Weapon Master

Chapter 16

One by one, the doors opened …

The more he read, the more surprised Tang Huan became.

In some of the rooms, there were items such as hammers, pincers, and other tools for forging weapons. There were also various pills and herbs, but Tang Huan had seen most of them with various gems that possessed miraculous powers. In one of the rooms, Tang Huan almost froze the moment the door opened. Compared to the gem, the melted "Cold Jade Stone" was not even worth mentioning.


Tang Huan pushed open another thick and heavy door, and a scorching heatwave immediately assaulted his face, causing his clothes and hair to feel as if they were about to ignite. It was a good thing that the wood separating the palace was not ordinary, if not, the entire room, and even the entire palace would have been turned into ashes.

He moved to the door and peeked his head out. Unexpectedly, there was a millstone-sized ball inside the room.

The whole ball was bright red, crystal clear, and exuding a strong heat.

"What is this?"

Tang Huan suddenly realized that the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" in his dantian was ready to make a move, and the "True Fire" in the cauldron was also flickering. This sudden change in events allowed Tang Huan to faintly understand that the heat emitted from the ball might be able to cause his "True Fire" to increase quite a bit.

What should he do?

Tang Huan thought for a while, then his eyes suddenly lit up. The old man guarding the door only said that he could not bring anything out, he was only absorbing the heat from the ball, and did not take the ball out … Of course, this couldn't be said to be violating the rules of Hidden Edge Hall.

Laughing, Tang Huan stripped off his clothes, went into his room and closed the door.


A smile that was uglier than crying appeared on his skinny face, "This kid has good eyesight, he actually chose the room where the 'Mysterious Sun Pill Stone' is located. The 'Mysterious Sun Fire Essence' contained in the 'Mysterious Sun Pill Stone' is indeed able to increase the 'True Fire', however, this thing cannot be absorbed too much, otherwise, it would be harmful. I wonder how long this brat will be able to last?"

"Wu, he is only a first rank Martial Disciples with four spirit veins open. It would already be quite good if he could stay inside there for half an hour."

The short elder lightly stroked his long beard, then closed his eyes.

Inside the small room, the naked Tang Huan was already sitting cross-legged.

The closer he got to the ball, the hotter it became. Even with the fusion of the true flame, the intense heat still made it difficult for him. In just a few breaths of time, he was like a cooked shrimp.

Tang Huan forced himself to calm down and concentrate. Soon enough, a ball of "True Fire" emerged from each of his palms.

A moment later, Tang Huan's palms, that were wrapped in flames, gently pressed onto the ball. Although he was protected by the "True Fire", his palms still felt a slight burning sensation. Tang Huan did not hesitate at all and immediately activated the "Invigorated Meridian Spirit Art". His inside the Dantian, as well as the cauldron, were also revolving very quickly.

In the next moment, two currents of heat rushed into his palm and rushed up along the spirit vein. In an instant, they gathered into the dantian's furnace and quickly merged into the true flame.

Originally, when he melted the "Cold Jade Stone", Tang Huan had already used up a large amount of his True Fire. Around the perfectly round Fire Seed, the flames were already rather weak, but the instant the two heat currents merged, the surface of the Fire Seed instantly surged with blazing flames, and immediately reached its peak state.

Not only that, but with the integration of the two heat currents, even the fire spark had grown a little.

Tang Huan was ecstatic, he tried his best to suppress the burning sensation in his spirit vein and continued to absorb the spiritual energy. The two heat currents entered the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" without him noticing, and did not stop.

Unknowingly, half an hour had passed.

"He still hasn't come out?"

At the side of Hidden Edge Hall's entrance, the short elder opened his eyes in surprise. Then, he gave a praising smile, "This kid is really tolerant. He can actually hold out until now. "]"

"It's been almost a quarter of an hour, and he's still inside?"

After nearly half a quarter of an hour, the short elder could no longer sit still. "Could it be that after absorbing too much 'Mysterious Solar Flame Essence', my dantian was unable to withstand it and my body exploded, causing me to die? This kid has the talent to melt the 'Cold Jade Stone' so quickly and enter Hidden Edge Hall. If he dies like this, that would be a waste! "


As he muttered to himself, the short elder had already stood up. His figure flashed and disappeared, turning into a streak of light. His speed was extremely shocking.

However, he left quickly and returned even faster.

When he once again sat cross-legged at the side of the hall door, his face was filled with unconcealable surprise. "This kid is actually still absorbing the 'Mysterious Sun Flame Essence', and it's completely fine."

Half an hour … Three quarters of an hour … Two hours …

"He can actually withstand so many 'Mysterious Solar Flame Essences'?" The Mysterious Sun Flame Essence is incomparably powerful. Not to mention a low rank artificer, even if this old man, as a high rank artificer, absorbs too much of it, he will still suffer from a backlash. His internal organs will turn into charcoal! "

"But this boy, he still hasn't stopped?"

As time flew by, the surprised expression on the short elder's face was replaced with extreme shock. After a long while, he was finally awoken by the sound of footsteps. He looked up and saw the youth running out. His face was flushed red and his eyebrows and head were bare without a single strand of hair.

"Senior, I'm going out."

Seeing the old man looking at him with a strange expression, Tang Huan could not help but feel guilty, he laughed awkwardly: "I did not bring anything."

The short elder stared at Tang Huan, his body motionless.

"Senior, I'm going out?" Could it be that he had already discovered it? Tang Huan felt goosebumps in his heart, and while speaking, he was already probing the exit of the hall. Seeing that the short elder did not react, Tang Huan quietly increased his pace, and in a short period of time, he left the palace.


After Tang Huan left for a while, the short elder seemed to have awoken from a dream, he suddenly shot himself into the sky in a flash, pushed open the door and entered the room with the "Profound Yang Pill Stone". It was still warm inside, but the ball was already dim.

The skinny old man's expression suddenly changed, and he hastily touched the ball with his hand. His skinny face immediately twitched, and he howled with incomparable pain: "This damnable little bastard, he actually absorbed all of the 'Mysterious Sun Flame Essence' … Not even a single bit is left for this old man. "

"So many 'Mysterious Sun Flame Essences'! Even if it were ten million gold coins, it still wouldn't be enough!"


Vaguely, there seemed to be a roar. Tang Huan could not help but turn his head to take a look, and then, quickened his pace. He finally understood that the word "hide" on the giant screen meant all kinds of strange treasures, and "edge" probably meant a weapon.

Weapons that could be placed in Hidden Edge Hall by the "Divine Armament Hall" were certainly outstanding. It was a pity to miss such an opportunity to admire them.

However, on this trip to the Hidden Edge Hall, Tang Huan's gains from watching could not be compared to the number of weapons he had.

After completely absorbing all the heat in that sphere, the Fire Elemental "True Fire" within his dantian's cauldron had actually grown by a large amount. Before, it had been as small as an egg, but now, it was as big as a bowl and had increased by countless times.

Tang Huan was very clear what this signified, and therefore, guilt turned into guilt. However, after walking out of the Hidden Edge Hall, the smile on his face never disappeared.

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