Weapon Master

Chapter 2279

After a long time.


Qu Ah Tian, the void suddenly rippled with a slight fluctuation, following that, Tang Huan's slender figure separated out from the void.

A slight smile floated on his face as Tang Huan slowly extended his right palm. After about ten breaths of time, an unusually large white ball gradually appeared in front of Tang Huan, blooming with billions of dazzling and dazzling balls of light.

The light made it hard for one to look closely at it.


An incomparably terrifying aura swept out in all directions, and in an instant, it filled the entire Qu Ah Tian, and even spread to the entire Heaven Realm at a terrifying speed.

In an instant, countless cultivators were alarmed by the sudden appearance of this aura.

"This is …" the aura of the 'Immortal Spirit Ancestral Court'? "

"How is this possible? Has the Immortal Spirit Ancestral Court appeared again?"

"The reappearance of the Ancestral Court is a great opportunity!" Last time, I was still a peak Sky Emperor and couldn't enter the Ancestral Court, but now, I am an Empyrean! "


Exclamations of surprise rose again and again in the various Heaven Realms. (TL: UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU - UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)) Countless cultivators took action upon hearing the sound and rushed towards Qu Aotian. As for Qu Aotian's cultivators, they were also inexplicably happy as they all took action. Although cultivators below the Sky Sovereign Stage could not enter the "Immortal Spirit Ancestral Court", they could cultivate near the entrance to the Ancestral Court for a long period of time to improve themselves

The effect of a cultivation base was astonishing.

As for those Empyrean level powerhouses, they began to madly move out.

However, not long after they left their residences, they were all stunned. The aura of the "Immortal Spirit Ancestral Court" was rapidly weakening, as if it was about to disappear at any moment.

"What happened to Qu A'Tian?"

"They just appeared and are about to disappear. What's going on?"

"The opening of the Ancestral Court last time lasted for many years. How could it be like this?"


This unforeseen event was too sudden, causing countless cultivators to be bewildered.

"To collect the 'Celestial Sect', I never thought that little brother Tang Huan would be able to do it." Chi Xiao Tian, within the Nine Palace Peak Hall, Liu Li couldn't help but smile. The moment she sensed the aura of the "Immortal Spirit Ancestral Court", she did not act like the other cultivators and immediately rushed towards Qu Atian. This was because she knew of something …

There were many more than the other cultivators.

Others might not know why the aura of the "Immortal Spirit Ancestral Court" would appear, but she was extremely clear about that.

Initially, Tang Huan thought that taking over the Ancestral Court would be extremely difficult for him. After all, the Ancestral Court was the Immortal World's source.

"Qu A'tian's matter is done, looks like little brother Tang Huan will appear soon and go to the Scarlet Radiance Heaven."

Liu Li smiled again as she slowly closed her eyes.

Qu Ah Tian, Tang Huan stood there with a smile on his face. At this moment, the white ball of light in front of him was shrinking at a rapid pace, and the aura roaring out from it was also rapidly shrinking like a receding tide. Not long after, the aura was completely restrained, and the ball of light was gently landing on the ground …

On Tang Huan's right palm.

As of now, the ball of white light was only the size of a bowl.

What this ball of light carried was the "Immortal Spirit Ancestral Court". With a thought, the "Myriad Sword Heavenly Diagram" appeared on Tang Huan's left palm. He then unfurled the scroll and absorbed the ball of white light. The fusion of the cave and the "Celestial Ancestor Realm" was not something that could be completed in a short period of time. Fortunately, Tang Huan was not anxious, as he

There is plenty of time to complete the process.

With but a thought, the scroll returned to his dantian.

Tang Huan laughed, and then sighed, and in the next moment, his figure had disappeared from his original location. Not long after Tang Huan left, a figure suddenly appeared from the horizon, flying over at a lightning speed. In a split-second, he appeared in the place where Tang Huan previously stood. The man had a handsome face and a tall body. He was dressed in red …

The person wearing a colored robe was the Golden Cauldron Immortal Sect's Chu Gao Ge.

First, his eyes quickly scanned the area, and then, Chu Gao Ge's massive mind enveloped the entire area.


After a while, Chu Gao Ge could not help but exclaim in a low voice.

Back then, this was where the entrance to the Celestial Sect of Ancestral Immortals had appeared. Now that the void seemed calm, if he did not feel the terrifying aura of the "Immortal Spirit Ancestral Court" earlier, he might have thought that nothing had happened here. But now, after careful examination, he realized that …

The area seemed to be missing something.

However, he didn't know what exactly was missing. After frowning for a while, a thought flashed through Chu Gao Ge's mind and he was shocked. He finally understood what was going on. Back then, although the entrance to the Ancestral Court had disappeared, Chu Gao Ge, as an Empyrean, could faintly feel that this area was inlaid with the "Celestial Sect of Ancestral Immortals".

