Weapon Master

Chapter 11

"Little Hong, quickly go back. This bastard wants to silence us by killing us!"

Seeing the gigantic hammer smashing towards him, Tang Chao was terrified, he anxiously retreated a step and used all his might to block it, and the fierce look in Tang Huan's eyes made him even more aware that Tang Huan already had killing intent towards him, causing him to have a bad premonition, as he shouted out loud.

When Tang Hong and the others heard Tang Chao's words, they were all shocked.

They had originally thought that even if Tang Chao lost momentarily and was injured by Tang Huan's power of true flames, but with his strength as a second ranked Martial Disciples, even if he was unable to defeat Tang Huan, it shouldn't be a problem for him to maintain a draw with Tang Huan. However, they hadn't thought that Tang Chao would say such words in such a short period of time.

The situation had become so serious?


In a split-second, the huge hammer had already struck the sword's body.

Even though Tang Chao had already circulated his zhen Qi, he still could not withstand such a violent impact. With a groan, the long sword in his hand fell to the ground. His entire left arm was sore and numbed, while the stifling feeling in his chest almost made him spit out a mouthful of blood.

"Little Jiang, Junjie, you two go first!"

Suddenly, Tang Hong quivered and immediately shouted loudly. Tang Jiang and Tang Junjie were still hesitating, but Tang Hong already anxiously shouted, "Quick!"

Tang Jiang and Tang Junjie grit their teeth and ran off into the distance. Even though their strength wasn't good, they were quite smart.

They knew that now was not the time to hesitate and give in. If Tang Huan really wanted to kill someone, once Tang Chao lost his ability to resist, then they would be in danger, and could only take the chance to escape as fast as possible before Tang Chao fell. Only then would Tang Huan be at ease and did not dare to truly kill him.

Tang Huan frowned slightly as he thought it was a pity. He did have the thought of leaving Tang Chao's group of four behind, as this would at least delay the release of the news of fusing with the 'True Fire' for a while. If Tang Chao had woken up a bit later, he had a lot of confidence that he would have done it.

But now, it was obviously impossible!

Even if he killed Tang Chao and Tang Hong, it would be very difficult for him to catch up to Tang Jiang and Tang Junjie who had already escaped. Since this news was destined to be found out by the Tang Family, there was no longer a need to kill Tang Chao and Tang Hong.

But he couldn't let them go either!

Tang Huan thought for a moment, but his movements did not pause the slightest, and his leg shot out like lightning.

Before Tang Chao could regain his senses, he was kicked in the chest. With a miserable "Ao" sound, the was sent flying out of the shop.

"Second Brother!"

Tang Hong screamed in shock and ran over to support Tang Chao.

At this moment, Tang Hong was panicking and regretful at the same time. If he had known earlier that Tang Huan had fused with the True Fire, he would have called for a few more people to come over.


Tang Chao opened his mouth, unable to suppress the surging blood in his chest. He spat out a mouthful of blood, his face turning as pale as a sheet of paper.

"Someone like you can break my arms and legs?" Tang Huan walked over with a gigantic hammer in hand, his eyes filled with ridicule.

"You …"

Tang Chao was both embarrassed and angry. Before he could finish, he spat out another mouthful of blood.

Seeing Tang Huan getting closer and closer, Tang Hong became even more frightened. A heavy iron hammer of several tens of kilograms would probably only take two tries to smash the two of them to death.

"Tang Huan, you … You. Don't think I'm really afraid of you! I... I'll go all out! "

Tang Hong suddenly gathered his courage and pulled out his sword, standing in front of Tang Chao.

Tang Huan's footsteps paused, his eyes fixed on Tang Hong's body. In the blink of an eye, Tang Hong was already sweating profusely, his face was pale white, and his lips could not help but tremble uncontrollably.

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Tang Huan scoffed and curled his lips. With a wave of his giant hammer, the sword in Tang Hong's hand flew out.

"Don't kill me, don't kill me …"

The bit of courage that Tang Hong mustered disappeared. At the same time, he closed his eyes and screamed in despair, his legs bent and he was about to kneel. But before his knee even touched the ground, he heard a loud sound, and the ground also trembled. Following that, his collar tightened and his body left the ground, and a burning pain came from his face.




A crisp sound echoed continuously outside the blacksmith's shop.

"Tang Huan, stop!"

When he first saw Tang Huan's hammer strike towards his brother, he was so shocked that his heart almost reached his throat. Luckily, that hammer strike still flew out and smashed onto the ground in the end, but even though Tang Hong escaped death, his bad luck did not end yet.

Seeing how Tang Huan slapped his face multiple times, Tang Chao felt extremely furious and frustrated. He felt an indescribable sense of humiliation from the bottom of his heart.

"Don't worry, it's your turn soon." Tang Huan slapped Tang Hong's face again, and then smiled at Tang Chao in ridicule.

"You … "You dare?"

Tang Chao's heart trembled as he roared in fear. However, just as he finished speaking, he saw Tang Hong fly out horizontally and crashed into the ground as he moaned in pain. Following which, Tang Huan walked towards him in large strides. That smiling face made him both furious and regretful.

He was very clear that it was those words he said before he left that aroused Tang Huan's killing intent. If he did not say that much, he would have left this damn place by now.

But unfortunately, it was too late for regret.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Chao watched helplessly as Tang Huan caught hold of his neck, and then the image of his palm kept moving in front of his eyes.




The stinging pain in his cheeks was secondary, but what made Tang Chao feel even more unbearable was the sense of humiliation he felt. In the family, although he was not one of the most blessed sons of the younger generation, he was still doted upon by the Chief s of the family.

"Tang …" Huanhuan … There was … Seed... You. Just kill … "If you kill me..."

Amidst the clapping sounds, Tang Chao's hysterical howls sounded out. After saying those words, the usually arrogant Tang Chao simply fainted.


Tang Huan swung his hand, throwing Tang Chao onto Tang Hong's body, smashing him into the air and causing Tang Hong to scream like a pig.

After he slowly exhaled, Tang Huan's mind started working quickly.

Tang Jiang and Tang Junjie escaped. Soon, the Tang clan experts would arrive.

Tang Huan didn't want to use the Jade Plate Protection Rune that the old blacksmith left behind. After all, he could only use it once, and after using it, he wouldn't be able to stay in the Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City. Now, Tang Huan had merged with his "True Fire" and was about to become a Refiner, so he didn't want to leave in such a dejected manner.

"Go and get that amulet right away!"

After thinking about it, Tang Huan had already made his decision. He glanced at Tang Chao and Tang Hong with a cold smile, not bothering to close the blacksmith shop either.

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