Weapon Master

Chapter 18

"This talisman has finally been obtained."

When Tang Huan walked out of the "Divine Armament Hall," his face was filled with a carefree smile. At this moment, a small black jade tablet already appeared in his hand.

This jade tablet meant that he had already obtained the recognition and protection of the "Divine Armament Hall".

Of course, this was only one of them.

The second was to increase the power of the "True Fire". If the "True Fire" was the foundation stone, then the harvest in Hidden Edge Hall had strengthened his foundation stone by more than ten times.

If he didn't have that large amount of "Mysterious Sun Flame Essence", he would have probably still been unable to raise his Fire Seed to such an extent.

Tang Huan was elated, he quickly walked down the stairs in front of the "Divine Armament Hall".

"Tang Huan, you finally appeared!"

A cold voice suddenly entered his ears.

Tang Huan suddenly woke up from his stupor and quickly scanned his surroundings. Only then did he realise that a figure had already quietly appeared behind him. The person in front was a middle-aged man with medium stature and wearing blue clothes.

Tang Huan had met these two a few times and knew that they were both stewards of the Tang Clan. The one wearing blue clothes was called Tang Tian Rong, and the horse-faced middle-aged was called Tang Tian Hao.

The two of them were obviously here because of Tang Chao and Tang Hong, and their expressions were extremely ugly.

"So it's you two, is Tang Chao and Tang Hong dead yet?" Tang Huan laughed, then revealed a smile on his face.

"They're not dead, but it's hard to say."

Tang Tianhao's horse face broke out into a sinister smile, "Little thing, do you think we won't be able to recognize you after you shaved off your hair? However, you sure know how to find a place, you actually came to the 'Divine Armament Hall' side, if you think that you can be protected by the 'Divine Armament Hall' just by coming here, you are dreaming. "

Tang Tianrong's eyes turned cold as he spoke in a deep voice, "Tianhao, don't waste your breath with him. Take him back to the clan. The clan head will decide what to do with him."

"That's right, we've already wasted too much time on this little thing."

Tang Tianhao snorted coldly, and extended his hand to grab at Tang Huan.

"Wait, wait. I merged with 'True Fire' this morning, and just now, I have passed the 'Divine Armament Hall's' assessment and become a low-level refiner."

Tang Huan retreated back and shouted.

However, as Tang Huan spoke, his eyes flickered with uncertainty, and he said, "If you don't believe me, you can look at this!" Saying that, Tang Huan took out the black jade tablet in his hand, "Attacking me is disrespecting the 'Divine Armament Hall', you all better think this through."


After quickly shaking the jade tablet a few times, Tang Huan's eyes wandered around.

"Low rank blacksmith?"

Hearing Tang Huan's words, Tang Tianhao could not help but be startled, his hands pausing in the air.

After a short moment of shock, Tang Tian Rong then said mockingly, "You fused with the 'True Fire' in the morning and passed the low-level Refiner's assessment in the afternoon. Do you think you're a refining genius? In his hand, there was a crappy plate that he had picked up from who knows where. Think of it as the symbol of the 'Divine Armament Hall', Tang Huan, are you crazy to be a refiner? "

"F * ck, you dare to bluff your father?"

Upon hearing that, Tang Tian Hao immediately came to his senses, and upon seeing Tang Huan's sneaky expression, he had confirmed Tang Tian Rong's judgement. In an instant, he acted like he had been stabbed by a chrysanthemum, his face flushed red and filled with shame and anger, "Little thing, kneel down!"

With a move of his footsteps, Tang Tianhao charged in front of Tang Huan like lightning. His palm was like a heavy millstone, pressing down ruthlessly towards Tang Huan's shoulder.


Instantly, Tang Huan screamed out in pain as his body flew out and heavily crashed onto the stairs in front of the "Divine Armament Hall." His face was twisted in pain, as though he was severely injured.

Tang Tianhao was startled when he saw this. He looked at his own palm in shock. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

He hadn't even touched Tang Huan's shoulder when Tang Huan was sent flying. Moreover, his palm had smashed down from above, so even if Tang Huan wanted to fall, he would have to lie down on the ground and not do it like he was now.

What the hell was this guy doing?

Tang Tianhao and Tang Tianrong couldn't help but look at each other. The two of them tightly knitted their brows with a puzzled expression on their faces.

"Little thing, do you think that by acting so pitifully, you can get the 'Divine Armament Hall' to help you?"

After a while, Tang Tian Hao looked at Tang Huan's appearance and suddenly realized that he had understood Tang Huan's intention. He laughed sinisterly, stepped forward and viciously kicked him.

"How dare you attack the refiners of my 'Divine Armament Hall'?"

A deep and angry shout suddenly burst out in the air.

In a flash, a short skinny figure appeared in front of the pavilion, and in a blink of an eye, the figure appeared in front of Tang Tianhao and Tang Huan, and with a slap, Tang Tianhao did not even know what happened, as his body shot out.


After flying over ten meters like a cloud, Tang Tianhao's body fell heavily onto the ground, and then slid a few meters along the ground before finally coming to a stop. Not only was his face swollen, one could even faintly see the brain matter shooting out of his head.

Looking at this scene, Tang Huan's eyeballs almost fell out. A dignified level 4 Martial Master was killed just like that, how strong was this Senior Mu Kui?


Tang Tianrong was dumbstruck. His gaze shifted from Tang Tianhao to the short and thin Black Costume Old Man in front of Tang Huan.

Of course Tang Tiangrong knew this old man.

He was a powerful being from the "Divine Armament Hall", and his name was Mu Kui. Not only was he a high ranked refiner, his strength was also unfathomable.

"Cough cough, many thanks to Senior Mu Kui for helping us." Tang Huan came back to reality and forced himself to sit up with a look of gratitude.

"Senior Mu Kui, have mercy, I … I really didn't know that Tang Huan had already passed the 'Divine Armament Hall's' test. "

Tang Tian Rong was awoken by Tang Huan's voice and kneeled down with a "plop". He lowered his head, his face was pale white, and his body was trembling. At this time, how could he not know that he and Tang Tian Hao had been tricked by Tang Huan?

"Senior Mu Kui, he lied. I clearly showed my badge, but they did not believe me." Tang Huan shouted angrily, looking extremely weak.

"On the account that you didn't make a move, I'll spare your life. Take him and scram!" The Black Costume Old Man called Mu Kui fiercely glared at Tang Huan, and then, his gaze returned to Tang Tianrong as he coldly shouted.

"Yes, yes, many thanks to Senior Mu Kui for sparing our lives."

When Tang Tian Rong heard this, it was as if he had been granted amnesty. He frantically crawled up from the ground, rushed to Tang Tian Hao's side, grabbed his corpse, and carried it over his shoulders. Then, he ran forward with all his might, as if he wanted to grow a pair of wings, and immediately disappeared from Mu Kui's field of vision.

"Senior Mu Kui, thank you so much. If you had come that late, I would have been done for." Tang Huan said with incomparable gratitude.

"Alright, you can get up now. He has already left, why are you still pretending to be pitiful?"

Mu Kui glared at Tang Huan again before walking past him onto the stairs. As he walked up, he scolded, "You little bastard, you can also scram now." After walking a few steps, he snorted without looking back, "In another two months, Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City will hold a 'Artifact Forging Competition' for primary artificers. You better prepare well so that you won't embarrass yourself later on."

"Yes, junior will definitely prepare well."

Tang Huan laughed dryly as he crawled up, patted off the dust on his body, and watched Mu Kui's figure disappear before heading towards his residence in the northern part of the city.

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