Who Touched My Tail!

Chapter 10

2.2 - This seems to have become a protracted war

Music from the piano resounded throughout the venue, andeveryone’s eyes were attracted to the person on the stage. Even the judges heldtheir breath out of fear that the slightest noise would disturb the genius.

That young man played a piece that seemed to come straightfrom the soul, that pair of hands that moved ceaselessly with the music, seemedto bring people's hearts with them as they moved up and down.

The man’s golden eyes seemed to be locked on that person'sbody, his whole aura even softened because of his music. The butler to one sidelooked at his master with some surprise, then turned his eyes to the man on thestage, and made a decision in the depths of his heart.

When Xue Ling finished his song, standing up to take a bow, nobodyhad yet recovered from their daze.

He also didn't seem to mind, turning around to step downfrom the stage. He had booked his ticket before coming onto stage, and now he needsto head to the airport to catch the next flight back to China.

It was not until he stepped off the stage that he heardapplause filling the concert hall, endlessly ringing in his ears.

Unfortunately, Xue Ling didn’t really care about the applause.Despite arranging a place to go for his sister and nephew, Xue Ling still hadto meet them personally to reassure them, and he had no time to dally here. Soby the time the competition staff rushed back to knock at his door, his roomwas already empty.

The staff member's expression wavered, and the face of thebutler who followed him was also strange.

In the VIP room, a man dressed in a slim fitting suittwisted the ring on his finger, and slowly stood up.

The students in the competition were still playing hard onthe stage, and the audience had no plans to leave, but the man was already alittle impatient, expressionlessly opening the door just in time to see thestrange look on the butler's face.

The bowed slightly and gave a very concise apology:“I’m sorry, sir, that young man is not here anymore."

The man didn't spare him a glance, directly steppingforward. The butler looked at him oddly, then heard him say, “Go and investigate.”


At this time, Xue Ling had already caught his flight,because he was in a hurry, he chose to buy a first class ticket with fewer people.It wasn't until he was settled in his seat that he took a deep breath and held thesystem into his hands. “There are some things I still need to understand."

The system perched obediently on its host's legs, althoughit is a fox, it manages to look like a well behaved pet. “The host can askanything, I will say all that I know without exception."

“I came into this world in order to change the fate ofthe main characters?”

“Yes, when their destiny is changed, the will of theworld will be able to take their luck away." The system has affirmed this pointfrom the outset.

Xue Ling asked again, “Because I am occupying thisbody, I need to get revenge for the original owner of this body? So when Ientered this body, were there any other stipulations? Is it possible that theywill show up just before dying, and the next second they've died?"

The system feels that its host is somewhat fanciful, after ponderingfor a while, finally decides to explain it like this to Xue Ling. “Takingthe host adult’s current body as an example, the information you received ishis whole life’s fate trajectory, and the will of the world will only arrangeyou to enter a person’s body after confirming with the other party. That is whyyou can see his life, and feel his resentment."

“Then won't I be endlessly taking revenge for thesepeople?”

“No, there are some other factors when choosing thebody. Sometimes the body that is chosen is not just as unlucky the two that youhave gotten so far."

Xue Ling’s face is full of an unspoken sentiment, 'you cansay it like that, not just as unlucky, that would mean they are even more unlucky.'

“Then if I fulfill their wishes and destroy the lifetrajectory of the protagonists, it should be fine if I just leave. Why do Ineed to live their whole life for them? Although I am not rejecting such atask, but isn't the will of the world anxious for luck?"

“It's not that it's not in a hurry, but while it’s easyto integrate a soul into the world, after you make a big change, it becomesmore difficult to separate. And if you leave, the body will die. Besides dyinga natural death, I don't think the host will want to experience the other ways."

Xue Ling's lips twitched, that's a good point, working sohard to make a good future for himself so that there will be no worries abouthappiness in the future, wrecking the protagonists' affairs, with everythinggoing well, and then suddenly dying…

No matter how you look at it, it seems like one was then doing so much work in vain?

At this point, Xue Ling has a good idea regarding what heneeds to do.

He just needs to play this role well, living this life andfulfilling the previous owner's wish. For Xue Ling who has always beencapricious, this can also be considered an entirely new experience. In thepast, although he did go into society and lived a for long time, it was still hisown life after all. To live like someone else, can also be seen as a type ofchallenge for him.

Nevermind that the system only requires him not to rashlyexpose flaws in order to prevent rejection from the world.

It will take several hours to fly back, Xue Ling took theopportunity to sleep. The feeling of sparing no efforts, and exhaustion fromworking to death in the previous life has not yet disappeared, he wants toproperly enjoy life this time around.

When he gets off the plane, it'll be time to get to work.

News spreads fast in modern times, let alone when WenXiuyuan’s “brother-in-law” is the driving force behind the accident. Notanswering his wife's phone was also part of his plan, and he purposelyscheduled his flight to arrive at the same time as Xue Ling.

