Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 2310 - Holy Sword Mountain

Chapter 2310: Holy Sword Mountain

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“You are…?”

Qin’er eyes shone with joy as she stared intently at Su Mo. However, before she could finish speaking, Su Mo interrupted her with a wave of his hand.

Su Mo knew that Qin’er had recognized him.

“Lady Qin’er, I will see you again!” Su Mo smiled towards Qin’er.

The three others of the group narrowed their eyes. Did the man know Qin’er?

“You are Duan Jingtian?” Qiu Meng’s eyes flashed and he asked in a low voice.


He had a suspicion but he wasn’t sure if the man was truly Su Mo.

“You don’t have to know!”

Su Mo turned towards Qiu Meng and shouted in a cold voice. The moment he finished speaking, he immediately attacked.

A long sword in his hand appeared as Sword Force gushed out and a sharp Sword Qi slashed at Qiu Meng.

At that point, Su Mo could confirm that the man didn’t have good intentions.

Even Ji Yuesong and the others had not recognized him, but the stranger had guessed his identity. The man must have had insidious thoughts.

With a sword out, the atmosphere changed. Terrifying Sword Force flooded the sky and a boundless battling intent rushed out.

Su Mo did not hold back with this slash and he displayed his Rank 2 cultivation rank strength.

Since they were close together, the sword immediately arrived before Qiu Meng.

“How could this be?”

Qiu Meng’s face darkened. He knew that Su Mo was almost three times stronger than Tian Chenshan and Ji Yuesong.

However, Su Mo’s strength was on a whole different level now.

He had thought that he would be strong enough to overpower Su Mo, but he had not expected that Su Mo would break through his cultivation rank.

Without any time to think, Qiu Meng frenzied to block the attack.


As expected of a Rank 3 True God, Qiu Meng was strong. His two fists smashed the Sword Qi strongly.

However, it was in vain as the Sword Qi remained invincible.


A loud explosion sounded as a strong Sword Qi sliced Qiu Meng into two. His physical body and Primordial Spirit were destroyed.

The Rank 3 True God was no match for Su Mo.

If Su Mo had not broken through his cultivation rank, he might not have defeated Qiu Meng. However, his strength could no longer compare to what it had been previously, before he’d broken through.

Strong forces rushed out and a downpour of blood followed. Qin’er and Ji Yuesong and the rest retreated backward in a hurry, trying to avoid the forces.

“You are Duan Jingtian?” Luo Yun exclaimed in surprise.

“Duan Jingtian, you actually killed a fellow sect member?” Zhu Yan accused.

“So strong?” Ji Yuesong wore a shock look. Qiu Meng was not any weaker than him but he had been killed in a single strike.

Qin’er on the other hand was so surprised that her eyes bulged out. Was Duan Jingtian crazy? Why had he killed someone out of anger?

“I am Su Mo and also Duan Jingtian!”

Su Mo put away his sword as he stared at the four. At that moment, there was nothing for him to hide. He had exposed his identity the moment he attacked Qiu Meng.

However, he couldn’t care less. The world was vast, and aside from Palace Master Rende who knew that he was headed to Ultimate Sword Domain, no one else knew of his whereabouts.

“Duan Jingtian, you have committed a grave sin for killing a fellow sect member!” Zhu Yan roared in anger. He couldn’t care less about Su Mo’s name, but he was smiling inwardly because Duan Jingtian had killed a fellow sect member.

Duan Jingtian could no longer return to Human Place as he would be punished severely.

“Another word and I will kill you too!” Su Mo whipped his head and glared murderously at Zhu Yan as he threatened.

“You…!” Zhu Yan boiled with rage and he took involuntary steps back out of fear.

“Lady Qin’er, thank you!” Su Mo cupped his fists towards Qin’er. Qin’er had helped him and she was also the granddaughter of Palace Master Rende, it was only right to thank her.

“You… why did you kill him?” Qin’er blankly asked.

“You will understand in the future!”

Su Mo sighed before he said, “goodbye!”

