Weapon Master

Chapter 8

"Four meters … "It's already 4 meters long..."

In the weapon store, almost everyone's face turned pale.

Even Martial Warriors of the five elements fire could be considered a genius when igniting a flame four meters tall within the "Fire Shadow Totem", not to mention Martial Warriors of the five elements metal.

When it came to the difficulty of becoming an artificer, even if metal attribute Martial Warriors wasn't number one among the five elements, they were second only to water attribute Martial Warriors.

Similarly, within this "Fire Shadow Totem", the aptitude that metal attribute Martial Warriors s commonly displayed was also the last one or two.

There were many "Fire Shadow Totems" in the weapon shops of the big cities in the Honor Continent. There were often rumors that a weapon shop of some big cities had produced a weapon crafting genius who could ignite four to five meters of flames. However, those people were all Martial Warriors s of the fire attribute.

None of the five elements belonged to the metal element or the water element category.

There seemed to be a few that belonged to the wood and earth, but they were only two to three meters in length. They were not as astonishing as the ones he had seen at the moment.

In addition, the flames in the column in front of him continued to rise higher and higher.

Four meters was definitely not his limit!

"Look, look, it's already five meters long …"

At the top and bottom of Xinghai's weapon shop, everyone stared at the increasingly resplendent and dazzling red column with their tongues tied.

Not too far away from the pillar, the young girl in the white dress had long since widened her round eyes. An unconcealable shock could be seen on her pretty face.

Below the pillar, Tang Huan's body did not move at all.

At this time, he had already completely calmed down and concentrated, doing his best to circulate his martial arts, continuously absorbing the warm air in the column and sending out his true qi.

Tang Huan had already turned a deaf ear to the surrounding activity.


The red pillar continued to tremble as flames continued to rise. Six meters … Seven meters … Eight meters …

At the start, the shop could still hear cries of surprise from time to time, but as the flames continued to rise, the shop became quieter and quieter.

When the flames reached eight meters, the entire space was so quiet that one could hear the sound of a pin dropping. One could only hear the incessant trembling of the pillar.

Everyone was dumbstruck. Their faces and brows were filled with shock and disbelief that couldn't be hidden at all. A metal attribute Martial Warriors was actually able to produce a flame that was eight meters tall from the "Fire Shadow Totem". From ancient times until now, even Martial Warriors s with the fire attribute had rarely seen anything that was difficult to reach. In the end, none of them were not Tools Refining Great Master s.

Where did this guy come from? His talent was actually so outstanding!

Everyone was astonished. What was even more inconceivable to them was that after reaching a height of eight meters, the flames were still rapidly rising.

Nine meters … Ten meters … Eleven meters …

Twelve meters!

The red pillar was twelve meters tall, and the flames were also twelve meters tall. The flames emitted by the person had actually reached the peak, passing through the entire "Fire Shadow Totem."

Everyone was completely numb. Their eyes were wide open and their mouths gaping open. They were motionless like clay puppets.

Whether it was the first floor or the second or third floor, the fiery-red glow from the "Shadow Fire Totem" practically caused everyone's soul to enter the sucking.

There was actually someone in this world that could use the totem flame to such an extent?

Could this guy still be considered human?

He could be considered a genius when it came to crafting, but the flames he produced had actually reached the limit of the "Fire Shadow Totem." If the "Fire Shadow Totem" was a few meters higher, wouldn't the flames he controlled be able to continue growing?

Twelve meters was an unattainable and terrifying number. It was enough to make countless Martial Warriors, who wished to become a refiner, look up to it.

"Hmm, it's gone?"

Just then, Tang Huan who was in front of the pillar seemed to have woken up from a dream, he muttered and subconsciously withdrew his palms. Just a moment ago, the warm Qi in the pillar suddenly disappeared.

Almost at the same time Tang Huan retracted his palm, the ball of flames inside the "Fire Shadow Totem" started to decrease rapidly.

Tang Huan who had just opened her eyes, felt a red light flash before her eyes, and the flames in the pillar of the pillar became a ball at the bottom, and the red color in the flames also quickly faded, and in an instant, the ball of flames became transparent once again, and the pillar that had been trembling for a long time also calmed down.

"How many meters was my flame?"

