Weapon Master

Chapter 7

"This esteemed customer does not know, that Origin Continent's' Sword-forging Valley 'has become very unstable recently. The difficulty of obtaining' True Fire 'far surpasses that of the past, so the price of' True Fire 'has also increased by a lot." Seeing this, the young girl in the white dress explained with a smile.

"Sword-forging Valley?"

Tang Huan was startled, and immediately frowned.

He naturally knew about the Sword-forging Valley of the Origin Continent. It had once been the artifact forging holy land at the peak of the Human Clan, a place that countless artificers yearned for.

However, there were not only Human Clan s in this world. Other than Human Clan, there were also Devil Clan and Tian Clan.

Among them, the Tranquil Continent that lived in the eastern part of the Origin Continent, and the Holy Spirit Continent that lived in the northern part of the Origin Continent.

The Origin Continent was located in the middle of the three continents, which were Glory, Holy Spirit and Decimation. A hundred years ago, Human Clan's leader Mountain and River unified the Origin Continent, expelling both Devil Clan and Tian Clan. But with the death of the mountains and rivers, the Human Clan fell into a state of internal strife.

The Tranquil Continent took the opportunity to invade the Origin Continent, and the entire place was slaughtered.

That place had already been occupied by countless specters, so entering the human Martial Warriors was extremely dangerous. However, only there was a True Fire. Moreover, not everyone could obtain an item like a True Fire. This also caused the price of a True Fire to be extremely high.

When the Sword-forging Valley was flourishing, a lump of True Fire only cost 50 gold coins.

After the upheavals in Sword-forging Valley, the price of True Fire had risen to a few thousand gold coins. After that, it slowly fell back to around five hundred gold coins.

Now that the Sword-forging Valley was not at peace, it rose back to 1000 gold coins.

With regards to the white dressed lady's words, Tang Huan did not doubt that the Star Ocean Art Shop had an outstanding reputation. It would definitely not lie to others in this regard, and would not casually raise the price.

Why don't we go back and forge three more weapons to sell?

Tang Huan was gloomy, it seemed that this was the only method, if he was lacking 10 or 20 gold coins, he might be able to buy them, but if he was lacking 500 gold coins, there was no need to bargain, he had to gather enough to try again.

But who knew if the price of this primordial flame would continue to rise tomorrow?

Customer, if you wish to use the 'True Fire' that you bought, perhaps you can try the 'Flame Shadow Totem' in our store. As long as the 'Flame Shadow' is able to ignite the flame up to two meters, half of the gold coin can be returned. If it reaches three meters, you can return all the gold coins and if it reaches four meters, not only will it return two hundred gold coins, it will also receive a 'True Fire'.

Seeing how Tang Huan was frowning, the lady in white suddenly asked and smiled.

"Fire Shadow Totem?"

Tang Huan was startled, but his eyes subconsciously looked towards the red pillar standing at the center of the store. He did not know the five elements of his physique, nor did he know that his aptitude was specific.

Judging from the young lady's words, a two meter flame should have the potential to become a refiner. A three meter flame should have some potential, but a four meter flame should have some potential.

Tang Huan's heart skipped a beat.

As long as the flame is three meters long, it would not be a loss. If it could reach four meters, not only would it not lose a gold coin, it could even acquire the 'True Fire', which was worth a thousand gold coins.

"F * ck, I'm betting on this!" After a while, Tang Huan finally made up his mind. He took out two hundred gold from his bag and placed it on the counter.

"Esteemed guest, please follow me."

The girl in the white dress kept the gold coins, held the key smilingly and walked out from behind the counter, bringing Tang Huan to the side of the "Shadow Fire Totem," opening the lock and pulling the chain.

Seeing the girl's actions, not only did the eyes of the surrounding Martial Warriors, who was looking at the Fire Shadow Totem, brighten up, even more people who were looking at her from the side also turned to look at her.

"Oh wow, someone wants to test if they have the qualifications to become a refiner?"

"The boy?" He looked to be only sixteen or seventeen, but he had already opened up a few spirit veins. Last time I saw a person testing the fire in this shop, the fire he ignited wasn't even 2 metres long, so it was a waste of 200 gold coins. "

"Hehe, refiners are that easy to find. Even out of a thousand Martial Warriors, there might not be a single person with the qualifications to become a refiner."

"Not bad, not bad. Even if you have this sort of aptitude, you might not necessarily be able to successfully fuse with the 'True Fire'."

"What a pity, with so much gold to waste, I might as well pick a low-grade weapon. Although I won't be able to buy anything good with 200 gold, it's still passable."


The crowd was brimming with interest as soft murmurs echoed from time to time.

"Guest, please!" The lady in white tilted her body slightly, and made a gesture of invitation towards Tang Huan. She then pointed at the two palm imprints on the lower part of the "Fire Shadow Totem", and said with a smile, "Customer, you only need to place your palms there, and send in your true qi. Then, you will be able to circulate your cultivation technique nonstop."


Tang Huan nodded his head and excitedly went between the two iron pillars, quickly entering the ring of chains. In the direction that the girl in the white dress pointed, there happened to be a praying mat. Tang Huan crossed his legs and directly sat down.

