did not have much hope of finding Su Mo. If he managed to find Su Mo, his life would change.

Although he was a disciple of Human Palace, he had always been an outsider in Human Palace since he had entered it through the examination.

His talents were high, but after three hundred years of being in Human Palace, he was still a low Rank 3 True Deity.

This was because it was hard for him to get resources and training in Human Palace.

Unlike the privileged Qin’er, Zhu Yan, Luo Yun and JI Yuesong, who were highly regarded by the younger generation of Human Palace, he was less respected.

However, if he could find Su Mo, he would be able to obtain a wealth of resources that Tian Chenyu promised.

Qiu Meng was excited. He might be able to find Su Mo if he followed the group.

This was really his chance.

With that, Qiu Meng fell silent and he didn’t mention Duan Jingtian.

The group did not talk as they rushed towards Sky Pool Holy Court.

All of a sudden, Qin’er suddenly stopped.

The group stopped and looked at her in confusion.

“Guys, go ahead to Paramount Region, I will go to Spatiotemporal Region by myself!” Qin’er said.

“What?” The group instantly exclaimed in shock.

“Qin’er how can you be sure that Duan Jingtian will be at Spatiotemporal Region?” Ji Yuesong’s face darkened and he felt at a loss to Qin’er.

However, he knew that Qin’er must have had a crush on Duan Jingtian.

“Back then, we met Duan Jingtian at Spatiotemproal City. He might return there!” Qin’er hesitantly said.

“How could it be?”

Zhu Yan shook his head hard and stared at Qin’er. “Qin’er, we just happened to meet him there at Spatiotemporal Region. He might just be on a journey there, how can we know if he is still there?”

Zhu Yan was angry but he couldn’t express it.

“I really don’t know what that Duan Jingtian did to you!” Zhu Yan thought to himself and he could only push the blame onto Duan Jingtian.

“Qin’er, don’t be dumb. Deity Plane is so big, there is no way for you to find him!” Luo Yun shook her head and said helplessly.

On the other hand, Qiu Meng remained silent as his eyes surveyed Qin’er and the three others. They didn’t seem to be acting and Qiu Meng sighed.

It seemed that the group didn’t know where Su Mo was. It would be hard for him to find Su Mo.

“I will definitely find him!” Qin’er sighed deeply. Without hesitation, she turned and flew in another direction.


The faces of the group darkened. Qin’er actually wanted to find Duan Jingtian alone.

“Everyone, it is too dangerous to let Qin’er go alone!” Qiu Meng uttered as he chased after Qin’er.

The three others exchanged helpless looks before they sighed and followed Qin’er.

They could not leave Qin’er alone to go to Spatiotemporal Region. If anything happened, they would be in trouble.

The few quickly caught up to her and after a short conversation, they decided to change their destination as they headed for Spatiotemporal Region.

Qiu Meng did not leave either and he followed the four towards Spatiotemporal Region.

Inside the jade bottle, Su Mo was clear of what was happening in the outside world.

He could guess that Qin’er had feelings for him as she was determined to find him.

Su Mo could only feel helpless over that as he did not want to participate in any relationship just then.

He couldn’t understand Qiu Meng’s intentions either.

Was it really a coincidence? Or had Qiu Meng come for him?

However, Su Mo couldn’t care less about him. A mere low Rank 3 True Deity could not trouble him even if he was a top talent like Ji Yuesong.

He temporarily did not rush to head out. It would be much safer for him to leave once the group reached Sky Pool Holy Court.

Time passed by slowly, and after the group decided to head to Spatiotemporal City, they did not talk further and rushed on their way.

In half a month of time, the five entered Sky Pool Holy Court and entered a region called Imperial Sky Region.

By that point, Su Mo didn’t want to wait any further and he used the Heaven Illusionary Pill as he prepared to head out.

In the sky as the group flew, a sudden change happened.

A bright glow of light flashed from Qin’er’s body as the space shifted and a figure suddenly appeared before Qin’er.

“This……!” The group of five were stunned and in shock as they stopped flying and immediately surveyed the man.

It was a strong young man who wore a yellow shirt. He had a rough face and a fierce vibe.

“Who are you?” Qin’er blankly asked. Things had happened so quickly that she jumped in shock.

The young man seemed to have come from her storage ring.

However, she was confused. How could a person be hiding in her storage ring?

Ji Yuesong and the others stared intently at the young man, trying to figure him out.

The aura from the young man was deep and mysterious and they could not figure out his cultivation rank.

Furthermore, although the young man in front of them did not appear similar to Su Mo, Qiu Meng had a deep suspicion.

After all, his aim had been to see whether Su Mo had followed the group out of Human Palace.

At this point, he had a strong suspicion that the man was Su Mo.

Yet, if it was Su Mo, why did Qin’er appear so clueless?

This young man was Su Mo. He had used the Heaven Illusionary Pill to appear as a totally different man in front of the group.

Without saying a word, Su Mo turned and left.

He had no reason to talk with the group and he did not hesitate to leave.

“Stop there!”

IN the blink of an eye, Qiu Meng’s body flashed and he blocked Su Mo’s way.

“What rat are you?! tell us your identity!”

Qiu Meng ordered. Without hesitation, he ordered, “Everyone, this man is suspicious. We must not let him leave!”

At the same time, a secret messaging charm appeared in Qiu Meng’s palm discretely.

As long as the man in front of him was Su Mo, he would immediately send a message to Tian Chenyu.

His heart palpitated with adrenalin. If the man was Su Mo, his chance had here.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

Ji Yuesong and the others did not stare blankly and they surrounded Su Mo quickly.

“Who are you?” Ji Yuesong’s eyes filled with anger as he demanded to know.

He naturally wouldn’t let the suspicious man go and he wanted to investigate the incident.

“Qin’er, what is going on? That man seemed to have come from your body?” Luo Yun asked Qin’er curiously.

“We must not let him leave!” Zhu Yan coldly interrupted.

Qin’er stared at Su Mo blankly without replying Luo Yun.

She wasn’t dumb and she was sure that the man had appeared from her storage ring.

Aside from some items that she normally used and resources, her storage ring did not contain anything else.

She immediately recalled the jade bottle that her grandfather had given her. The man could have come from the jade bottle.

Upon further consideration, the jade bottle seemed to have vibrated slightly when the man appeared.

Instantly, Qin’er’s eyes brightened. Ordinary disciples would not appear in the jade bottle her grandfather had given her.

As such, the man in front of them would have been planted into the jade bottle by her grandfather.

The answer was clear. The man could very possibly be the missing Su Mo.

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