What If I Can’t Die?

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Strange Things Happen Every Year, but There Are Especially Many This Year

He could not help but mutter, “Strange things happen every year. But why are there so many this year?”

Old Zhao agreed deeply, “That’s right. There have been many strange things recently. Just today, you should have heard about someone from the Song family drowning in the Jin river, right?”

“Which servant died?”

Big Smart guessed that the Song Shi had returned in someone’s carriage. He did not think too much about it and began to ask about the rumors that were circulating outside.

“You wouldn’t have guessed.”

Old Zhao’s expression was complicated and filled with fear, “The one who died was Old Dou!”

“What, Dai Dou drowned?”

Big Smart widened his crossed eyes. He looked both shocked and a little comical.

Old Zhao lowered his hand. “Keep your voice down. This matter shouldn’t be spread. Otherwise, it will easily throw everyone into a panic. Old Master is having a headache now, orders have been made to not spread the news.”

“How could it be him? This guy is a first-rate expert. He has the strength of eight bulls and knows how to swim…”

Big Smart muttered, unable to accept it.

Although he and Dai Dou were not on good terms, he had to admit that the other party was stronger than him and could be considered one of the top ten experts in the Song family.

Such a spirited person actually drowned in the area where the Mage of Jinyuan Temple had just drowned. No matter how one looked at it, it was strange.

“That’s why I said it’s strange. A Postnatal expert actually drowned. It’s really f*cking unprecedented.”

Old Zhao cursed.


Big Smart exclaimed and hurriedly jumped out of the carriage. “Old Zhao, are you sure you saw Seventh Young Master just now?”

“How many times do I have to tell you? Seventh Young Master came back and we even greeted him.”

Old Zhao was very impatient.

After confirming that Old Zhao was not lying, Big Smart heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good. Seventh Young Master went to the Reed area of the river bank just now.”

“Where did Seventh Young Master go?”

Old Zhao’s expression changed drastically. He hurriedly turned his head to take a look. His surroundings were pitch-black. Then he couldn’t help but say guiltily, “Could it be that we’ve encountered a ghost? I heard that there’s a saying that people’s souls come back to life after their death. Moreover, Seventh Young Master was wearing black clothes…”

“Don’t scare me!”

Big Smart’s hair stood on end.

“God knows. It was so dark just now. Who knows if it was a human or a ghost.”

Old Zhao tidied his clothes. “Damn it, martial arts practitioners are also afraid of these unclean things. We’d better be careful and not die like Dai Dou.”

“You can f*cking hide. I’m his personal guard. I can’t hide even if I want to.”

Big Smart sighed, “It’s not easy to earn money these days.”

“Chaos is coming. It’s safer to rely on the Song family than to be a lone wolf. Moreover we still have a chance to obtain Old Qin’s guidance and come into contact with the Connate realm. You and I are actually considered not bad.”

Old Zhao patted Big Smart’s shoulder and glanced at the crease between his cross-eyed eyes. “From the looks of it, your Prajna Art is almost at the ninth level, right? If you can achieve a breakthrough, you will have the power of an elephant in the Postnatal realm. You will then have more ability to protect yourself.”

“It doesn’t matter if I break through. Two Postnatal experts died for no reason in a row. We only have a little more ability to protect ourselves than ordinary people.”

Big Smart shook his head, “We still have to find Seventh Young Master quickly. If something has really happened, it will cause big trouble.”

“As long as you can break through to the ninth level, a concubine’s son who only knows how to fool around won’t affect you much anymore.”

Old Zhao said meaningfully, “Old Master is preparing to recruit more experts as guards. You can seize the opportunity. If you can be the leader, there’s no need to waste time with the playboy.”

“Seventh Young Master is actually not bad.”

Big Smart frowned and thought of the stone Song Shi had thrown at him. “And he’s not as easy going as he looks.”

“It’s just the disciples of the family trying to win over the servants. Don’t be bought over by those little benefits. Only by following the main branch in the family can you have a future.”