Tang Huan could not help but look at the girl in the white dress and ask her nervously. He should have first opened his eyes and then retracted his hands, because that way he would have known how strong the totem flames were.

The moment the words left his mouth, Tang Huan noticed that the atmosphere here was extremely strange.

The Star Ocean Weapon Shop was dead silent. Almost everyone had the same expression on their faces. They were all dumbfounded, as if they had seen something extremely shocking … This scene seemed to freeze the entire space.

This situation made Tang Huan feel even more apprehensive.

Ten … "Twelve meters …"

Hearing Tang Huan's words, the girl in the white dress finally regained her senses, her black eyes rolled back as she swallowed saliva with difficulty, and spat out these words.

"Twelve meters?"

Tang Huan jumped up from the praying mat like a spring. When he found out that he had the [Five Elements Metallic Constitution], he did not hold much hope for it, so he continued to try again. It was just that he was not willing to give it up, since the [Dragon Shadow Totem] cost two hundred gold coins.

But Tang Huan had never thought that the flames he could ignite would actually reach a distance of twelve meters!

Reward of 4 meters for "True Fire" and 12 meters for "True Fire" far exceeded the standard set by Xinghai's weapon shop.

After the short period of shock, the nervousness in Tang Huan's heart had all disappeared. His eyes were filled with undisguised joy as he uncontrollably rubbed his palms and laughed: "Miss, about that … Now, can you give me 200 gold coins and a portion of 'True Fire'? "

"Ah?" "Oh …"

As if she had awoken from a dream, the girl in the white dress hurriedly ran back to the counter. Moments later, she ran back with a bottle of True Fire and a bag of gold coins in her hand.

"Many thanks. Then, I'll take my leave first."

Tang Huan accepted it, without bothering to count the gold coins, he quickly left the weapon shop.

He'd already realized that he'd gone a bit too far just now, as the surrounding gazes caused him to feel a bit scared. It was better for him to leave as soon as possible.

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The moment Tang Huan's figure disappeared, countless of gasps could be heard from the weapon store. The loud sound seemed to want to flip the entire building over.

"I didn't expect this! I really didn't expect that young man to be able to ignite the fire totem to a size of 12 meters!" That's twelve meters, not two meters! "

"This trip to the weapon store was right, I have really broadened my horizon today."

"Rumor has it that in the Heavenly Forging City a few years ago, there was a person who managed to ignite a twelve meter long totem flame?"

"Are you for real?"

"Of course it's true. However, that person seems to be a woman. Moreover, she has the physique of fire of the five elements."

"Who knows where this person came from?" If he is able to successfully fuse with his True Fire, then our Honor Continent will probably have another Tools Refining Great Master that can shake the ancient and modern worlds before many years pass! "


Everyone shouted over and over, wantonly venting the shock and horror that had been stored in their chests for a long time.

"Haha, so what if you are twelve meters tall? You still have to be able to successfully fuse a 'True Fire'. Don't forget, he has a metal-attribute physique and the difficulty of fusing 'True Fire' far surpasses that of an ordinary Martial Warriors. If I am unable to fuse with the 'True Fire', no matter how strong my talent is, it will be useless.

A slightly hoarse voice suddenly sounded out, sounding exceptionally ear-piercing amidst the exclamations.

The one who spoke was the Martial Warriors who had previously asserted that the flames were not more than half a meter, and pursed his lips in disapproval, but before he could finish, he noticed many angry gazes sweeping over, obviously dissatisfied with his mocking and ridicule.

"It's not like there's no such possibility …" The Martial Warriors felt weak at the bottom of his heart. After forcing out a smile, he quickly shut his mouth and sneaked out of the shop. Seeing that, a few of the surrounding Martial Warriors who were clenching their fists walked over to him. Only then did they snort in disdain and join the lively discussion.

"Ah, I remember now."

"That guy, he seems to be called Tang Huan, and lives in the north side of the city. His master seems to be a low-level refiner, and I tried to find his master to help me forge a low-level weapon last year, but when his master wasn't around, it was him who treated me. At that time, he didn't even seem to be able to open a spirit vein."

"Last year was an ordinary person? Impossible, right? "


Returning back to the courtyard behind the smithy, before Tang Huan could even sit down, he impatiently took out the True Fire Bottle from his bag.

