Who Touched My Tail!

Chapter 16

2.7 - A bunch of really complicated family relationships

This was not the first time Xue Ling has met Mr. Cole Owens.

He received his business card as early as two years ago before he left H country. Over the past two years, the two of them also 'ran into each other' several times, often at the same functions. Although they never had a proper conversation, Xue Ling had a deep impression of this man.

This morning's cooperation talks was just with him. This gentleman is the * boss behind the international conglomerate. To be exact, this man was filthy rich. He was a noble and business tycoon from Country E, powerful enough to take over Country E's economy.

This kind of existence could easily influence the world economy in modern society, but it seemed like he had no particular goals and only expanded slowly. In recent years, his development goals have transferred to Country M, and the top management of the company frequently flew in and out…

Xue Ling always felt that this person was dangerous, and that it would be better to stay away. So although they saw each other frequently, he seldom takes the initiative to start a conversation.

Even so, news and rumours about this person always reached him. What he said at the start about being the director of Zugeji Conservatory of Music was not a lie – his family funded more than half of the college. They were also one of the major sponsors of the competition that Xue Ling participated in, so it wasn't hard for him to get his information.

Now, carefully thinking back, why did it seem like he was everywhere?

And that little girl!

Wen Mo turned his head, saw Xue Ling and clearly relaxed. He stood up, smiling at the little girl. "My uncle has come to pick me up and I can’t play with you anymore. I’m sorry.”

Elaine shook her head, cheeks rosy. “Is that beautiful big brother your uncle? He looks really good! Can I be friends with him?"

Wen Mo silently looked towards Xue Ling.

Xue Ling curved his lips, squatted down and looked down at the little girl, taking the little hand that she extended to him and kissing it in greeting. “It is my pleasure to be friends with such a beautiful lady.”

The little girl’s eyes were bright and she seemed to be a little flattered by the kiss. She turned her head towards Mr. Cole Owens, but unexpectedly found that Cole seemed in a bad mood.


“My name is Elaine, and you are?” Although she is only three years old, her speech was perfectly clear. Elaine, full of noble airs, also tried to restrain the happy expression on her round little face to not let her excitement show too much. “You look like me…”

Xue Ling nodded. “Yes, we look very alike. My name is Wen Xiuyuan. It's nice to meet you, Miss Elaine.”

Doctor Walter came out of the kitchen and was surprised to see such a scene. “Mr. Wen is here too. It’s rare to have so many people be here at the same time.”

“Hello, doctor.” Xue Ling turned around, lightly touching Wen Mo's head. He helped him sort out his clothes, picked up his small backpack and was ready to leave, “I’m here to bring Momo back.”

Dr. Walter nodded. "Wen Mo's situation is getting better and better recently. I didn't expect him to even play with Elaine."

Xue Ling glanced at the silent Wen Mo, laughingly saying, "Elaine is so beautiful, anyone would like her. Wen Mo naturally is no exception."

Elaine already ran to Cole, pulling on his clothes and clambering up. In contrast to how good she normally behaves, she was surprisingly mischievous today. “Cole, Cole, elder brother Wen said I was beautiful."

Mr. Cole kissed her forehead and quietly answered, “Don't call him brother, call him uncle.”

“Eh?” The little girl hesitated for a moment. “But brother is younger than my uncle.”

There was a hint of laughter in his eyes as Mr. Cole touched the little girl's head. He stood up with her in his arms. “Dr. Walter, I think we should leave now.”

“Huh?” Dr. Walter was stunned. “Already?”

“I have another engagement with Elaine tonight. We need to go back and get ready.”

“Well, I hope your engagement goes well.” Dr. Watt handed a case report to Xue Ling. “These are Wen Mo's notes. He can already integrate perfectly with society and doesn't need to come back anymore. From now on, you only need to pay attention to his mood on a daily basis and not be too hasty."


Cole walked past them with Elaine in his arms, but his feet slowed down at Elaine’s urging.

Xue Ling feels someone's stare locking on himself again…

“Beautiful elder brother, if little brother is not coming here anymore, will I be able to see you again?"

Xue Ling looked at the lovely little girl in her arms, let out a small sigh, and took out a business card from his business card holder. He wrote out a telephone number and handed it to the little girl. “Here’s my business card and my personal phone number. You can call me anytime.”

Elaine happily accepted the business card, then reached over and gave Xue Ling a kiss.

Ah, Cole seemed to be angry again?

Cole carried Elaine and walked ahead, with Xue Ling following behind. Even before they entered their car, he felt that it was familiar…

He seemed to have seen the car somewhere, or in fact, seen it at many places…

The driver had no idea why the boss emitted cold air as soon as he got into the car. He shivered and drove the car out before asking: “Sir… Where are we going?”

“Go back to the villa first.” As a wealthy man, Mr. Cole had residences all over the world. In addition, he frequently travelled to Country M in the past two years, so he had a permanent residence there.

