Who Touched My Tail!

Chapter 14

2.6 – They will come back in the end

Xue Ling actually had a plan right from the beginning.

In his opinion, revenge is absolutely impossible for a man to achieve without powerful backing. Even if he came from another world, in this situation where he cannot use magic, other than having the assistance of the system, he's just like an ordinary person in all other aspects.

Without strong resources behind him, there's no point talking about doing anything.

If he had come into this world earlier, he would have tried to work at the Wen company, but unfortunately he came too late. His parents have already passed away, and Wen Xiuting had never been involved. Without anyone to pave the way, it would be too difficult for him to destroy the male protagonist from within the company.

So he was happy to throw out both him and his sister's shares and exchange it for money, giving him the opportunity to develop again from scratch. This is also the reason why he brought his sister and Wen Mo out of the country.

The male protagonist has too many advantages right now, and he can only choose to avoid him for the time being. Xue Ling does not want to take unnecessary risks.

There are endless opportunities for him as long as he leaves the country. In a few years, it will be difficult to say who really has the initiative.

Xu Yongyi only discovered that Wen Xiuyuan was missing the next day.

His eldest son and wife were also gone. When he came home, he found that a large sum of money had been transferred out by Wen Xiuting, and both his eldest son and Wen Xiuting’s various documents had been taken away. It had obviously been planned for a while.

At this time, the beginnings of a realization began to form in Xu Yongyi’s mind…

Could it be that Wen Xiuyuan knew from the beginning that he had killed his parents, but still talked to him calmly, attended the funeral with him, and sold him the shares? He even left with a gracious smile on his lips. If that was true, then Wen Xiuyuan is a really terrible threat. If he isn't removed immediately, there will definitely be problems in the future.

He told Bai Luzi about his worries, but she rejected them with a sneer. “Don't you know what kind of person Wen Xiuyuan is? A person may go crazy under stimulation for a short time, but in the end, their minds still remain the same. Rather than saying that this is Wen Xiuyuan's plan, I prefer to believe that Wen Xiuting did it. After all, that woman is not simple…"

“The housekeeper said that the last day she saw her was when she heard about the death of that useless couple…"

“Then that's when she should have made her plans to leave. She should also have been the one who told Wen Xiuyuan to sell her shares to you…” Bai Luzi rubbed her chin. The more she spoke, the more she felt that her speculation was correct. “She seems to want to have nothing to do with you…”

“Then shouldn't we just get a divorce…”

“How will she get revenge on you if you divorce?” Bai Luzi glanced at him helplessly, “If she wanted to see you again, she wouldn't have avoided the funeral.”

“What should we do now?”

“If she really knows everything, then she should also have been the one who took the girl." Bai Luzi tapped her fingers on the table and continued, “We probably won't be able to find them in the near future. You also don't have that much ability now."

“How about…” Xu Yongyi put down his wine glass. “Since they are leaving, let's make it so that they never come back. Even if they do, they will not be able to influence anything here.”


“Since they're not here, can't I say whatever I want?"

“That pair of siblings are scum, shamelessly deceiving me and taking my money. Nobody can prove my words, I can say whatever malicious things I want." Xu Yongyi feels that he is a genius. “We'll do it like that. Let's see how they can deal with this if they return."

Although it's a bit like stepping on others when they're down, it's still a good solution. Bai Luzi nodded, a smile slowly spreading.

So what if she is the lady of a good family? Faced with the death of both parents and the estrangement of her husband, she still has to run far, far away.

It would be best if she never came back, otherwise she has ways to destroy her!

Wen Xiuting is a thorn in the eye for Bai Luzi. Although her lover approached her with ulterior motives, ultimately her loved one's first wife was not herself. They are clearly in love, but she has to be the mistress while watching her lover be affectionate with another in public.

No matter how good her mentality is, it would still be distorted by such a thing.

What’s more, Bai Luzi was not a white lotus woman. She never spared any effort to retaliate against people she didn’t like. Wen Xiuting's death in the original text was directly related to her.

Moving on from how these two protagonists are planning to blacken the Wen siblings… At this point in time, the two people in question have already flown to Country M.

Thanks to the system, the process of changing their nationality was extremely smooth. Because the system existed on a higher plane from the world they were in, it was easy for it to hack into the government systems. The pair of siblings and Wen Mo received their green cards very quickly.

Xue Ling chose L city, which is known as the world's financial capital. Although it will be difficult to develop here at the beginning, the future will be brilliant if he can succeed.

The three of them first stayed overnight in a hotel, and Xue Ling found them a place to stay the next day, in a high-rise building at the center of the city. The bottom half of the building was commercial, filled with all kinds of businesses. The upper half was residential. Because it was on top, the businesses below it did not affect the residents at all.

Although Wen Xiuting didn’t know why her brother chose this location, she didn't question it.

The house has already been decorated, and they only needed to move their things in to get settled. It was also spacious, with a room for his little niece in case they managed to find her and bring her back.

Xue Ling waited until they finished moving in before talking to Wen Xiuting and telling her everything.