Taking a deep breath, Tang Huan calmed himself down and slowly closed his eyes.


With a thought, the Innate Qi from the three spirit veins started to gush into the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace", and with astonishing speed, it flew out.

In just a split-second, his Zhen Qi had already revealed his palms.

The surrounding people stared at the transparent flame at the bottom of the pillar with blazing eyes. Once the True Qi was infused into the pillar, they would be able to determine the five elements of the Martial Warriors's physique. "Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love!"

"Look, it's lit up!" "It's lit up!"

After a short moment, the surrounding crowd first let out a few low cries, but soon after, there was a disappointed sigh. Within the pillar, the transparent flame had actually turned into a dazzling white.

"White is the metal element of the five elements. It doesn't even have a fire attribute physique. How can it become a blacksmith?"

"See, I did not guess wrong, this kid's two hundred gold coins were wasted."

"Yes, in addition to the fire attribute physique, the other five elements and four elements have very little hope of becoming a blacksmith."


Many Martial Warriors s who were attracted by the commotion subconsciously shook their heads. Since ancient times, there were roughly 9,999 refiners out of ten thousand refiners who all had fire attribute physiques. There was only one, possibly belonging to the other four attributes.

The young girl in white, who had brought Tang Huan over, also let out an imperceptible sigh when she saw this.

It seemed like this customer's two hundred gold coins would not be repaid. However, these two hundred gold coins were equivalent to saving his life. The physique of a metal of the five elements. If he were to fuse them with his True Fire, he would definitely fail.

Amongst the five elements, fire countered metal. When metal attribute Martial Warriors fused with True Fire, the damage suffered by the spirit vein far surpassed that of Martial Warriors of other attributes.

Hearing the sounds around him, Tang Huan's body trembled, his heart turned cold, but he resisted the urge to take his hand back, and immediately activated the "Invigorated Meridian Spirit Art".

inside the Dantian, the cauldron quickly rotated.

In that moment, Tang Huan felt an extremely rich and warm Qi being stimulated, passing through the pillar and entering into his hands. In that moment, it followed the spirit vein and rushed into the cauldron. In the blink of an eye, the warm energy fused with the true energy, and once again followed the spirit vein as it rushed towards his arms.


The "Fire Shadow Totem" suddenly started to vibrate and emit a low and deep buzzing sound.

At the same time, within the pillar, the ball of flames also gradually turned from white to red, releasing increasingly resplendent fiery red luster.


Instantly, surprised murmurs rose and fell.

The numerous Martial Warriors s at the counter were all alarmed by this sudden commotion as their gazes quickly swept towards the center area one by one.

"Is he using a flame totem to test the aptitude of the weapons craftsmen?"

"The flame was originally white. Could it be that it has the nature of metal?"

"Tsk tsk, the flames have actually turned red. It looks like he has the potential to become a refiner."

"What's the use of it? It is already quite good for a metal attribute physique to be able to ignite a flame of half a meter in length. To become an artificer would require at least a flame of two meters. "

"That young man looks so familiar, I really want to see him somewhere."


The crowd discussed animatedly. Although they were surprised, they did not take it to heart.

In this weapon store, every few days, a young man would spend two hundred gold coins to test whether he had the talent to become a refiner. A portion of Martial Warriors who frequent this place often saw this scene, but it was a pity that very few of them could reach two meters in size.

Even the Martial Warriors of the Five Elements Fire attribute did not have the talent to become a Refiner, not to mention the fellow beside the "Fire Totem", who was of the Five Elements.

They all knew that their bodies were about to collapse from exhaustion, but if they were to continue on like this, it would just be a joke.

Many Martial Warriors s looked at Tang Huan who was sitting in front of the pillar like a motionless sculpture, and their faces even revealed a teasing and mocking smile. But not long after, the smiles on their faces gradually disappeared, and their eyes were replaced with thick surprise.

Inside the "Fire Shadow Totem", after the flame turned completely red, it actually began to rapidly rise up.

In just a few short breaths, the dark red flame had already passed through the first circular pattern on the red pillar.

These circular patterns were actually the same as the number on the pillar. The first circle meant a meter tall. The second circle meant two meters, and so on.

"You're already one meter away from me?"

Everyone looked at each other with unconcealable surprise.

However, before they even had the chance to react, an even more shocking scene appeared. The flames continued to rise, without any signs of stopping.

Not long after, the second rune was clearly visible under the red glow.

"Two... Two meters? "

"Doesn't this mean that he already has the qualifications to become a refiner?"

"Hiss, metal elemental body refiner..."


Everyone found it hard to believe their eyes. Even the second and third floor were startled. They all leaned on the railings and looked down in surprise.

"It's only two meters, but it has just reached the minimum requirement to be a refiner. There's nothing strange about it." A Martial Warriors who was certain that the flames Tang Huan emitted wouldn't exceed half a meter, came to his senses and felt a stinging sensation on his face, after which he couldn't help but curl his lips and laugh out loud.

But before the laughter disappeared, Martial Warriors had his mouth wide open, his eyes glazed over, and his face was burning with anger. Inside the "Fire Shadow Totem," flames were rising at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye, and it was growing faster and faster, three meters … Four meters …

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