Elaine touched the business card in her hand, the corners of her mouth slightly uplifted. She looked very happy.

Cole stroked her head. "Do you like him a lot?"

Elaine nodded. “Yes.”


“Because… he's beautiful?” Elaine cocked her head, “And looks like me.”

Cole touched her face and quietly murmured, “Yes… Very similar…"

He has watched as her face grew to look more and more like him… Previously, he also struggled with himself over whether or not to return this child, since that person has been constantly looking for news of the child even when taking care of his sister and nephew while also starting a business… Although his heart ached for him, he was ultimately a little selfish.

Before, he clearly only cared about his music. Why was it like this now?

Xue Ling also seemed to have a lot of worries. He sat in the driver’s seat, but did not start the car.

Wen Mo sat in the back seat, tied his seat belt and remained quiet for a long time before finally asking, “Is that… my little sister?

Xue Ling made a startled sound, suddenly coming back to the present. Turning his head and looking at his nephew in the back seat, he rather reluctantly smiled. "… I hope she is…"

He spent a lot of money over the years, searching in Country H for a long time, and scoured through the original plotline for any potential clues. Every time he thought he had found her, those girls that had been adopted all said they were not his little niece. Now this one was the only little girl whose eyebrows were so similar to his…

His appearance was very different from Wen Xiuting, but who knows when it comes to genetics? It's possible that his little niece looked similar to him.

The system perched on the front passenger seat was too lazy to disparage his host.

Clearly he was already certain that she was his little niece the second he saw her, but he's still struggling with pointless things. Didn't he just not want to go against that man? Lord host, he's just an ordinary person, what is there to be anxious about?

Its internal monologue was cut short by a glance from Xue Ling, and it quietly curled into a ball.

“She gives me a very different feeling…” Wen Mo was silent for a while and added, “I really want to be close to her.”

For Wen Mo to say such words, it showed that he really thought she was a relative.

Because he never felt close to anyone except for his relatives.

“Yes.” Xue Ling started the car and suddenly remembered another thing. He should first mention it so that Wen Mo can be a little prepared. “Your mother has found you a new father and you'll meet him when we go back. You should be mentally prepared.”

Wen Mo watched silently as his uncle, who was also his teacher, concentrated on driving. “The way you say it is like you're letting me know that mother took in a cat."

“I don’t think there's much of a difference to you.” Xue Ling shrugged. He knew his nephew very well, he’s really a like a small adult. Rather than treating him like a little child that doesn't understand anything, it's better to treat him like an equal.

Even so, he often managed to counterattack after a few sentences.

Sometimes it would even turn Xue Ling speechless, wishing he had never taught this whelp.

A pair of men’s shoes sat at the entrance, clearly from an expensive brand. Wen Mo quietly stood by the entrance for a while, apparently preparing himself mentally. Xue Ling waited with him, and the two entered the house together.

The kitchen was bustling. Wen Xiuting came out with her apron on, her eyes lighting up when she saw them. “You're back~ Hurry and put down your things, the food is almost ready. I made chinese food, and Doyle made western food. There are many dishes for dinner tonight.”

Xue Ling's steps faltered. He had known who his sister’s “boyfriend” was, but he was not ready to have everything come to a head so suddenly.

Tonight was doomed to be a restless night. In order for Xue Mo to not go hungry, Xue Ling snuck him some food to pad his stomach.

Wen Mo knew that he must have his reasons, so although he found his uncle's behaviour strange and somewhat contemptible, he still obediently ate the packet of biscuits, bringing his small schoolbag to his room to start today's homework.

The man in the kitchen finally walked out. He was a tall and broad foreign man with golden hair, showing a set of white teeth when he smiled. He looked a little silly, but still reliable. When Wen Xiuting stood beside him, they looked surprisingly well matched together.

Xue Ling gave him a smile. The other party wiped his hands and introduced himself, “I’m Doyle Owens. I met Mr. Wen this morning.”

Wen Xiuting was somewhat surprised, but Doyle kissed her on the forehead, indicating that he would explain it later.

Xue Ling shook the other side’s hand, “I didn’t expect that other than collaborating, there would also be this kind of relationship with Mr. Doyle."

Doyle scratched his head somewhat awkwardly and laughed, “It’s probably fate.”

In fact, he originally got close Wen Xiuting because he wanted to come into contact with Wen Xiuyuan. However, he did not expect to find himself attracted to the other party and ultimately fall in love, making it impossible to extricate himself. Even though his older brother kept sending figurative cold arrows in his direction, he couldn't help but want to marry Wen Xiuting.

After a year, it could be considered that he managed to achieve his original goal and meet the man, but there was always a tinge of awkwardness…

In the future, it would be very confusing determining what form of address to use.

Mr. Doyle Owens was very far-sighted.

Coincidentally, the doorbell rang at this time.

Wen Xiuting went to open the door. Xue Ling raised his eyebrows and smiled meaningfully at Mr. Doyle Owens.

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