Old Zhao said presumptuously. As for Big Smart’s mention of Song Shi not being simple, he did not care at all.

“I know, thank you!”

Big Smart cupped his fists. Old Zhao had always taken good care of him. Although he did not agree with the other party, he still had to accept this favor.

“Work hard, I have faith in you!”

Old Zhao grinned, “I admire you for not getting close to women for so many years.”

In the reed area.

It took Song Shi half an hour to walk there. He looked at the black mass in the distance and did not go over directly. Instead, he opened the system interface, modified the resurrection location, and set it under the stone bridge at the side.

“If you’re closer, you’ll die faster.”

Clapping his hands, Song Shi took a deep breath and put on his mask. After making sure that there was no one nearby, he strode over.

He looked calm on the surface, but in fact, he was a little panicked. Instinctive fear kept growing.

Gritting his teeth, he approached the river. Thinking of the strange aura that had appeared behind him last time, he stood sideways and tried his best to observe both sides.


The river suddenly churned. Song Shi looked over warily when a black tentacle suddenly shot out.


His heart was pierced and blood spewed out before he was pulled into the river.

“You have been killed by a ghost. Physique +1! Yang energy +3!”

“You have absorbed power from death and obtained 1 Freedom Attribute Points!”

“You will be resurrected in three seconds!”

Song Shi appeared under the stone bridge. He subconsciously clutched his chest and panted heavily.

“It looks like some tentacle monster. Unfortunately, I only saw a little bit, which is probably the tip of the iceberg.”

Muttering, Song Shi touched his face.

The mask was still there!

As expected, as long as he wore something, it would follow his resurrection. However, it would not recover completely. Instead, it would remain in the state it was in when he died. In other words, what should have been damaged would still be damaged. For example, there was a hole in his clothes.

Song Shi stood up and quickly ran out, rushing to his death.


This time, he deliberately moved away from the river and stared at the water with wide eyes.

“Damn it, what the hell is this? I was killed twice even though only the tip of the tip of the iceberg was revealed!”

Song Shi cursed. Suddenly, a strong force pushed out from behind him. However he was on his guard and stabilized himself with a bow stance. Then, he grabbed back.

“Shh, it’s so cold!”

It was as if Song Shi had grabbed a block of ice. He turned around and finally saw a burly figure.

“Why does he look familiar?”

Just as he was about to scrutinize the other party, Song Shi’s heart spasmed in pain as he was pierced through his chest again.

“You have been killed by a ghost. Yang energy +5!”

“You have absorbed power from death and obtained 1 Freedom Attribute Points!”

“The reward has decreased, but no matter how much it decreases, it will still be something.”

Song Shi glanced at the interface but didn’t care. He quickly ran back.

“There seem to be two things working together here to harm people. I can’t only care about one and ignore the other. I will have to settle them one by one.”

Song Shi changed his mind and decided to figure out what was in the water first.

A minute later, just as he sat by the river, something appeared behind him.

Song Shi was too lazy to care. He looked at the river quietly.

Soon, the river water fluctuated and blackened air currents surged.

A big hand came from behind and pushed him.

Song Shi maintained his posture and did not care about what was behind him. He stared at the water.


The black shadow rushed out of the water and came face-to-face with him.

Song Shi’s pupils constricted, he finally saw the tentacle that had killed him clearly. It was a sharp black tentacle at the top, two fingers thick and had barbs on it. It looked like a poisonous snake.

He grabbed it, but the tentacle was exceptionally strong. It cut through his palm like a knife.

In the next second, he died in the same way.

Under the stone bridge.

A frown appeared on Song Shi’s face.

“How is it so powerful? I can’t even win its tentacle on the shore, not to mention that its main body is still submerged in the water. It will be even more difficult to deal with in the water. I won’t consider destroying it for the time being with my little ability. I’ll think about it after I die a few more times.”

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