With that, Su Mo did not delay and he flew off.

“When will you return?” Qin’er called as she saw Su Mo flying away.

“When I can control Life and Death, I will return!”

Su Mo’s voice echoed from the distance.

Upon hearing Su Mo’s words, Qin’er was confused. What did he mean?

Ji Yuesong, Luo Yun and Zhu Yan did not stop Su Mo because they all knew that they had no capacity to do so.

“Brother Yuesong, this Duan Jingtian has no regard for rules as he killed Qiu Meng. We have to report this to the elder!” Zhu Yan’s face hardened as he said. Duan Jingtian had acted too outrageously as a godly talent.

“I will report this when we are back. Only the elders can punish him.” Ji Yuesong said.

The group hovered in the air for a long while. In the end, they did not head to Spatiotemporal Region either but returned to Human Palace.

After all, Duan Jingtian had suddenly appeared and killed a fellow sect member. They had to report the matter to the sect.

After Su Mo left the group, he sped towards Ultimate Sword Domain.

Sky Pool Holy Court was large, much larger than Reincarnation Region. Su Mo flew as fast as he could to reach Ultimate Sword Domain early.

“I wonder how strong Ling Chang is now?” Su Mo wondered. In his opinion, Ling Chang would be very strong.

After all, the reincarnation of a Supreme Being was extraordinary.

Right then, he could only hope that Ling Chang would request for Zi Xiao Supreme Being on his behalf to save Qian Xunyue.

Time flew by and Su Mo did not stop flying. Six months passed quickly.

Finally, Su Mo reached the region of Ultimate Sword Domain.

The moment he entered Ultimate Sword Domain, he could vaguely feel the air being filled with a sharp sword aura.

This was the world of the sword where ninety percent of people practiced the way of the sword. This resulted in a dense sword aura in the environment.

It was rumored that Ultimate Sword Domain had been created by an expert called Ultimate Sword Honorable.

Although Ultimate Sword Honorable was not as well-known as Reincarnation Heavenly Sovereign nor Ancient Demon Elder and Chaos God Emperor, he was in the same category as them.

However, the Ultimate Sword Honorable had disappeared for close to a million years and he had not appeared again.

Many of the top experts in Deity Plane had disappeared without a trace and it was rare to come across one.

It was rumored that many experts had died, but ordinary True God Realm martial artists didn’t know how these experts had died.

Su Mo got to know where the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace was and he found it at a place called Holy Sword Mountain.

A few days later, Su Mo reached Holy Sword Mountain. A giant, majestic mountain appeared in his view.

This mountain was around two hundred thousand feet tall and the upper portion of the mountain looked like a large holy sword etched into the ground.

About a few kilometers away from the Holy Sword Mountain, Su Mo felt a strong boundless Sword Force feel the air.

It was as though Holy Sword Mountain was a Holy Sword that had flooded the heavens.

“This Holy Sword Mountain actually affects the entire Ultimate Sword Domain?” Su Mo’s heart clenched. No wonder Ultimate Sword Domain was filled with Sword Radiance. It was all emitted from Holy Sword Mountain.

Su Mo felt a warm feeling in his chest. This place could be a good place for him to practice his sword. It was way better than Human Palace.

He had not practiced any proper sword way for his sword.

However, at this location, he might be able to create a new martial way for himself.

With that, Su Mo sped up and flew towards Holy Sword Mountain.

The closer he got to the mountain, the more realistic the Sword Force felt. The sword aura from the mountain turned into Sword Force that was vast and pure.

Even the swords in his storage ring started to hum from the power of the Sword Force.

However, this Sword Force would not harm anyone and one could only feel it as a feeling.

“It is so rich!”

As Su Mo got closer to the mountain, he realized that there were large buildings being built on it.

These buildings formed cities and there were close to a dozen of them.

As the cities connected to each other along the mountain, Holy Sword Mountain was enclosed in the middle of them.

It was as though Holy Sword Mountain was a sacred place that everyone protected.

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