The void contained a meaning that transcended the Heavenly Dao.

However, that meaning had completely disappeared now.

Had the "Immortal Spirit Ancestral Court" truly disappeared, or had it moved somewhere else?

This was not only a question to Chu Gao Ge, once the news spread, it would also become a question to countless cultivators of the Heaven Realm, and the location of the "Immortal Spirit Ancestral Court" would become an unsolved case in the Heaven Realm.

In the next 36 days, Crimson Radiance.

Jade Imperial City, where the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Mansion used to be. The current encampment of the Heavenly Law Academy's headquarters was several times larger than it was a few hundred years ago.

After hundreds of years, the Heavenly Dao Academy had become Crimson Radiance Sect's sole power. Whether it was the Seven Stars Immortal Palace, the Spiritual True Immortal School, the Heaven's Expanse School, the Everlasting Temple, or even the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Mansion, they had all completely disappeared. As of now, the only thing cultivators in the Crimson Radiance Sect knew about was the Heavenly Sacred Courtyard. As for the sects that used to be large and small …

They only existed in the memories of everyone present.

In the entire Heaven Realm, the Heavenly Sacred Courtyard was the only existence. This was very beneficial for the integration of cultivation resources. For the past few "Myriad Domain Dao Arts", the Heavenly Dao Academy had always had Heavenly Kings participating. Regardless of whether it was the dojo or the artifact yard, the Heavenly Dao Academy was the best. Because of this, many other cultivators of the Heaven Realm all ended up using the "Myriad Domain Dao Arts".

After that, he arrived at the Crimson Radiance Sect and joined the Heavenly Dao Academy.

Their actions also caused the Heavenly Dao Academy to flourish even more. Within the next thirty-six days, Crimson Light Sky had already surpassed the rest of the Lower Heaven Realms and became the strongest sect. The Heavenly Sacred Courtyard naturally became the strongest power within the next thirty-six days as well.

It was impossible for them to be compared on the same level as the Heavenly Sacred Courtyard.

Of course, the reason why the Heavenly Dao Academy could be at such a scale, was greatly related to his founder, Tang Huan. After the news of Tang Huan becoming a Heavenly Emperor and becoming an Empyrean was spread out, a tide of people joining the Heavenly Dao Academy surged up within the thirty-six days. After the news of Tang Huan successfully verifying the position of Dao God spread out, the Heavenly Dao Academy went into a state of absence for the next thirty-six days.

A place where countless cultivators rushed like a flock of ducks.

There were even cultivators from the Heaven Realm who crossed the void to join the Heavenly Sacred Courtyard.

"I never expected the Heavenly Law Academy to already have such a scale."

Above Jade Imperial City, Tang Huan looked down at the endless houses, and could not help but be moved. At this moment, Tang Huan was not the only person standing in the air. Shan Shan and the others, as well as the nine spirits and little one were all summoned out of the cave by Tang Huan. Of course, even though it was a large group of people, it did not alarm the cultivators outside of Jade Imperial City.

Even if they were in the skies, they wouldn't be able to discover their existence.

"Big brother, you are the only Divine level expert in the past tens of thousands of years." Jiu Ling chuckled, "With your name placed here, how can the Heavenly Dao Academy not flourish? In other words, in this Heaven Realm, if he moved the Heavenly Dao Sacred Courtyard to the Upper Heaven Realm, the Clear Void Dao Pavilion, the Pangu Heaven Sect … He estimated that these sects …

Soon they will all be closed. "

little one and Ling Tian heard and nodded their heads. Shan Shan and the rest could not help but smile.

"How can it be so exaggerated?"

Tang Huan laughed involuntarily, "All the sects like the Clear Void Sect and the Pangu Heaven Sect have been in existence for countless years, how could they close the doors just because they're closed?" That was what he said, but Tang Huan knew very well that if the Heavenly Sacred Courtyard were to really move to the Heaven Realm, and if he were to personally take charge, the Clear Void Dao Pavilion and the other sects would definitely weaken quickly. It was estimated that in less than a thousand years, they would become like the Seven Stars Immortal …

Like a sect, the palace gradually disappeared.

"Tang Huan, are we going to go down and see Senior Sister Xiao and the others?"

After laughing, Shan Shan couldn't help but ask. During the time when Tang Huan went down to Heaven Realm, Shan Shan and the others had a good relationship with Xiao Nian Die and the others.

"Forget it. It won't be too late to meet them when we return from the lower realms." Tang Huan shook his head while muttering to himself, both of his eyes looked towards the center of the Jade Emperor City, where the entrance to the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Palace was. As they spoke, Tang Huan's mind had already delved deep into the interior of the encampment space, and there were many familiar auras there.