Looking at the floating ball of flame in the bottle, he couldn't help but feel a little excited. "Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love!"

Although he didn't spend the five hundred gold coins he got from selling the swords, and the method of obtaining the "True Fire" was rather unexpected, he still managed to get his hands on this thing.

But after the excitement, Tang Huan frowned and fell into deep thought.

If not for the "Fire Shadow Totem," he would still not know that his physique was of the five elements metal.

Compared to the Martial Warriors of the five elements fire, this kind of physique and difficulty in successfully fusing true fire was many times more difficult.

"This is going to be troublesome."

Tang Huan sighed, "It's fine if it isn't the fire element, but even the wood element and the earth element. But I never thought it would be the metal element.

In terms of the success rate of fusing with the "True Fire", the water attribute Martial Warriors was the lowest.

Water countered fire. During the process of fusing, the 'True Fire' would constantly be weakened. How could the weakened 'True Fire' still be considered 'True Fire'? However, in terms of danger, it was the metal element that had the greatest effect. When the "True Fire" was merged, the "True Fire" could even melt the Martial Warriors's spirit vein.

Even with a hundred metal attribute Martial Warriors s, there might not be a single one that could successfully fuse with "True Fire".

"Since we have already obtained the 'True Fire', how can we just give up like that?"

Tang Huan's face was unsettled, after a long while, he gritted his teeth and sat down.

He understood in his heart that this body originally did not have the aptitude to be a refiner. The main reason why this body could produce such a terrifying twelve meter tall flame within the "Fire Shadow Totem" was because of the existence of the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace". This cauldron might be able to reduce the difficulty of merging with the "True Fire".

Whether I succeed or lose, it all depends on this one move. If I succeed, I will live; if I fail, I will perish!

Tang Huan squinted his eyes, his mind was calm like never before. If he wanted to achieve his two lives' wish, then this step would not shrink back.


In the next moment, Tang Huan uncorked the bottle and covered the mouth of it with his right palm at lightning speed.

A blazing heat suddenly rushed up, and Tang Huan felt as if his palm was pressing on a red-hot iron. Immediately, an indescribable pain came from his palm.

Tang Huan grimaced, his face becoming somewhat sinister and distorted. An instant later, he faintly smelt a burnt stench from his palm.

"Endure it!" "Endure it!"

On Tang Huan's forehead, beads of perspiration trickled out, but he forcefully resisted the urge to remove his palm from the bottle, and did his best to circulate the "Spirit Arts of Invigorating Meridian". He was very clear that if he really let go of his hand, the "True Fire" inside would definitely rush out of the bottle and escape.

Very quickly, a trace of a scorching heat entered the spirit vein through his palm.


Tang Huan instantly felt as if a ball of fire was burning within his spirit vein. The burning sensation became more intense, and he couldn't help but take in a breath of cold air. His entire right arm was twitching violently, and the spirit vein that was being flooded by the heat seemed as if it was about to melt.

Damn, no wonder there were so few refiners. This kind of suffering was not something anyone could endure.

Not to mention that he had the physique of a metal of the five elements. The pain he would have to endure in the process of becoming a refiner far exceeded that of an ordinary person.

Tang Huan pursed his lips, showing no signs of giving up.

If he didn't succeed, then he would die!

As the youngest progressive master on Earth, if he couldn't forge a powerful weapon in this world after coming to Honor Continent, what kind of fun would there be?


But just as Tang Huan was about to use his Innate Qi to guide the hot Qi, a familiar buzzing sound suddenly resonated in his mind.

Immediately afterwards, that strand of heat spread rapidly along the spirit vein, like iron filings attracted by a magnet.

His speed increased, but the flow of heat did not decrease at all. Everywhere he went, his muscles trembled.

Tang Huan clenched his teeth tightly, he did not make a sound, but his eyes continued to widen and his entire body continued to spasm. More and more perspiration poured out from his pores, in the blink of an eye, he was drenched as if he was a chicken that had just been fished out of water.

In the blink of an eye, several hours passed ….

The scorching heat finally reached his Dantian, but the heat didn't stop. It continued to rise from the bottle and drilled into his palm, then followed the spirit vein to his lower abdomen.

