Weapon Master

Chapter 2280


"Big brother, I met you here back then."

"Yeah, at that time, you were very arrogant!"

"Cough cough …"

At the top of the mountain, by the side of a huge hole, Jiu Ling couldn't help but dryly laugh. Seeing her current state, Tang Huan couldn't help but to smile.

This place already belonged to the Forging God Great World.

This place was an independent space within the Forging God Great World, the "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm". Back then, when Tang Huan entered the "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm" as a disciple of the Pure Yang Sword Sect, because of the news revealed by Li Shijun and Li Xiangjun, he encountered a "Netherworld Nine Spirit Bird" here, which was the current Nine Spirits.

He subdued it and brought it out with him.

Several hundred years had passed, and the little guy back then could now be said to be an extremely powerful expert, even if he was in the upper ninth heaven.

Returning to their previous place, not only did Tang Huan feel somewhat regretful, the nine spirits also sighed inwardly. A moment later, Nine Spirits couldn't help but ask, "Big Brother, why are we here?"

Right now, it was already the tenth year since Tang Huan had led everyone down into the mortal world.

After leaving the Heaven Realm, Tang Huan and the others returned to the Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City of the small world. Three years ago, Tang Huan was there to accompany his mother and others. Although Ji Ruyan's mind was in a deep slumber, she returned to the environment that she missed the most. Under Tang Huan's intentional guidance, her soul slowly underwent a subtle change as it was sealed away from her mind.

The closed consciousness would also gradually awaken.

After confirming that Ji Ru Mang's condition was better off, Tang Huan passed through the barrier of the plane and entered the neighboring plane world, absorbing a huge amount of heaven's power.

The Heavenly Dao of that plane's world was precisely the Hong Yun who had once invaded his own world.

Seven years later, Tang Huan returned to the Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City of the small world. However, a few days later, Tang Huan suddenly broke into the "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm" with nine spirits.

"You'll know in a while."

Tang Huan smiled, his figure moved and he entered the black hole. The nine spirits saw him and quickly followed, but they could not help but feel suspicious.

Inside the pit was a tunnel that led to the Spirit Cloud Mountain in the middle of the secret realm. Back then, when Tang Huan and the nine spirits were heading towards the Spirit Cloud Mountain Range from the tunnel, they had entered into a strange space. There, Tang Huan found out the origins of this "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm" and found out the origins of the nine spirits.

The inheritance of the Tools Method of the Cast Divine Dragon Abyss.

Moments later, the two of them arrived at the place where the "Death Spirit Tablet" was erected all those years ago.

After Tang Huan helped the Nine Spirits to remove the seal in the body of the phalanx, the "Death Spirit Tablet" had already disappeared into thin air. However, the lotus-like Nine Colored Imprint still remained.

Tang Huan's finger moved slightly, and a strand of Spirit Qi entered it.

In a flash, the Nine-Colored Lotus seemed to come alive and quickly expanded to a radius of ten meters around it. At the center of the colored lotus, a nine-colored whirlpool had already appeared.

"Let's go!"

Tang Huan nodded at the nine spirits, and took the lead to enter the nine-coloured vortex.

After a moment, Tang Huan and the nine spirits had already entered the strange space. Within this region with a radius of over ten meters, the fiery-red aura was like flowing water, sparkling and translucent, making the surrounding space seem like a dream. In the center of this space, the statue that Tang Huan had destroyed back then actually condensed and took form once more, and his body trembled slightly.

Dressed in a red robe, he still looked as handsome and suave as ever, extraordinary and extraordinary.

This is the sculpture of the Divine Cast Dragon Abyss!

Even though it had been several hundred years, when he returned to this place, everything that had happened here back then was still vividly remembered to him, Tang Huan, and to the nine spirits.

The two of them looked at each other, and then turned to look at the statue in the blink of an eye.

After a short moment, under the gaze of four pairs of eyes, the statue's closed eyes suddenly opened.

At this moment, the statue seemed to have come to life.

"Junior Tang Huan greets Senior Long Yuan." With regards to this scene, Tang Huan did not find it strange at all. In an instant, he smiled and bowed.

"Junior Nine Spirits greets Senior Long Yuan."

Jiu Ling was stunned for a moment before she gave a deep bow as well. At this moment, the nine spirits finally understood. The reason why Tang Huan wanted to enter the "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm" and return to this place, was because a line of mind instructs (in a second) from the Cast Divine Dragon Abyss still existed here.

