Weapon Master

Chapter 17

"Tang Huan!"

A loud shout was heard. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

Tang Huan suddenly woke up from his stupor and looked over, only to see two figures walking out from the pavilion. In front was the Green Leaf Pavilion Mistress, holding a wooden box in her hands, followed by the girl dressed in red. Amongst the five participants in the examination, she was the only one who had finished melting the "Frigid Jade Stone" in four hours.

The first round of examination had ended? Who would have thought that he would stay in Hidden Edge Hall for such a long time!

"Greetings Pavilion Master."

In a blink of an eye, Tang Huan immediately walked forward to welcome him.

"Tang Huan, you absorbed the 'Mysterious Sun Flame Essence' from the 'Mysterious Sun Pill Stone' in the Hidden Edge Hall?" Qing Ye sized Tang Huan up from top to bottom, and the depths of her beautiful eyes flashed with surprise.

"Mysterious Sun Flame Essence?"

The red dressed young lady who was secretly laughing because of Tang Huan's strange appearance, couldn't help but exclaim out loud when she heard these four words. Her beautiful face was filled with surprise, she clearly knew that this kind of heaven and earth treasure that had a miraculous effect of raising a "True Fire".

"Pavilion Master, that thing is called the 'Mysterious Sun Flame Essence'?" Tang Huan was slightly dazed for a moment, and then, while stroking his smooth head, he gave an awkward laugh.

"Not bad, how much did you absorb?" Qing Ye curiously asked.

"Uh, it seems... "I absorbed it all..." Tang Huan looked confused. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]


Qing Ye cried out involuntarily. The curiosity in his eyes was also replaced by shock.

The larger the Mystic Yang Pill Stone, the more Mystic Yang Flame Essences it contained. The core stone in Hidden Edge Hall was extremely large. It contained a "Mysterious Sun Fire Essence." Even if dozens of low-level refiners were to act at the same time, it would still be impossible for them to absorb it all in a short period of time. After all, this thing could not be absorbed for a long time.

If he absorbed too much without stopping, it wouldn't be long before his entire body would be burnt to death.

However, he did not expect that not only did this fellow manage to completely absorb all of them within two hours, but he was still alive and kicking even now.

This was simply a miracle!

Could it be due to the five elements being metal? However, this didn't seem to have much to do with his physique!

"Pavilion Master, I'm sorry, I also wanted to save some, but I was too engrossed in it for a moment, in the end..." Tang Huan laughed dryly since he knew he was in the wrong.

"It doesn't matter. Within these two hours, no matter how much more 'Black Sun Fire Essence' you absorb, it won't violate the rules of Hidden Edge Hall." Qing Ye came back to reality and waved his hand with a wry smile, then said with a smile that was not a smile, "However, Senior Mu Kui from Hidden Edge Hall might hate you to death."

"Senior Mu Kui?"

The image of the skinny old man flashed across Tang Huan's mind, along with the roar he vaguely heard from the hall not too long ago. "Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love!"

Once again, he gave Tang Huan a deep look. Qing Ye said: "Let's go to the Wonder Artifact Hall. Tang Huan, Gu Fei, the two of you just need to pass the second round of examinations and you will be considered low level Refiners. " With that said, Qing Ye walked in front with the wooden box in his hand. His perfectly round and perky waist and buttocks swayed gracefully. He looked graceful and charming.

When Tang Huan and the young lady called Gu Fei saw this, they hurriedly followed.

Gu Fei would glance at Tang Huan with incomparable curiosity from time to time. As they neared the entrance of the Exquisite Artifact Hall, she couldn't help but ask in a low voice, "Hey, Tang Huan, how much 'Profound Sun Fire Essence did you absorb?'"

"Not much, just a little." Tang Huan laughed.


Gu Fei rolled her eyes at Tang Huan in anger. If she really only absorbed that little bit of "Profound Sun Fire Essence", would the Cyan Leaf Pavilion Master have such a huge reaction?

"You think that I won't know if you don't tell me? Hmph, I will find out very soon."

Gu Fei wrinkled her nose and snorted. After that, she raised her head and quickly walked two steps, leaving Tang Huan behind like a proud little hen. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

Tang Huan snickered in his heart as he entered the Wonder Artifact Hall with Gu Fei one after the other.

The Exquisite Artifact Hall was the place where weapons were forged. Inside were all sorts of weapons and weapons.

