What If I Can’t Die?

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I Came In, I Went Out Again

Song Shi touched his chin, “However, this monster seemed to need the help of the guy who pushed me. This means that its attack range is limited. Was it because it was injured after attacking twice in a row during the day, or is its attack range naturally limited?”

After making his discovery, he returned to the reed marsh and deliberately stayed 80 feet away from the river.

This time, there was no movement in the river for a long time.

“As expected, it can’t attack here!”

Song Shi’s eyes lit up and he took a step forward.

Still nothing.

“Hehe, as expected!”

With a wicked grin, he started taking two steps at a time.

When he was within 30 feet of the river, it was as if he had entered an especially cold area.

There was an obvious difference in temperature between this step and the previous one, making one feel as if they had fallen into an ice cave.


The river water moved and the ghost started to become restless!

He hurriedly took a step back.

The water surface calmed down.

He took another step forward and the river water quickly fluctuated again.

“Haha, there’s indeed a range!”

Song Shi laughed out loud and started to dance on the spot.

“I’m coming in!”

“I went out again!”

“Come hit me!”

Song Shi mocked, looking like he deserved a beating.

The water surface churned violently, as if the monster was angered by his provocative actions.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Seven tentacles shot out, scaring Song Shi into taking five steps back.

The tentacle extended until it was half a foot away from him when it suddenly stopped, unable to move forward.

The black tentacle emitted a cold black aura and waved around a few times, creating a whistling sound in the air.

“Why are there seven tentacles? It doesn’t look like a loach monster.”

Song Shi cursed in his heart. After confirming the real safety line, he continued to jump horizontally to see if the other party could stick out more.

After jumping several times and confirming that the other party really could not advance any further, Song Shi was no longer afraid.

“You can’t touch me now. Are you angry?”

Song Shi mocked, “You can’t do anything to me even if I stand here.”

The tentacles twisted, looking even angrier.

“Aren’t you supposed to be very powerful? You even broke a ship. Now I don’t think so. You can’t even get ashore.”

Song Shi continued to mock the monster while gaining a deeper understanding of it.

It could not go ashore as it was either injured or because it was unable to leave this area.

In addition, this thing couldn’t speak. It didn’t scold him even after being mocked by him, yet it was easily angered.

This meant that the other party’s IQ was not high, or that it did not have the ability to speak.

To a certain extent, it was more suitable for him to farm death counts with this monster than the female ghost last night!

Song Shi was excited. He was not afraid of death, but he was afraid that others would know that he could not die.

This thing could kill him by piercing his heart, but it would not easily reveal his secrets.

It was very suitable for farming system rewards.

The tentacles froze in the air for a moment before retreating unwillingly.

Song Shi turned around and sized up the place from three feet away. He found a pile of weeds and set it as a new resurrection point.

Now that he had figured out the situation of this monster, there was no need to resurrect so far away. He should change the location and seize the opportunity to die a few more times.

After setting it up, he turned and walked towards the safety line.

There was no more movement in the river. Song Shi’s vision blurred for a moment when a person suddenly appeared by the river.

This person’s back was facing him. He was covered in water and did not move.


Puzzled, Song Shi became vigilant.

He pupils constricted involuntarily as he sized the person up carefully. He felt that this person was very similar to the figure he saw just now.

The black shadow suddenly turned around, revealing emotionless eyes.

Under the faint moonlight, along with his extraordinary physique, Song Shi’s vision was not weak and he recognized this person.

“Dai Dou! Why is it you!”

Song Shi was shocked. How could the thing that had been pushing him be Dai Dou? Could it be that he wanted to kill him?


Dai Dou’s face was pale, and his eyes were lifeless. His entire body was swollen and white, as if he had been soaked in water.

This is not a living person!

A faint recollection flashed into his mind, and the conversation of the guests of the New Moon Brothel sounded in his ears.

Someone from the Song family drowned here.

Could it be this fellow?

While Song Shi was trying to uncover the truth, Dai Dou was silent. In a flash, he suddenly appeared in front of him, grabbed him and dragged him towards the water.

Song Shi wanted to resist, but this guy was terrifyingly strong. His strength was nearly nine times that of an ordinary person and he could not resist at all.


A tentacle shot out of the water and successfully pierced through his heart.

“So… you are one!”

Song Shi vomited blood and died.

Before the monster could drag Song Shi’s body down to enjoy it, his body disappeared. It was so angry that its tentacles twisted.

Song Shi emerged from the grass a few feet away.

He looked at Dai Dou, who had yet to leave and was roaring angrily. He sneered, “So after you died, you were made into a fighter by this monster and helped it kill people.”

Dai Dou turned around with eyes like a dead fish and let out a beast-like roar.

“Are you angry? Come and hit me.”

Song Shi shrugged provocatively.

The latter leaped and charged over.

“Damn, he can still move freely and become a super soldier?”

Song Shi shivered in fear. This was something he had not expected.


Dai Dou roared angrily and slapped him.

The cold wind blew against his face, causing his hair to flutter and he felt a little suffocated.

He subconsciously raised his hand to block.


His arm was broken on the spot.

Song Shi was sent flying by a huge force. His butt landed on the ground, and his face twisted in pain.

He was dumbfounded as he looked at the burly figure pouncing at him.

Was this fellow that powerful? He hadn’t noticed it before.

He got up and wanted to dodge, but he was quickly knocked down.


Dai Dou punched Song Shi’s head.

His skull became broken and was dripping with blood. His brain matter flowed out and he died a miserable death.

“Ding… You have been killed by a zombie. Physique +2!”

“You have absorbed strength from death and obtained 2 Freedom Attribute Points!”

“You will be resurrected in three seconds!”

“Ding… congratulations on being killed by a new target. You meet the motivation conditions. The lottery subsystem has been activated. If you kill the target within the specified time, you will be rewarded with one chance to draw the lottery.”

Another countdown appeared on Song Shi’s system interface. This time, it was ten days.

In the bushes beside him, Song Shi covered his head and revived. He cursed, “Damn it system, stop bullying me like I am a dog!”

“Even a dog is better than you. Please continue to work hard to improve your Physique.”

The system replied with a message. It sounded serious, but why did it feel like it was filled with mockery?

Fortunately, this time, he was certain that Dai Dou was different from the things in the water. Moreover, his strength should be much weaker now. If he could kill him, he would have a chance to draw the lottery!

He stared at Dai Dou. This guy was actually turned into a zombie by the monster in the water. No wonder he didn’t say a word and was also extremely strong.

Sensing that Song Shi was not dead, Dai Dou charged over again, he grabbed Song Shi’s thigh and pulled.


Song Shi felt that this guy was not like the zombie he imagined at all. He was actually very agile. Could it be that the thing in the water was controlling Dai Dou?

Song Shi was grabbed by Dai Dou’s iron-like hands again but it was too late to struggle. This guy was several times stronger than him and directly dragged him towards the river.


The tentacles of the monster in the water shot over and easily pierced through his head.

“Ding… You have been killed by a ghost. Physique +1, Yang energy +3!”

The next time Song Shi revived, he hurriedly moved the revival point back a little, trying his best to only face Dai Dou, the new zombie.

In the end, he was still killed by this zombie!

He died from having his neck broken, his internal organs smashed, and his head shot…

He could only struggle in death.

In the constant deaths, other than the system’s rewards, he only received combat experience when resisting.

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