Who Touched My Tail!

Chapter 13

2.5 - Mr. Owens is faced with a difficult conundrum

After a few busy days, the funeral was officially over. A large number of people went sent on their way, and Xue Ling breathed in relief.

Xu Yongyi still took time to come over and ask after his well-being: “Little Yuan, how are you holding up?"

Xue Ling pursed his lips. “I'm alright, just a little tired.”

“If you are tired, go back and rest early. I also haven’t been home for several days. Is your sister better? Should I go back with you to see her?’

“No need, Little Qing is still at your home, you should go back and look after him. I’ll head back and look after my sister on my own as her mood isn't that great."

“That also works. You and your sister have always been close, take good care of her for me. I’ll pick her up tomorrow.”

Watching his brother-in-law leave while still wearing his cloak of filial piety, Xue Ling let out a cold snort. He bet that this person did not even know where he was living right now, but still opened his mouth to say that he was worried about his sister. Just reminding him that Xu Qing was still at home was enough to make him leave.

He must be really anxious after not seeing his precious son for several days, he wouldn't want to spare unnecessary energy towards the wife and eldest son by Xue Ling's side.

Yesterday, Xue Ling purchased a ticket to leave the city today, saying goodbye to Xu Yongyi for now. He will destroy him when he comes back.

He couldn't leave earlier because he was waiting for the detective's update.

It was difficult to find abducted children, but money can make the world go round. The money that Xu Yongyi provided can make quite a lot of things happen.

He received an update in the evening and set off to his sister’s city without looking back.

His poor little niece was no longer in the city. It seems that her abductors were part of a cartel involved with organized begging. They kidnap children and injure them before leaving them at various high traffic routes to beg. Or they bring the children with them as they create fake car accidents to cheat reparation money from innocent parties. They use all kinds of tricks.

When Xue Ling got the news, he turned really angry. He was just about to go and tear apart that den of thieves when he received another update.

His little niece seemed extremely unlucky on the surface, but in reality her luck stat was maxed out. The person that took her was quite unprofessional and chose to tangle with a car that held someone that was not good to mess with. As a result they were caught and sent to the police station even before they could start angling for money.

The little girl was injured and so young. After some investigation, they found out that she had been abducted, but did not have any way to identify herself. She did not cry even when encountering such a situation, really pitiful. Obviously she was at an age where she should be cuddled and comforted, but she didn't act like a child at all. Her face remained blank even when she was afraid, as though scared that people would abandon her because of her distress.

Perhaps the little girl was so cute and smart that the original car owner wanted to adopt her, and has already completed the procedures to take her abroad.

Because of the other party's special identity, the detective can only investigate up to here and no further.

Xue Ling, faced with such a fantastical plot development, suddenly felt it was really absurd.

He asked the system, “Are you ** kidding with me??”

If the system had a turtle shell, its head would have been completely hidden inside by now. He covered his face with his two paws, screaming from his heart: “It’s not my fault! The derailing of the plotline is not my fault, no matter how you look at it!"

“Then this is my fault?” Xue Ling laughed angrily.

“What’s up with this! That little girl was only born last year, right now she should only be able to crawl! I understand getting kidnapped because the female lead didn’t look after her properly, but why did she get abducted for scams? Isn't this just forcing grief? Who takes a small baby who can’t speak to scam others? Well, it still makes some sense, it takes time to raise children. Even if she's left outside, she won't be able to beg. It's more profitable to set up a scam with her, right? Fine. But now she even got adopted by foreigners?!"

"Where am I supposed to look for her now?!”

The system raised its fox tail to block his face, its voice was quivering when it spoke: "Um.. based on fate?"

Xue Ling: “…”

He had no words left.

The system was relieved seeing him quiet. It quickly put down its tail and comforted, “Host, you need to get used to this. The plot changes can sometimes be quite big, but as long as the main plot direction is okay, it won't affect your task, right? Don’t be angry, it’s not good for your health."

Xue Ling snorted coldly, eyes a little red from anger. A moment later he closed his eyes to calm his heart and mind, and his expression turned cold and aloof. That beautiful face and appearance, others would find themselves hard-pressed to not sneak a glance.

Unfortunately, except for the system, nobody was around to see it.

Xue Ling calmed down. Completing tasks in one or two worlds was not enough to achieve his goal, many more worlds were waiting for him. If his mood already fluctuates here because of these damned plotlines, then, when he meets even more fantastical situations, won't he really be doomed?

His goal is to get his cultivation back to rebuild his body, get his tails back, and then…

And then what???

To cultivate into a a celestial fox?

Somehow, there seemed to be something else in his subconscious mind that he had forgotten.

But so what? Today is today, he can worry about tomorrow's problems tomorrow.

Xue Ling stepped on the plane to Z city. Meanwhile Xu Yongyi was immersed in his beautiful dream: owning the controlling shares of the company.

Glad that Wen Xiuting wasn't around, he cheerfully invited Bai Luzi who had just returned from a business trip to live with him in the Wen family mansion. The two of them and their child happily enjoyed their family life together.

Bai Luzi is a pure-looking woman. She has refreshing looks, with dimples on each side of her cheeks. Her smile is sweet, and, when cuddled, seemed dependent on others. Right now, she is just an assistant fashion designer, but in a few years she will own her own clothing brand and become a well-known power woman in the industry.

It should be said that her appearance earned her a lot of points, plus she is not the type to suck up to her superiors and had a heart that clearly wanted to fight for her own position so that one day she could stand side by side with her lover.