Tang Huan did not let up at all. Both of his eyes bulged and he clenched his teeth as he endured. His handsome face had already swelled up to a purple red, and his tensed body was shaking like a sieve. Under the continuous burning of the strong heat, Tang Huan felt like his entire body was going to explode.

An extremely strong heat was emitted from Tang Huan's body.

His skin was becoming redder and redder. When he breathed, what came out of his nostrils seemed to be not air, but two flames. Even the thirty-six thousand pores on his body seemed to emit hot steam at all times.

Tang Huan felt as if his entire body was about to melt into juice.

Although the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" could greatly accelerate the absorption of the "True Fire", it could not lessen the pain that Tang Huan had to endure when absorbing the "True Fire". Not only did the pain spread to his limbs and bones, his internal organs, and even deep into his soul.

Tang Huan felt as if his soul was enveloped by blazing flames. Under the assault of the heat, his soul trembled and even his consciousness became blurry.

But just when Tang Huan felt that he was about to collapse, he suddenly felt his whole body relax, the last bit of heat finally flowed into his Dantian and into the cauldron.


Then, Tang Huan collapsed onto the ground on his back, like a thirsty fish jumping to the shore. He opened his mouth and gasped for air, not even able to move a finger.

"Did this kid succeed?"

His tiny eyes revealed shock and joy that was difficult to conceal, and he said, "Not only did he succeed, but his speed is beyond imagination. An ordinary person would need at least four hours to fuse a cluster of 'True Fire', but this kid doesn't seem to have been here for half an hour."

"How long did it take Old Man Ou to fuse 'True Fire'?" Two hours? Tsk tsk, this kid is way faster than his master. "

"Also, this kid's aptitude is much higher than Old Man Ou's. With his metal-attribute physique, he can actually fire up a twelve-meter flame inside the Dragon Shadow Totem." "I wonder how many meters old flame old man Ou used to have. It would already be great if he could be four or five meters tall."

Fat Old Man pinched his fleshy chin and laughed. He actually glided down the tree like a snake, his light and agile movements extremely inappropriate for his fat body.

In the courtyard, Tang Huan laid still for a long time, before slowly recovering and turning back to sit.

"I did it!"

Looking at the empty True Fire bottle in front of him, Tang Huan laughed foolishly. Although the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" could not alleviate his pain, it had greatly shortened the process of fusing with the "True Fire".

"I wonder what's going on with the 'True Fire' in my body now?"

After a while, Tang Huan took a deep breath and cleared away all the distracting thoughts, focusing on his lower abdomen.

Although it was still extremely hot, but what was strange was that Tang Huan's abdomen was actually extremely warm, and did not feel any of the unbearable pain from before.

Almost at the same time, the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" appeared in his mind. Soon after, he discovered that there was a ball of dark red flame inside the cauldron, but in the heart of the flame, the inner part of the cluster of flame that seemed to be condensed from essence, was showing a dazzling white color.

"So that's how it is."

Tang Huan was startled, and then he woke up.

The moment the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" appeared, Tang Huan knew that although it could appear in his mind, it could not actually exist in his mind. However, Tang Huan was unable to determine where it was in a short period of time. But now, he understood that the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" was in his dantian.

The Flame Heart was white, most likely because it had a metal attribute.

After a while, Tang Huan calmed his mind and started to try to circulate the "Spirit Art of Invigorating Meridian".


The cauldron trembled, the blazing heat fused with the Qi, and quickly travelled through the spirit vein. Wherever the heat flowed, Tang Huan felt as though all his pores were expanding, it was extremely comfortable.

He circulated his true qi through the three spirit veins a few times and swept away all his fatigue. Tang Huan's heart skipped a beat, and he suddenly used his Qi to rush to the 4th spirit vein.

"It's cleared?"

After a moment, Tang Huan was stunned, the four spirit veins had all fallen down, and were easily opened, there was no feeling of obstruction during this period.

He had thought of it on a whim but to think that it would really be a success. After fusing with the 'True Fire', his zhenqi had increased by so much?

Tang Huan was pleasantly surprised, just as he was about to continue circulating his spirit technique to expand the first three spirit veins, a loud "bang" sound suddenly woke him up.

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