Weapon Master

Chapter 6

"Of course, of course it's too much."

Fat Old Man glared fiercely at the pair of small eyes, "200 gold coins, that's the price of a low level weapon. Little Tang, you're just an ordinary unranked weapon."

"Since that's the case, why are you still dragging me along?"

Tang Huan curled his lips and glanced at Fat Old Man's right claw.

Fat Old Man's face reddened and he smiled, but he did not loosen his grip. After that, with a constipated expression, he gritted his teeth and said: "Little Tang, I'll take another step. Fifty!"

"Two hundred!"

Tang Huan's tone did not soften.

He was very familiar with this Fat Old Man, and upon seeing his expression, he knew that there was hope. If this miser could not accept his price, he would have let go long ago.

"A hundred!" It couldn't be any higher! This is the price for most low-grade weapons! "

"Old Fatty, is an ordinary low level weapon comparable to my three swords? Two hundred! "

"Alright, alright, one hundred and twenty!"

"Two hundred!" Old Fatty, do you want to find a low rank weapon and use it to slash at it? Let's see if it's powerful or if my sword is. "

"How can I do that? If I cut your sword, I won't feel right." Little Tang, the fat grandpa really gave in for the last time, one hundred and fifty! "

"One hundred and eighty!"

"150 RMB, I can't raise the price anymore. This price is already a loss."

"Old Fatty, how about we forget about it? You and my master are old friends, so you can be considered to be my elder. How can I let you lose money? Let's go, let's go."

"No, no, one hundred and eight... Just 180! "Deal!"


Not long after, Tang Huan carried a bag of gold and walked out happily.

Inside the shop, the Fat Old Man who looked like she lost her parents at first, turned gloomy the moment Tang Huan left and her fat face smiled like a chrysanthemum flower. She immediately pulled out the three swords one by one and a complacent look appeared on her face.

"Boss, three ordinary swords cost five hundred and forty gold coins. This is too much of a loss." The shop assistant who was watching at the side, dumbstruck, finally regained his senses and couldn't help but ask. Five hundred and forty gold coins were enough to buy a very good low-level weapon.

"You don't know anything!"

The Fat Old Man snorted without raising his head, after looking carefully for a while, he carefully sheathed the three swords back into their scabbards, and then waved towards the servant, "Come here, put them on the shelves. Each sword has a price of three hundred. "No, four hundred gold coins!"

"Four... Four hundred? " The shop assistant said as he ate, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets. "Boss, this …" "Can it be sold?"

"Nonsense, why did I pick it up if I can't sell it? Hurry up."


The shop assistant took the sword with a skeptical look. Fat Old Man looked outside the shop in the blink of an eye as Tang Huan disappeared, and muttered with suspicion, "It's been a while since we last met, not only did this guy link three spirit veins, his skills have increased by countless times. The normal weapons he forges are actually not one bit inferior to middle grade low grade weapons. If he were to merge his True Fire and become a refiner, wouldn't the weapons forged by him become even more outstanding? "

"This kid just forged three of these sharp swords and he's already selling them. Could it be that he wants to buy True Fire?"

Fat Old Man frowned, his fat face suddenly turned serious, "Five hundred gold coins, it's just right for me to buy a set of True Fire. However, the process of fusing with the true flames was extremely dangerous and wasn't something that could be accomplished easily. This brat just became a Martial Disciples and yet he rashly tried to fuse his True Fire. If something were to happen to him, I can't explain it to that Old Man Ou … "

… ….

The Starsea Weapon Shop was the biggest shop in the entire Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City.

Compared to it, the small weapon store in Fat Old Man was not worth mentioning. Whether it was in terms of scale or the types of weapons sold, the two could not be compared.

The Starsea Weapon Shop was opened by the Star Sea Chamber of Commerce.

The Star Ocean Merchant Guild's power was huge, and it only sold weapons, which was one of the many main businesses it operated. In almost all of the large and medium-sized cities in Honor Continent, it had all sorts of branch names that belonged to the Star Ocean Merchant Guild.

The Chamber of Commerce had a long history, and it was said that it had existed for over a thousand years. In the Honor Continent, as long as it was a Star Sea Merchant Guild's shop, their reputation would be outstanding. No matter whether they bought it or sold it, Star Sea Merchant Guild's shop would always be their first choice.

For example, Nu Lang (Furious Waves) City's Starsea Weapon Shop only had customers from morning to night.

When Tang Huan brought the gold coins to the front of the store, he saw a bustling scene, with many Martial Warriors s going in and out of the shop in an endless stream.

Taking a deep breath, Tang Huan followed the few figures into the shop.

This weapon shop had a total of three floors. The first floor sold all sorts of low-level weapons, the second floor had mid-level weapons, and the third floor had high-level weapons.

After entering the first floor, there was a circular counter extending from the left and right sides, and then from the innermost floor, it connected with the stairs leading to the second floor. As for the two upper floors, there was a large circle at the center, which made the weapon shop look like a round barrel.

At the center of the ground floor, there was a crystal clear red pillar. The pillar was not big, and a person could completely wrap their arms around it. However, this pillar was tens of meters tall, and from the first floor all the way to the third floor.

The surface of the column was etched with countless fine and exquisite lines. At the bottom of the column, the shape of a ball of fire could also be vaguely seen. The color was almost transparent.

That column was surrounded by more than ten iron pillars connected to the iron chains. There were many people watching outside, but none of them entered the range of the iron chains.

Tang Huan entered the weapon shop and the first thing he saw was this red pillar.

The name of this pillar was well-known to him. It was said that it was called the "Fire Shadow Totem" and was able to detect whether a Martial Warriors had the talent to become a Refiner or not.