The relationship was extraordinary.

"You're finally here." A hint of a smile surfaced on Long Yuan's face. His gaze swept past Tang Huan and the nine spirits at first, then returned to Tang Huan, and said slowly, "Tang Huan, at a time like this, are you still calling this old man 'senior'?" Long Yuan's tone was gentle, as if it didn't contain the slightest bit …

The smell of smoke and fire was as refreshing as the spring breeze.

Tang Huan was slightly startled, and his face instantly lit up with joy, as he hurriedly bowed once more. "Disciple Tang Huan greets Master!" Ever since he had obtained the inheritance of the God Slaying Abyss' Tools Method, Tang Huan had already viewed him as her master, and from then on, had always regarded himself as a disciple. Even Yan Zu and Nine-coloured also viewed him as a descendant of the Dragon Abyss.

In the end, he had never truly taken her as his master.

But now, the Cast Divine Dragon Abyss had personally acknowledged his identity and brought him into the sect.

"What remains here is only a strand of my Divine Sense." Long Yuan nodded with a smile, and his expression was quite satisfied, "You can feel Master's telepathic thoughts, which must have already completely fused with the cave, forming a space within your body. A person like you can be considered a true Divine Cultivator. Master would have never thought that in such a short period of time, you would become a true Divine Cultivator.

You can reach such a level in years. "

When he said these words, Long Yuan was also filled with emotion.

"This is all thanks to Master's legacy. Otherwise, this disciple would not have been able to live until today." Tang Huan said with a smile.

"You don't have to be modest."

Long Yuan laughed involuntarily, "Tang Huan, what are your plans for the future? When are you planning to go to the God Realm? "

"Master, this disciple doesn't know either."

Tang Huan hesitated for a moment, then said calmly: "However, this disciple may stay in this world for a very long time." When Long Yuan heard this, he nodded and said, "The God Realm is boundless, with countless paths, but it is also not a good place. It is good for you to stay here with your family and friends. Now that you have come here, I no longer need to maintain the connection with this spiritual will. In the future you

If you head to the God Realm, it can guide you. "

"Yes, Master!"

"Tang Huan, if there's any unnecessary words, Master will not say them anymore. Take care of yourself, I look forward to the day you meet me in the future." Long Yuan slightly smiled, his gaze then turning to the nine spirits once more as he said in a gentle voice, "Little fellow, back then, Jiu Cai was quite worried for you. Now that you have successfully cultivated it, I hope that when Tang Huan comes to the God Realm in the future, you will be able to travel with him.

"I'd like to see your little sister with my own eyes."

"Don't worry, senior …" No, Brother-in-law, I will definitely be able to keep up with big brother. " Jiu Ling bravely laughed.


Hearing the Nine Spirits' way of addressing him, Long Yuan was not angry. Instead, he couldn't help but laugh. After a short moment, Long Yuan looked deeply at the two of them. Then, he slowly closed his eyes and his body began to dissipate bit by bit. In the time it took to take a few breaths, the two meter tall statue had already disappeared, only leaving behind a flower …

A fiery red bead the size of a raw walnut floated in the air.

This was the crystal condensed from Dragon Lake Divine Sense. Even with the Cast Divine Dragon Abyss's cultivation and strength, to sustain his mind instructs (in a second) through the countless planes of the universe and the distant space was probably not an easy feat. But now, not only was he no longer maintaining the connection with his divine will, he was even able to relax.

After breaking the connection, the telepathic thoughts crystal did not disappear, but it no longer contained the spiritual thoughts and mind instructs (in a second) of the Cast Divine Dragon Abyss, nor could it communicate with Tang Huan like it did with the nine spirits. However, seeing that Tang Huan had this divine intent on him, if he ever entered the God Realm in the future, Long Yuan would be able to immediately sense Tang Huan's location through it. And Tang Huan would also be able to follow its directions to find out where Long Yuan was. This was the first time that someone from the God Realm had come …

Saying that would naturally save him a lot of time.

Tang Huan reached out his hand, and Long Yuan's divine will crystal dropped into his palm.

With a thought, Tang Huan stored it back into his internal space. This object was currently useless to him, but one day, it would still be useful to him.

"Jiu Ling, if you want to head to the God Realm with me, you should hurry up and cultivate."

Tang Huan looked at Jiu Ling in the blink of an eye, and jokingly said, "According to little one, you have been wandering around for the past few years, visiting many of the neighboring realms."