Qing Ye brought Gu Fei and Tang Huan to an iron table, opened the wooden box, and a jade plate containing the juice of the "Frigid Jade Stone" appeared in front of the two of them. After that, Qing Ye took out two thin and long swords from the many sword billets s stacked together, and placed them in front of the two of them.

"The second round of the examination is very simple. To fuse the 'Cold Jade Stone' with the sword billets, as long as you pass the examination, all of you will have passed. There are still two hours of time limit."

Qing Ye was full of smiles.

"Yes sir!"

Tang Huan and Gu Fei's expressions both became serious.

After taking a light breath, Tang Huan grabbed the sword billets. Although it was called a sword billets, it was more or less at the stage of complete forging. In this world, there were many ways to forge a weapon. Before quenching, the gemstone solution would be fused into the solution.

Of course, even though it was simple, wanting to do it perfectly wasn't that easy either.

He only looked at the sword billets for a moment before putting it down. Then, with a thought, the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" within his dantian started to revolve, and a hot flow that was thicker than the one he used to fuse with the gem flowed out of the cauldron, spreading towards his right palm. An instant later, a large ball of fire rose from the center of his palm.


The whistling sound from the flames immediately attracted Qing Ye and Gu Fei's attention.

Qing Ye was actually still alright, but after knowing that Tang Huan had absorbed a large amount of "Profound Yang Fire Essence," she had guessed that this fellow's "True Fire" had definitely risen to an extremely shocking level. At this moment, after Tang Huan had activated the "True Fire," the flames outside had completely proven his guess.

Not only that, the white at the heart of the flames had also become much brighter.

Gu Fei, however, was so shocked that her small mouth gaped wide open, and she looked dazedly at the ball of flames in Tang Huan's palm that was around the size of two washbasins. Originally, he thought that the flames Tang Huan produced in the pavilion were strong enough, he never thought that after going to the Hidden Edge Pavilion, the flames would rise to such a level.

The extreme shock actually made Gu Fei completely ignore the color of the flame in Tang Huan's palm.

If she knew that the white colored flame represented Tang Huan's physique of a metal of the five elements, she would probably be even more shocked.

Tang Huan was also shocked by the huge ball of flames he had created.

When activating the "True Fire", he had learned the lesson of the first trial and wanted to keep a low profile. Therefore, he had already deliberately controlled the flames earlier, but even so, the flames were still so large. If he did not control them, the flames might double in size.

Tang Huan laughed bitterly to himself, it was really impossible to keep a low profile.

After a while, Tang Huan could no longer be bothered to pay attention to the gazes of Qing Ye and Gu Fei. He picked up the jade plate, and directly poured the liquid from the "Cold Jade Stone" into his palm.

Furthermore, there was no special trick to condensing this kind of "Cold Jade Stone", it only required fierce fire. If it was a higher level gem, the process of condensing it would be much more complicated, and the method and the degree of the fire were especially emphasized.

Tang Huan looked at the flame in his right palm without blinking, observing the changes to the juice inside.

Time flew by, and approximately half an hour later, the flame in Tang Huan's right palm swiftly weakened, while his left hand held onto the hilt of his sword. Violent flames flashed within his palm, and actually covered the entire sword billets within it.

After nearly half a quarter of an hour, the sword billets had become bright red.

"Now is the time!"

Tang Huan's eyes lit up and the flames in his left palm immediately dimmed. With the horizontal of the sword billets, his right palm, wrapped in thin flames, quickly brushed past the sword.

From the tip of the sword to the hilt, he then turned the sword around, and from the hilt to the blade.

After two times, the "Cold Jade Stone" solution in Tang Huan's palm had already been completely applied to the sword body, and the white liquid seeped into the sword body at a speed visible to the naked eye. In just two or three breaths of time, the white color on the sword body completely disappeared.

After that, Tang Huan's right palm was once again enveloped by the intense flames, flying past the sword body's two sides. Although the flames did not appear again on his left hand, the True Qi in his body had already been circulated to the limit, continuously passing through the left palm, going back and forth inside the sword body.

Tang Huan was completely focused. Other than the sword, there was nothing else in his eyes.


After a long while, under both Qing Ye and Gu Fei's admiring or astonished gazes, the longsword in Tang Huan's hand pierced like lightning into the huge barrel at the side that was filled with green liquid ….

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