The physique belonged to the five elements. If the physique of a Martial Warriors belonged to the fire element, it was easy for them to become an artificer. If it was metal, wood, water, or earth elements, it would be much more difficult to be called an artificer, especially for Martial Warriors whose physique was that of water belonging to the five elements. Of course, there were also powerful ones. In the history of the Honor Continent, there seemed to be an extremely powerful Tools Refining Great Master, known as the first of the five elements, Water Element.

Regardless of the attribute of the Martial Warriors, as long as one channeled their Innate Qi into the bottom of the "Fire Shadow Totem," the ball of flames would be ignited, transforming into a stronger flame. The better the talent of the Martial Warriors, the higher the position of the flames in the pillar, and vice versa.

However, this test wasn't free. One would need to pay 200 gold coins each time.

When Tang Huan knew of the existence of the Fire Shadow Totem, he had been moved, but he did not have the Innate Qi to activate the flames, nor did he use the Fire Shadow Totem's two hundred gold coins, so he could only give up.

"I wonder what my aptitude is?"

Tang Huan took a light breath, as his gaze moved away from the "Fire Shadow Totem."

In front of the two counters on each side, a large number of customers were gathered.

Behind the counter, a few girls in uniform were busy, either picking out weapons for their customers or answering various questions.

Behind the women were rows of shelves.

On the shelves, there were all kinds of weapons: sabers, spears, swords, sticks, bows, axes, spears, hammers, and so on.

Tang Huan casually glanced at it, and immediately felt dizzy.

Each one of those weapons was sparkling with a faint, colorful glow. This kind of weapon was something that Tang Huan, a youth of this world, was used to. After all, he grew up in this old man's blacksmith shop, so even though he couldn't forge low level weapons, he had seen many of them.

However, Tang Huan, who came from Earth, was a stranger. Even though he had absorbed the youth's memories, he still felt it to be very strange after seeing it with his own eyes.

Weapons from his previous life could of course be made into a variety of colors, but that was not the color of the weapon itself. Although the low grade weapons in the shop were also of a variety of colors, the color had completely blended into the weapon, becoming one with the weapon.

Tang Huan knew that this was because the materials used to forge weapons were different, as well as the various gems he had added into the forging process.

When forging a weapon, the gem would be fused with all sorts of mystical powers, allowing the weapon to display all kinds of inconceivable effects … Only a true blacksmith could achieve such a feat. It was impossible for ordinary blacksmiths to fuse those gems with their weapon.

To Tang Huan who was obsessed with sword forging, it was like a door suddenly opening in front of him, revealing him to a new world.

Almost subconsciously, Tang Huan walked to the right side of the counter and looked at the first row of weapons racks.

The first weapon on the shelf was a sword.

The sword body was eighty centimeters long and the sword body was five centimeters wide. Not only was it beautiful, it was sharp and exposed, and the entire sword seemed to have a layer of faint white luster flowing out. However, what Tang Huan was paying attention to, was not this, but the cold Qi being emitted from the sword.

Standing in front of the counter, Tang Huan felt a cold sensation, as if the place he was hung in was not a weapon but a piece of thousand year old ice.

Seeing that, Tang Huan was very happy, he caressed his hands, wishing that he could bring the sword over to look at it.

"Hello, guest. May I ask if you want this sword?"

A crisp sound suddenly rang out.

Tang Huan regained her senses and subconsciously looked over, only to realise that a girl dressed in white had appeared behind the counter. Her figure was petite and exquisite, and she had a pretty face, but not only did her face reveal a smile, her clear eyes also revealed a dense smile.

The employees of this weapon shop were all such beautiful girls. They were indeed kind and pleasing to the eyes.

Tang Huan was startled for a moment, he then understood that the young lady was greeting him, and promptly shook his head, and said: "I am here to buy True Fire, may I ask where I am going?"

"Buy a 'True Fire'. Please go there!" Hearing that, the girl looked at Tang Huan in surprise and pointed her delicate finger at him.

"Thank you very much."

Tang Huan nodded and looked at the weapon reluctantly, then continued to walk forward.

If he had any extra gold coins, he wouldn't mind buying a few low-grade weapons to study for a while. But now, it was better to just forget about it.

The girl was pointing at the intersection of the two curving lines of counters.

Compared to the noisy surroundings, this place was rather cold and cheerless. Behind the counter, there was also an extremely beautiful girl in a white dress. Compared to the beautiful girl from before, this girl seemed to be much more mature.

Behind the girl, there was also a wooden frame. However, what was placed on it were not weapons of various styles, but rows upon rows of fiery red colored bottles.

The stomachs of those bottles were extremely large, but their mouths were extremely narrow. It was unknown what material they were made of, but they were all sparkling and translucent like glass bottles from his previous life. Through the bottle, one could clearly see balls of flames floating inside. The dark red flames illuminated the entire bottle until it was red.

"Sir, are you looking to buy the 'True Fire'?"

Seeing Tang Huan walk over, the girl in the white dress bowed slightly and asked enthusiastically. Her face also revealed a charming smile, and she did not ignore Tang Huan's shabby clothes. In his previous life, he had always stressed the importance of smiling in the service of others. However, those professional smiles were not as sincere as these girls in front of him.

Tang Huan looked at the bottles as his eyes lit up. "How much gold coins does a lump of Primordial Fire cost?"

"A thousand gold coins." The young girl in the white dress smiled sweetly.

"A thousand?" How can it be so expensive? "

Tang Huan was instantly dumbstruck, and cried out in disbelief.

True Fire had always been around 500 gold coins. Even if the price was floating, it was only around 20-30 gold coins. He had only sold the swords for 540 gold coins, which was enough for him.

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