Unfortunately, Xue Ling didn't care about that. Judging from the fact that she is a mistress, helping Xu Yongyi to force his sister into suicide, killing Wen Xiuyuan and his little niece, one can see that this person is not innocent at all, beautiful on the surface but contemptible on the inside.

This pair of villainous scums were heartless enough to step on the innocent blood and flesh of the Wen family unluckily enough to be their chosen stepping stones. Taking away everything that belonged to others is already despicable, but they even killed off the whole family.

What hatred or resentment was there? Was it a crime to be rich?

“Wen Xiuting is probably about to collapse by now~” Bai Luzi heard that she had not even gone to her parents’ funeral and instead stayed at her brother’s house and sneered. She emptied half a glass of wine, rocking her son in his cradle, and casually added, “I didn’t expect Wen Xiuyuan would be this afraid and timid, quickly selling the stocks for money. Did he know what you were trying to do?”

Xu Yongyi is really living without troubles now, laughing freely as he replied: “Even if he knows my true face, so what? The Wen family's company is already mine, and will soon be named Xu accordingly. He sold me the shares himself, how can he come back to blame me? The board members saw that it was something he himself brought up. If he regrets it later, all he can do is beat his chest and stamp his feet."

“Hahaha, this young man is really foolish beyond hope, I don’t know if the old Wen couple would turn in their graves if they knew."

The two looked at each other and smiled, hiding their self-satisfaction.

The takeover did not succeeded yet, and complacency may still cause failure.

Since they have already gone down this path, as main characters, they are particularly astute. “What are you going to do now?” Bai Luzi asked.

She didn’t want to marry Xu Yongyi at this time. Not only did she not have the strength to stand next to him, she also didn't want Wen Xiuting to fall so quickly.

“Tomorrow, I’ll go and bring Wen Xiuting and that untalkative child back. It's safer to keep an eye on them."

Bai Luzi leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, and the two rolled together under the sheets. The baby in the cradle blew a small bubble, turned, and continued to sleep.

Aboard the plane, Mr. Owens is facing a difficult conundrum — cheering up a silently crying little girl.

The iceberg-like Cole Owens, who usually was astute and decisive, has recently encountered some unexpected things, starting from when he attended a music competition where he became intrigued by the music played by a young man, then travelling thousands of miles to catch up with each other in their country…

And then stalled because he couldn't figure out what to say to the other party…

The other side didn't seem to recognize him, nor did he want to stay in touch, to Mr. Owens frustration. Following that, his car ran into a scammer on the road. The incident that seemed to be nothing more than a simple traffic accident soon turned out to be an issue that involved a nationwide gang of abductors and traffickers.

In a bad mood, Mr. Owens greeted the mayor of the city, sent an e-mail to one of the leaders of H country, and adopted the little girl who looked somewhat like that youth…

Although the origins of the child were unknown, Mr. Owens inexplicably really liked her…

The butler was a little anxious about this matter, fearing that he had transferred his feelings for the young man that he couldn't grasp onto this child.

No matter what, this kind of love with children is illegal, sir!

Owens didn’t think so much about it. He was gay anyway and would not have any children in his life. Sooner or later, he would have to adopt. It's only natural not to let her go when he has already taken a liking to her.

So the current situation is like this: Looking at the child that was unaccustomed to being on a plane and therefore nervous and crying, but nevertheless still just a child, Mr. Owens was somewhat confused and did not know where to start.

He stiffly picked up the little girl and took the bottle his butler handed over, but the little girl didn't want it, refusing to drink and kept quietly shedding tears. The look on her little face was so heart wrenching that even the butler was worried for her.

What kind of family did she come from for her to be such a clever child at one years old? She's such a lovely angel, how could anyone willingly ignore her?

This little girl was now named Elaine Owens. She also had a beautiful Chinese name, Ou Lianyuan. The butler didn't know what the Chinese name meant, but he could never keep up with his master’s thinking anyway. He only knows that when his master said the name, he looked very gentle, but he didn't know why.

Although the one year old's past was full of hardships that nobody knew of, her future days would make others envious.

After all, Mr. Owens is not only the director of the Conservatory of Music.

Xue Ling was clueless about his little niece’s current situation. He just got off the plane and arrived in Z city. At the airport, he met with his sister and nephew who brought all their belongings with them. The two of them were both surprised when they met, not expecting the other's spirit to be in such good shape.

Wen Xiuting was glad that her brother matured, and Xue Ling also understood that his sister had put those things behind her and pulled herself together.

He laughed and hugged Wen Xiuting, then gathered Wen Mo into his arms. “There are still a few hours before we board the plane to M Country. Let’s find a place to rest first.”

Okay.” Looking at her younger brother, taller than herself and holding her son in his arms, Wen Xiuting's eyes couldn’t help but redden. But instead of crying, she smiled. “Don’t hold Little Mo, he can walk by himself.”

Xue Ling looked at his nephew, who had not responded to his movements from start to end. Squinting slightly, he said, “It’s all right. I'm happy to hold him.” He leaned over and kissed Wen Mo’s cheek. Wen Mo was shocked. Amused, he added, “I'm not only holding him, I'm kissing him too. Can't I touch my own nephew?"

Wen Xiuting was helpless. Previously, her brother didn’t talk much and wasn't very close to them. These days, they maintained close communications, and she also slowly noticed the changes in her brother. Whether it was due to family affairs or other issues, she was glad he changed.

She only hoped it would continue to be like this…

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