He did not realize that everything that he thought was withinhis grasp was on the point of, or had already begun to collapse. Rather, he wassomewhat complacent, lips hooked upwards as he fantasized about the plan thatwould proceed smoothly once he got off the plane.

While they were both on their respective planes, Wen Xiutinghad already packed up her things, transferred over most of the common propertythat they held as a couple, taking her identity card and anything related toher independence with her as she left home with her eldest son. He was onlythree years old, but he made no reaction towards what she was doing, and didnot speak a word.

The youngest son was still in the cradle waiting to be fed,but Wen Xiuting completely ignored his existence.

After hearing her brother’s words, she had subconsciouslyhandled the matter according to her intuition. She had a very mistrustingattitude towards this little life that she had raised for nearly a year, butcould not develop any emotions towards. Since her brother had not told her totake him, then she would first leave him behind.

Wen Mo followed his mother obediently, waiting until theygot on the plane before asking his mother who had finally started to calm down,"Are we going travelling?"

Things happened too quickly that he didn't even realize thathis grandparents, who had always loved him so much, had already passed away. Hewas only somewhat confused, why did his mother rush around making thesearrangements?

Wen Xiuting holds her eldest son in her arms. He’s obviouslyonly a three-year-old child, but he’s quieter than any other other children hisage. In the past, although her heart ached the child, she couldn’t take care ofhim at home every day because of work. She could only ask her husband to find amaid to help raise him, but she didn’t think that the child would become increasinglyquiet. She had been thinking about taking him to see a doctor after this busyperiod, and then take time off work to take good care of him for a while…


Wen Xiuting touched her son’s small face and kissed him onthe cheek. “Mother is taking you out to play. Let’s first go and wait for youruncle, and then we'll have a good time together, okay?"

There was no change in the child’s face. He cocked his head,"What about dad?”

Wen Xiuting was stiff for a while. She was also afraid thatthe child would miss his father, and could only say awkwardly, “Dad has notime to accompany you for the time being.”

Unexpectedly, her son's response to this sentence was veryquick, eyes bright, the corners of his mouth even turned up in a small smile, "Okay,dad doesn't need to come.”

Wen Xiuting’s hands stalled, and her doubts grew bigger andbigger. How was Xu Yongyi taking care of the child for him to turn out like this?

Wen Xiuting is a painter with some small reputation inChina. She had just held an exhibition recently, with a gallery and studio alsounder her name. After giving birth to her eldest son, she recuperated for aperiod of time before going back to work. Later, she gave birth to her youngestson, but because she always felt mentally fragile at home, she spent most ofher time outside, even travelling around the world. The time she spent takingcare of her eldest son is truly very little. Holding her eldest son in her armsnow, her heart was full of guilt…

She is a somewhat nervous and delicate person. She couldtell that after their marriage, her husband's attitude towards herself andtheir son was a little strange, but she always bore with it. After the birth ofher youngest son, she became more tense and agitated, in order to avoid stayingat home and making herself unable to sleep every night, she chose to escape, resultingin her child's withdrawal.

Now, she's regretting it to death.

Wen Xiuting held Wen Mo tightly in her arms and comfortedhim, “Yes, without dad, in the future there will only be mom.”

Ultimately she is still from an influential family, afterlearning that the car accident was not so simple, Wen Xiuting had filled in thebig picture in her head. Putting together her husband’s increasinglyindifferent attitude toward herself in the past two years and her own pre-existingdoubts, she approximately already understood the reason why her brother had herleave with her eldest son.

It would have been troublesome if she stayed, perhaps shewould've become the thing that Xu Yongyi’s threatens her brother with. What’smore, her and her eldest son’s safety would not be guaranteed.

Her parents have already fallen to scheming, the two of them absolutely cannot have an accident.

Xue Ling had no idea how much of the truth his sister hadalready thought through, his understanding of Wen Xiuting was not very deep. Heonly knew that her spirit was tortured by Xu Yongyi to the point of committingsuicide at home. Her death also left a great psychological shadow on Wen Mo, causinghis nephew to become completely withdrawn.

He is not sure whether Wen Xiuting will do as he says, if shedoes it will be for the best, with her out of the picture he has more space andfreedom to move. After all, others are not familiar with Wen Xiuyuan, making itunnecessary for him to fake Wen Xiuyuan's character with them, allowing him to dothings as he wants. If she doesn't, then Xue Ling also has alternativearrangements for both her and his nephew.

The plane touched down at the airport in X City, and XueLing and Xu Yongyi walked out of the airport at the same time.

Although the length of their flights was different, Xu Yongyi still managed to time it perfectly. Unfortunately, he did not have any chance to see a flustered brother-in-law. In fact, he even failed to make the planned 'chance encounter'.

Even if the airport in X city is very big, the route to thehospital should still be the same. Xu Yongyi thought they would meet, but hetotally misjudged Xue Ling.

He got off the plane and went directly to the hotel he hadbooked. He had never had any intention of going directly to the hospital atall.

The remains of this host body's parents are being dealt with by others anyway, he himself was not in a hurry.

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