Who Touched My Tail!

Chapter 11

2.3 - Man proposes, but god disposes

At the hotel, Xue Ling removed the suit he wore for his performance, took a bath, and lay down on the bed, feeling that he was still just as busy as he had been in his previous life.

“System, can you find out where my lovely little niece is now?” He turned over and brought out the system.

“I don't have omnivision…” A pitiful murmur came from the system. “But I can give you some information so that you can find the fastest, most reliable detective.”

“Contact him for me.” Xue Ling rubbed the little fox’s head, using the system like a plug-in. “Find out where the little girl is first, and I’ll pick her up tomorrow when I leave the hospital.”

The system had no idea what Xue Ling was up to. It was completely confused, unable to keep up with its host’s thinking. “Host, what are you planning to do?"

“Wen Xiuyuan is really pitiful.” Xue Ling remarked, “First his parents died, then his sister passed away, his oldest nephew turned silly, his younger niece also died, and finally, he also followed the pattern and died. When I entered this body, I couldn't save his parents, so I can only try to move the rest of his relatives away from that scum as quickly as possible."

“How do you plan to do this?”

“Nothing much, his sister has already left with his eldest nephew. Tomorrow, we will sell our shares, pick up my niece and move abroad.”

“Eh?!!!” The system never imagined that as soon as he makes his move, he would change the entire plot!

“Like this, at least they won't encounter situations beyond my control just because I didn't catch the problem in time.” In fact, arranging things like this will have little impact on the original plot, if anything, it will allow the male protagonist's plans to proceed even more smoothly.

The system thought about it for a while, and finally also felt that it’s not wrong move people away from that scum man, but… “So, host, do you plan on taking your time completing this task?”

Xue Ling raised his eyebrows. “How else? Right now, I am a young master who can do nothing but play the piano. Do you expect me to become the president of the company right after I return to China, kill brother-in-law who has been working hard for many years for the company, and then dominate the market?"

“Oh… no… that's too OOC…"

“So we can only proceed slowly." Xue Ling pulled down the quilt and wrapped himself inside it. “Anyway, I need to live until I have a natural death, there's no need for me to go up and shoot him down and then end up in jail for decades.”

“Don’t kill the protagonist!” The system heavily emphasized this. “Even if they are worse than scum, you can’t personally go and kill people! Otherwise, you will be directly kicked out by this world! At that time, vomiting blood all over the floor won't be good for you."


“You're being very cold…”

“You're being very annoying.”


Xu Yongyi had carefully plotted the death of his parents, so he rushed to the hospital as soon as he arrived in town. Although he looked like he was in grief, all his actions were neat and orderly.

First he arranged for their cremation, then he contacted the funeral parlor and found a special person to take charge of the funeral. The sky was turning bright when he finished. Without resting, he rushed to the company in order to explain what happened to the board members and shareholders, requesting that they stay calm.

He raised up their sense of importance and built up a lot of good will. The board members and shareholders all expressed that the Wen family was very lucky to have a son-in-law like him.

Compared to him, Wen Xueling who had first gone to sleep after getting off the plane and showed up at the hospital the next morning made people frown at him. Xue Ling did not care too much about the board members' judging gazes. Several representatives came to the hospital with Xu Yongyi. Xue Ling just happened to be there too, and was scolded without pause by the board members. Before he could speak up, Xu Yongyi had already stepped in to mediate between the two parties.

Using phrases like 'Little Yuan was abroad, coming back is not so simple as just saying it and having it happen', 'he is also very heartbroken', 'he was participating in a competition, it really was not intentional that he did not return earlier to deal with these things', and so on, making Xue Ling, who was listening, really want to sing him the song 'What a beautiful white lotus flower'

After suffering from being rejected by the world last time, Xue Ling had no intention of going OOC in front of people who were familiar with him. He kept his head lowered until the old men were appeased by Xu Yongyi, before he timidly called out Brother-in-law."

His voice still carried a bit of the soft and sweet tones of a youth, like that of a boy that had not yet grown up. When the board members present heard it, the anger they carried suddenly vanished.

They really scolded harshly, but they forgot that this child's parents died just one short day ago. His heart must feel much worse than theirs. Earlier, he silently bowed his head, now, when he raised it up, his eyes were still slightly red.

Xu Yongyi also took a look and was shocked. For some reason he also felt a little soft-hearted.

The lawyers that were on the side, regardless of their inner thoughts, read the will after everyone calmed down. These board members had come to be witnesses, and they all thought that there was nothing wrong with the will. Compared to Wen Xiuyuan, Xu Yongyi was definitely more suited for this enterprise. It made sense to leave these things to him, and provide more money for the son, but thinking of Wen Xiuyuan, whose eyes were still a little red, they also felt somewhat distressed for the youth.

Other than the shares of the family business that were originally given to him, nothing else was his.

He will just receive some dividends at the end of the year…

Xue Ling did not rebut as they expected, only carefully looking at the document after listening to everything. Finally, he turned his head towards Xu Yongyi. “Brother-in-law, will you be able to properly manage the company?”

