Weapon Master

Chapter 10

### Chapter 10 - Who let you go?


The inside the Dantian, "Nine Yang Divine Furnace", quickly rotated, and the true energy gathered within the cauldron once again rushed out along with the blazing heat. At that moment, Tang Huan could clearly feel a scorching warm current flowing through his spirit vein. In an instant, it had arrived at his left fist.


The moment the two fists met, the accumulated Innate Qi in Tang Huan's fist immediately roared out.

At the same time Strength Qi spread out from the point of impact of the fist, an incomparably scorching aura burst out, and in an instant, the surrounding temperature seemed to rise by several degrees.

"Deng deng deng …"

At this moment, under the impact of the Strength Qi, Tang Huan also suffered a heavy blow and was forced back six steps before he managed to stabilize himself. Tang Chao, who was still in the air, was also sent flying a few meters before heavily landing on the ground.

When Tang Hong and the other two saw this scene, they were stunned, their smiles frozen on their faces.

Tang Huan was forced to retreat further, it looked like Tang Chao had the upper hand.

But after Tang Huan's sword was broken, he attacked in haste. Although Tang Chao only took three steps back, he was first blown a few meters back in the air and had already cushion the impact with his own strength.

It looked like the two of them were evenly matched.

Just how many spirit veins did Tang Huan open, for him to be able to contend against Tang Chao? Could it be that he is the same as Tang Chao, a Martial Disciples of the second rank? However, this fellow didn't possess any zhenqi for the past ten or so years. Just a few days ago, he was beaten to the verge of death by them. How could he become so powerful in an instant?

Could it be that this fellow had always been pretending to be a pig?

It was very easy to play as a pig for a few days, but to play as a pig for over ten years was not something an ordinary person could do. If that was the case, then this fellow was way too patient!

When they thought about this, Tang Hong, Tang Jiang, and Tang Junjie almost simultaneously shivered, but immediately afterwards, they were so shocked by Tang Chao that they almost jumped up.

"True fire? You actually merged with your True Fire? "

The collision just now had actually made his entire fist swell like a ball. His skin was charred black, the pain was unbearable, and not only that, there was also a scorching heat that invaded his entire right arm which was on fire.

As a Disciples of the Tang Family, his experience was naturally greater than an ordinary person's. He immediately understood that he had been injured by the other party's true energy!

Other than the fact that the other party had already fused with the true flame, there was no other way for him to fuse the true flame.

By fusing with true fire, one could become an artificer.

With so many people in the Tang Clan, he was only a low rank blacksmith. Yet, this bastard had actually become a blacksmith?

"Second brother, he … … He … He's an artificer? " Tang Hong called out as his eyes opened wide in shock.

"Brother Chao, could it be that your judgement was wrong?" Tang Jiang also said in shock.

"How could this bastard be a refiner?"

Tang Junjie found it even harder to believe his own eyes. They hadn't seen Tang Chao's fist, but they had all heard it.

It was one thing to play the pig for more than ten years, but now he was pretending to be a refiner?

In this world, artificers were an existence that was incomparably revered. Even if it was a low-ranked artificer, they would still receive extremely high treatment in the three empires. Tang Huan who was originally called "bastard" or "dog thing" by them, would in the future jump onto their heads?

They found it hard to accept such an outcome.

"You're right, I have indeed fused with the 'True Fire'."

Tang Huan glanced at Tang Chao's fist and laughed, "Tang Chao, for you to be able to taste the taste of roasted pig's feet, you have to thank me!"

At this time, he was also extremely shocked in his heart.

Although he had just opened his fourth spirit vein, and did not have the slightest bit of fear, he did not have much confidence when facing Tang Chao, a Second Order Martial Disciples. Especially after Tang Chao had broken his longsword, he was prepared for injury. However, he hadn't thought that fusing the power of the true flame with his true qi would cause such a frightening destructive power and instantly cripple Tang Chao's arm.

Hearing that, Tang Hong and the other two were also shocked, they just realised that Tang Chao was injured.

"Very good! "Very good!"

"Tang Huan, you bastard, if you didn't fuse with your 'True Fire', then that's fine, but since you've merged with 'True Fire', then your life is almost over!"


Tang Huan's brows twitched, his heart shivered.

Tang Chao's words made him seethe with anger, but they also reminded him. He reckoned that aside from the protection of the old blacksmith, who was said to be a low-level blacksmith, the reason why he had been able to survive until now was probably because he had never been able to cultivate true energy.

But now, not only did he possess true energy, he even had the "True Fire". The Tang Clan, especially that vicious woman, would probably never let him off.

"Let's go!" Tang Chao glanced at Tang Huan, then shouted and prepared to leave.

"Go?" Who let you leave? "

Tang Huan regained his senses, the killing intent in his heart started to boil, he started to laugh coldly, and then he threw a punch towards Tang Chao's head.

Seeing that, Tang Chao's expression changed, he could not move his right arm at all, and raised his right arm as though it was a conditioned reflex, but before the fist rushed out, he realized that Tang Huan had already fused with his True Fire, and immediately leaped up, rolling to the side and dodging Tang Huan's powerful punch.


The moment he landed, the long sword at Tang Chao's waist was unsheathed. A faint golden light surrounded the blade, revealing its edge, sharper than an ordinary weapon.

"Chi!" Tang Chao's wrist turned, and the sword trembled, as it pierced under Tang Huan's ribs. The lesson just now, had already made him afraid to clash with Tang Huan's fist again.

"Low level weapon?"

Tang Huan's expression congealed and he growled. His footsteps quickened as he grabbed the abnormally heavy iron furnace not far away and smashed it towards Tang Chao.


With a clanging sound, Tang Chao's long sword was pushed aside, and the iron furnace was sent flying to the side. It smashed heavily onto a wooden table, causing bits and pieces to fly everywhere. Tang Chao's face paled.

The iron furnace weighed several hundred jin to begin with, and when it was thrown out like that, it became even heavier. He was a Martial Disciples of the second rank and also used a low rank weapon. If it was a normal person, they would easily be sent flying, but now that the injury on his right arm had affected his entire body and affected the flow of his true qi, his injuries immediately became more severe.


But just then, Tang Huan pounced over once again, wielding a giant hammer, he smashed down straight at Tang Chao.

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