Although he knows that his sister will be able to accept the news, Xue Ling is still taken aback by her red-eyed appearance. “Sister, don’t cry, I said I’ll get her back…”

Wen Xiuting wiped the tears on her face and comforted her brother, saying, “I know, I believe you, but…”

When she thinks of her daughter who should be loved and cherished being neglected by others, suffering from mistreatment, and having to act more obedient than she should at her age, Wen Xiuting is particularly distressed…

The more she feels bad, the stronger her determination to see Xu Yongyi hacked into a thousand pieces.

Xue Ling also understood that it was impossible for a mother not to feel sad about her daughter, so he could only soothe her like this: “She was adopted by a kind person from abroad. Her life now should be carefree, and she won't be abused like that anymore. As long as we can get her back, everything will be fine…”

Wen Xiuting felt more and more unhappy. Looking at the child by her side that was playing with building blocks, completely isolated from the world, her head started to throb painfully.

Xue Ling saw her suffering, helped her massage her temples, and continued to comfort her: “Sister, we've just left that place and can start over again. If you aren't positive, what should Momo and I do…"

With this, Wen Xiuting finally began to pull herself together. She looked at Wen Mo worriedly, “Little Mo’s temperament…”

“I’ll take him to see the doctor tomorrow.” Xue Ling smiled, “Sister, you can feel at ease staying at home to paint. We'll save up for a few years, and then I will hold an exhibition for you.”

Wen Xiuting frowned at Xue Ling, “You really.. plan to start a company?" Her younger brother studied music from an early age. Seeing him put down his beloved music for revenge, her heart aches somewhat: “How about I do it…”

Xue Ling waved his hand, “Although I have no experience, father found me many teachers back then. In this regard, I can still be considered to have dabbled. Sister, don’t worry, we definitely won't lose money~”

Wen Xiuting is still very worried, but Xue Ling's face is full of determination, with no room for negotiation, and she can't say anything more. Her brother and father are very similar in that way, once the decision has been made, it cannot be changed. Although she doesn't want to just watch from the side, she believes that her brother is definitely not just blowing hot air.

She reached out and touched Wen Mo's head, “Now, I just want Momo and you to be well, and also to quickly find my daughter… I have no other requests, how successful you become doesn't matter."

She reached out and hugged Xue Ling, “If you really can't succeed, come home. Regardless of whether it is through my painting, or you becoming a musician, we will still be able to support ourselves."

Xue Ling nodded, lashes lowered and lips hooking upwards, appearing to be meekly agreeing with his sister.

At this time, Mr. Cole Owens once again faces a difficult conundrum…

How does one coax a little girl to sleep?

It was already the time that the family doctor had said that children should go to bed, but because of jet lag, little Elaine is still blinking her big eyes with absolutely no intention of sleeping.

Doyle Owen almost laughed himself silly as he watched his older brother standing next to the princess’ bed with a toy in his hand, a look of ‘I can control the world but why not you’ on his face.

“Hahahahahahahaha! Wenbert, where did older brother find this little cutie pie? It’s amazing, she can even make older brother show this kind of expression, hahahahaha!”

The butler Wenbert stood respectfully to one side and said, “Second Master, you’d better keep your voice down. If you disturb the lady, patriarch will make you kneel outside the house all night.”

As he spoke, Cole turned his head, and his normally cold eyes seemed particularly frosty, able to blow a snowstorm right up to Mount Everest. “What are you doing here?”

Hearing the sound of his voice, little Elaine babbled happily and held out her hand.

Perhaps because there was no sense of impatience and disgust emanating from this man, so the little girl acted very close with him, seeming to think that he didn't want her to sleep and wanted to play with her instead.

Cole picked up a small puppet that was on the side and put it in Elaine’s arms. He dropped a gentle kiss on her tender little face, carefully adjusting her quilt and signalled to the maid standing to one side to come and hold the baby before turning to leave.

His footsteps were very light, and he exited the room before looking at his brother with a cold and chilly gaze, “If you didn’t come to find me for any particular reason, there's no need to stay at the castle tonight, just spend the night in the garden."

“… No way… I just returned from Country M!!!” Doyle wanted to cry but had no tears, even if he is the younger brother, he shouldn't be treated like this!


Faking a cough, Doyle said solemnly, “The discussions for cooperation this time were very successful. I have brought back a lot of equipment and talents with the money you gave me.” Having said that, he somewhat uncomfortably straightened out his tie and asked, “Brother, do you really want to develop in Country M? Although the opportunities for the expansion of our industry is limited in Country E, but to start developing in Country M so quickly is a bit impulsive… Country M's market is not that great."

“Country H's market has the most potential.” The man glanced over at the child in the room, closed his eyes for a moment and said, “Country M is just a transition point. They will come back to Country E in the end."

What he meant by his words was unclear. Doyle looked dazedly at his brother's retreating back for a moment before asking Wenbert, “He just went to H Country briefly. Nevermind that he brought back a little princess, what else happened?"

Wenbert smiled discreetly, “I am not permitted to gossip with Second Master about what happened. "

Doyle rolled his eyes, feeling particularly stifled.

Is there any value to staying here with this family? No!

His brother’s people are everywhere!

His heart is so tired!

He wants to go to Country M's branch company!

Far away from his brother!

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