His senses showed up.

Gao Zu, Shan He and Hu Si were actually among them.

As for Xiao Yuan Die …

Tang Huan's eyes flashed with a smile, with a flick of his finger, a strand of God Power shot out from the tip of his finger. In the blink of an eye, it passed through the spatial barrier, straight into the depths of the spatial realm.

"Let's go!"

Following that, Tang Huan smiled at Shan Shan, the nine spirits and the others, and then disappeared.

Deep within the space of the Emperor of the past, Long Tianfu's Residence.

Xiao Niao sat cross-legged in a hall, not moving at all, like a statue. Hundreds of years had passed, and the current her was already a peak-level Heavenly King. Her cultivation had reached the limit of a Heavenly King, and under normal circumstances, it would be almost impossible for me to break through the Heavenly King's shackles. So, Xiao Niandie was trying one last time

She was prepared to fail when she tried to break through to the Sky Emperor Realm.

If she really failed, then she would have to leave this Scarlet Radiance Heavenly Palace and head to the Heaven Realm.

"I still can't do it." Suddenly, Xiao Niao's eyebrows furrowed as she sighed in her heart. Her beautiful eyes slowly opened as she murmured, "It looks like it's time …" His voice came to a sudden stop before the latter's words could be uttered. Both of his eyes were suddenly opened until they were round. That pretty face …

He was also filled with disbelief. Just as she was about to give up, a mysterious power entered her body. In the blink of an eye, the invisible barrier between the Heavenly King and the Heavenly Emperor disappeared. Before this, she had used all of her strength.

It was difficult to break through that barrier, but now, it had easily disappeared without a trace. It was shocking, but at the same time, an extremely unreal feeling arose.

However, her rapidly rising aura soon brought her back to reality, and deep doubts arose in her heart.

That mysterious power could not appear for no reason!

After breaking through the invisible barrier and helping her step into the Heavenly Emperor Realm, the power had disappeared. However, the power was so great that even her soul was trembling in fear.

This kind of power, definitely did not come from an ordinary cultivator.

Not to mention in the last 36 days, even in the last 18 days, no cultivator could possess such a mysterious power! Could it be …

A face that he had not seen for a long time involuntarily appeared in the depths of his mind.

"Tang Huan!"

Xiao Nian Die let out a cry and shot herself up. Her eyes were filled with joy. She didn't even wait for her aura to stabilize before she shot out of the hall.

However, just as they left the hall, Xiao Niao's figure suddenly stopped. It was just that Tang Huan had used this kind of method to help her breakthrough to the Heavenly Emperor Realm, yet had not appeared. Even if she went out, she would not be able to see Tang Huan.

Powerful experts were rarely seen.

In an instant, Xiao Niao's eyes flashed with a hint of disappointment. She was now Senior Sister Tang Huan, and after several hundred years, she had already succeeded in proving her way to the Divine Realm. Furthermore, she had just borrowed the power of Tang Huan to advance to the Heavenly Emperor Realm, and the gap between the two sides was already like heaven and earth.

It was time to meet again.

Of course, as a friend, she was sincerely happy for Tang Huan to have accomplished such a thing.

A moment later, Xiao Niao smiled and returned to the hall …

… ….

Flowing Flower Domain, outside of Quiet Cloud City.

In the sky above the Mirage Marsh, the figures of Tang Huan and the rest appeared quietly. Back then, after I ascended to the heavens, I first appeared here. " Looking at the swamp area below, Tang Huan said smilingly, a look of nostalgia flashing through his eyes. Thinking back to that scene, it was as if it happened yesterday …

This made Tang Huan sigh in his heart.

Hearing Tang Huan's words, everyone started to size up curiously. They had heard Tang Huan mention the "Shadow Dark Swamp" many times, but this was the first time they had come to this place. At this moment, inside the Dark Swamp, there were still many cultivators training inside, among them, a small number of people from the lower realms who had transcended heavenly tribulation were also here.

A native cultivator of the Crimson Radiance Sect.

Of course, no one dared to rob or kill those cultivators from the lower realms that had just ascended to heaven. This was an iron-clad rule after the establishment of the Heavenly Sacred Courtyard.

If there were any violations, they would be killed without mercy.

"We're going down."

A short while later, Tang Huan refocused himself and nodded at Shan Shan and the others, and then sucked them into the cave.

The reason he chose to descend from here was only because Tang Huan wanted to satisfy his desire to travel back to his former world. After collecting the scroll that contained the cave dwelling back into his dantian, between Tang Huan's mind instructs (in a second), a mighty divine force surged out from his body and slashed forward like a sharp blade. In an instant, the space in front of him cracked open, and a gigantic spatial rift appeared in the sky above the Shadow Dark Swamp almost soundlessly …

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