Xu Yongyi frowned, thinking, 'it's coming!'

He guessed that the will won't be approved so easily by Wen Xiuyuan, and already prepared a bunch of things to say to him. Unexpectedly, Wen Xiuyuan blurted out, “If brother-in-law can manage it well, then my shares should be given to him.”

Not only Xu Yongyi, but everyone including the lawyers were stunned.

“Even if I keep the shares, I'll only get a dividend every year…” Wen Xiuyuan lowered his head. When he spoke, other people could not see his expression at all. He was like a frail child, speaking very naive words. “Still holding the name of a shareholder, with the power to vote…”

Xu Yongyi patted Xue Ling’s shoulder and couldn’t help ask in joy, “Little Yuan?!”

“Actually…” Xue Ling's face is full of sadness. “Yesterday I won the Bizeval Music Contest and got the chance to study at Zigeji Conservatory of Music.” He only received the notice this morning, and really isn't making things up. “Mom and Dad's passing, this matter, I really was not prepared… I don’t want to stay in this city anymore… I want to go abroad… My shares should be given to my brother-in-law, and I hope he can give me a good price in return.”

One of the board members became angry at his words and scolded, “Stinky brat! Are you using the shares your mom and dad left you with like this?! So anxious to separate yourself from the company!!! No wonder your father didn’t agree to let you into the company!!! Could it be that the things your parents left behind are not as important as music?! Selling the shares! What is the meaning of this?!"

Xue Ling looked at him with tears in his eyes, even more melancholic. "If it weren’t for the company, my parents would not have gone to a meeting, and would also not have that car accident.”

Everyone was shocked by his logic, even the system squatting beside him was shocked by its own host’s ability to tell lies with his eyes wide open.

You just want to sell off your shares of this company that will die sooner or later at a high price in order to take advantage of your brother-in-law! Pulling out these schemes, what are you trying to do?

“Little Yuan, you can't say it like that…” Although Xu Yongyi was happy, he still wore a worried look on his face. “The shares themselves have done nothing wrong…”

Xue Ling looked up and said indignantly, “Brother-in-law also knows how much I hate the company, just tell me if you want these shares or not! If you don't, I'll just sell it to someone else."

Even though they were exasperated at Wen Xiuyuan for not living up to their expectations, but in the end the ones to benefit are still themselves, causing the faces of several board members to become a bit strange.

Xu Yongyi hurriedly coaxed, “Fine fine, I will buy the shares from you at a high price. Consider it as me holding onto them for you, whenever you want them back, just ask.”

The system to the side rolled its eyes, thinking to itself that the protagonist really is a schemer. The words he spoke are so dignified on the outside, but empty inside. However if he were not such a person, how could the original owner's parents not have been able to see his true face? They had been in the business world for many years. It can be said that the male lead's godlike acting skill was part of his his golden finger.

Xue Ling nodded, then spoke to the lawyer, “Is that ok? I’ll leave it to you.”

The lawyer did not expect to meet such a person in his entire life. He nodded despite still being dumbfounded, “It's fine.”

“When will it be completed?”

“As long as the price is confirmed, it can be completed as early as tomorrow.” In this aspect, the lawyer was still very professional.

Xue Ling nodded again, “Please do it as soon as possible…” After a moment’s silence, he added, “Since the shares are already being sold, sell my sister's share as well.”

Xu Yongyi was stunned, really not expecting such a great surprise. Although he was already happy enough to dance, his face remained unchanged on the surface: “Where would you get this sudden idea?"

“My sister has never been very knowledgeable about these things, and was always depending on brother-in-law before, so we might as well transfer the shares together." Xue Ling’s face was full of innocence. His eyes swept over everyone gathered. Those who met his eyes found their soul quivering, brains blank, and directly agreeing to this suggestion.

The system sat on Xue Ling’s shoulder, expressing nothing but disdain for these foolish human beings.

He had absolutely no qualms about mesmerizing people.

After confirming the price and signing the transfer agreement the lawyer sent over, Xue Ling was relieved to hear that his father and mother had already entered the crematorium.

He couldn't leave right now. At the very least he needed to complete the stock transfer and participate in the funeral before leaving.

Due to the stock transfer Xu Yongyi was busier than usual, and didn't even have time to go home. Because of this, he didn't realize that his wife and eldest son had already been away for a long time until everything was ready for the funeral, and he discovered that he hadn’t seen his wife for several days.

He doesn't know why, Xu Yongyi always feels that something is off, but a phone call came in, forcing him to rush around everywhere, basically having no time to consider if he's been played or not.

It was his mother, calling to tell him his little daughter had been lost.

His mother originally called Bai Luzi, the female protagonist, but because nobody picked up, she could only call him directly.

Although he didn't love the daughter he had with Wen Xiuting, it's still his flesh and blood. Xu Yongyi was really anxious, and went out again.

At the same time, Xue Ling also received the results from the detective’s investigation.

His lovely little niece was abducted and sold…

Xue Ling: “???”


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