"Don't worry, Big Brother. When you head to the God Realm, who knows how long it will take."

Jiu Ling patted her soft breasts and said with a smile, "If I have that much time to cultivate, if I still can't prove my dao, then I might as well find a rock to smash myself to death."

"Shitou won't be able to kill you …"

Tang Huan laughed, and before he could even finish, he couldn't help but frown. "Not good, this' Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm 'seems to be disappearing soon."


Nine Spirits exclaimed in astonishment. Before she finished speaking, she discovered that she was wrapped up by a majestic force, as if not being able to pass through it at an astonishing speed. When she came back to her senses, the power had already faded away, and she was already at the peak of a peak.

Standing beside was Tang Huan.

The nine spirits knew that he was already outside of the "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm."

"Big brother, why did the 'Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm' disappear?"

The nine spirits looked at Tang Huan, then followed his gaze and looked at the empty space in front of them, as they spoke with some doubt. Tang Huan did not say anything. The nine inspiration points could not come out, but he could clearly "see" that the "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm" embedded in the world in front of him was rapidly collapsing and melting. However, this commotion did not happen in the Forging God Great World.

He Langlan, everything was silent.

In less than ten breaths of time, the "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm" no longer existed.

At this point, the "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm" that had existed for countless years had already become a part of history. From today onwards, the young cultivators of Forging God Great World would not be able to undergo this experiential learning.

"Master doesn't want me to be idle." After a while, facing the doubtful gaze of the nine spirits, Tang Huan said somewhat helplessly, "That divine will crystal is the crux of the entire 'Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm'. Master cut off all contact and I took it away again.

。 Without even a foundation, the Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm will naturally disappear into thin air. "

"So that's how it is."

Jiu Ling suddenly realized, "But, so be it. What does it have to do with you? Could it be that Brother-in-law wants you to form another independent dimension? "

"That's right." Tang Huan nodded. "The 'Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm' has existed for so many years, and its potential has almost reached its peak. "Forget it, when Master left back then, she had left behind a 'Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm'. As her disciple, I naturally could not be inferior to Master …"

If you have too much respect, let me create a new independent space for the younger generations to train in! " As he finished speaking, Tang Huan couldn't help but laugh. The current Forging God Great World still had the connected Vermillion Bird Great World. There was only one power and that was the Glory Empire that he had founded back then. Countless martial arts institutions had been built within this vast empire. Compared to back then, these two places were now in a different era …

The power of this world had increased who knows how many times.

Tang Huan had condensed a "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm" as a training space, which could be considered as a little help to the Glory Empire that he had created.

"To condense such a space, it would probably take hundreds, or even thousands of years." "Jiu Ling smacked her lips and looked at Tang Huan in sympathy. Just take it slow. It's not like I'm in a hurry anyway. " Tang Huan laughed, and said slowly. The higher the quality of the condensed space, the longer it would take and the more effort needed to be expended. Fortunately, there was no need to rush over this matter, Tang Huan had enough time …

Time and energy to perfect it.

"That's true. Brother, where are we going now? " Jiu Ling said with a smile.

"To the Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City of course."


After hundreds of years, that small Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City had become the smallest city in a small world. However, the old city district of Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City had retained its original appearance, the purpose of which was to commemorate Tang Huan. To the cultivators of the small world, the old city district was almost like a holy land. They could not easily enter it, and there were even some who were not allowed in …

Cultivators from countless great worlds came to pay their respects.

The small world today was the coexistence of all races.

Nearly three hundred years ago, the Great Tang Empire had voluntarily merged with the Great World's Glory Empire. This small world had also established several martial arts institutions. Because of the appearance of the academy, some of the families and influences in the small world had either disappeared into the endless river of history or voluntarily merged into the academy. Just like the Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City Tang Clan back then, they had long since turned into ashes.

The Divine Armament Hall had actually merged with the martial arts school.

In the evening, the old city of Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City was brightly lit. Two figures quietly appeared above the old city. They were Tang Huan and Nine Spirits, who had just returned from Forging God Great World. In the instant he appeared, a hint of pleasant surprise flashed across Tang Huan's eyes, and after which, his figure slightly moved, and he appeared in the same place as back then …

Outside a small blacksmith shop.

Cheers and laughter continued to be heard from inside. Through the door, Tang Huan saw a beautiful yet familiar figure.

It was Ji Ruyi, Shan Shan and the rest who were surrounding her like stars surrounding the moon.

She finally woke up! Finished)

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